Chapter 130:

Chapter 130: Crying Spirits

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 130: Crying Spirits

*Keith begins running around the room and placing portals. Sasha throws dark energy spears*

*RAG flows magic into his arms and a lot of energy orbs start flowing around his arms*

RAG: I will show you spirits why they call me RAG!

*He starts running*

*He throws a strong and fast punch at some spirits, and as his arm thrusts, some of the orbs release from his arm and create lots of explosions which hurt the spirits*

*Zeth releases a bunch of Star Shine Blasts, as does Zaydra*

Zeth: Is it really right to attack them like this?

Zaydra: We are not trying to destroy them! We’re only trying to make them back off!

Zeth: And you’re saying attacking them enough will do?

Zaydra: Hopefully.

Zeth: Hopefully!? You mean they might not!?

Zaydra: If they have gone completely mad, they won’t.

*Keith begins opening his portals*

*Energy blasts are released from all the portals and they hit the ground in different spots around all of the spirits*

Zeth: Is there nothing else we can do?

Zaydra: If they could listen to reason, we could talk to them!

*They release more energy attacks*

Zeth: Can’t we at least try?

Zaydra: Fine, but I doubt it will work.

*Zaydra gets in front of the other heroes*

Zaydra: Back off from your attacks! I will attempt to talk to them!

*Zaydra faces all of the lost spirits*

Zaydra: Lost spirits, listen to me.

*A spirit grabs onto her*

Zeth: Zaydra!

Zaydra: Don’t worry. It would take them a long time to kill me.

*Zaydra focuses on the spirits*

Zaydra: Listen spirits! Beyond the stars, we are trying to figure out how to help you!

*More spirits come to attack her*

Zaydra: Don’t you get it!? We will help you once we have a plan!

*She looks into the eye of one of them*

Zaydra: I get it now.

*She uses a Star Shine Blast to knock them off of her*

Zaydra: Be true to yourselves!

*Zaydra holds her right arm bent and up behind her and holds her left arm out straight and forward*

Zaydra: Golden Shine!!

*A golden ray of light encompasses almost the entire room*

*Golden particles also fall from above. The other heroes are amazed at what they see*

*The spirits, after being shined on, become less aggressive and stop. Tears begin to roll down their cheeks*

Sasha: They are starting to cry?

Zeth: What does this do?

Zaydra: Golden Shine opens the heart of one’s soul. But only if they are being false to themselves. When talking, one under the effect of Golden Shine is more likely to speak truths.

Spirit: What… What did we do to deserve being stuck here?

Zaydra: I promise that, beyond the stars, we consider this a major issue.

Spirit: Then why has it not been corrected?

Zaydra: We have been unable to come to an agreement on what to do.

Spirit: So it’s a promise that something will happen to solve this?

Zaydra: Yes, though I don’t know how long it will take.

Spirit: Very well. Then we will allow you to use this altar.

*The heroes approach the altar*

Zaydra: The altars no longer have use for me but all of you will use them.

*Zaydra activates the altar. Energy begins flowing out of the altar and into Zeth, Sasha, Keith, and RAG*

*Their bodies glow and they all feel more powerful*

Zeth: This is the boost we need! Let’s go and save our friends from that factory!

Narrator: The heroes have gained the use of the third altar. Now they are slightly more powerful and have more abilities.

Chapter 130 END

To be Continued in Chapter 131: Enigmus War Machine