Chapter 133:

Chapter 133: Hashon

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 133: Hashon

Narrator: Over the next few weeks, the heroes put themselves through very intense training. Zaydra returned to the task force. It is now May, Year 119. A full year has now passed since Zeth escaped from the Hawk Clan prison.

*The heroes are all sweaty and their clothes are ripped in many spots. Sasha sits down*

Sasha: That was tough.

Zeth: (Wiping the sweat off of his head) But it was necessary. We don’t have time to do this slowly. RAG, give us our magic rating.

RAG: Zeth, you are a low C-Rank. Sasha, you are a high D-Rank. Keith, you are a high D-Rank. I am a middle C-Rank. Wow, you guys have really caught up to me.

Zeth: I just wish I knew what the next step was. We have no leads.

Sasha: I wasn’t sure if it was right to bring this up, but if they are using people from the Hawk Clan as their subjects, perhaps we should start with the city of Hashon.

Zeth: You’re right. That’s where we will go next.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Goma.

*Goma is already standing somewhere outside of Hashon*

Goma: (Talking to himself) So far nothing out of the ordinary. I would go out in the open but I don’t want to cause a massive disturbance since the Hawks are very strict when it comes to outsiders. However, I do not have time to set an official visit. I’m going to have to sneak in. If in a few more days, I see nothing different then I am going in.


Narrator: A few days later.

*The heroes have reached outside of Hashon*

Keith: So what’s the plan?

Zeth: We’re going to have to prepare to fight. We could try sneaking but I doubt it will work. We’re going straight in.

Sasha: Right!

RAG: Sounds like my kind of plan!

*The four of them enter the city. A security camera spots them*

*The alarms around the city go off and the people start looking around. They all have a juicy blue color on the edges of their eyes showing that they are Enigmuses*

*They soon spot the heroes*

RAG: Shit, we’ve been spotted!

Zeth: We have to fight!

*The Enigmuses begin to approach them*

Narrator: What the heroes do not know is that every single person in this city is now an Enigmus. The humanity of the Hawk Clan has been wiped out.

*One woman quickly sprints to Zeth and dodges his punch only to then gut punch him. Zeth feels a lot of pain*

Zeth: (Thinking) What the…!? She looks like an ordinary civilian and yet that hurt a lot!

*He follows up by kicking her in the face which sends her back*

Zeth: I felt that efficiency in an attack before! These people are all Enigmuses!!

*The other three heroes have shocked faces*

Sasha: Then that means…

Zeth: We will be in for one hell of a fight!

*The heroes charge up their magic*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Goma.

*Goma is walking through a lab area*

Goma: Why do they have these labs in an underground area under the city?

*He hears talking and is alerted so he then hides behind a corner*

*He peaks around the corner to see two people talking to each other*

Goma: Those people have the same juicy blue shading on the edges of their eyes just like the ones I fought in Flagron.

*Goma sees “S823” and “S2790” on their shoulders*

*Goma has a shocked look on his face*

Goma: (Thinking) They’re just like the other two! What is wrong with this city!? Has it gone to hell!?


Narrator: Back to the heroes.

*A bunch of Enigmuses try to attack Zeth but Zeth rapidly punches the air in front of him and energy shaped fists are left where he punched*

Zeth: Here’s a new attack! Star Shine Fists!

*The fist-shaped energies then are launched at the Enigmuses and they all get hit*

*The Enigmuses are all dead or injured with destroyed limbs*

Zeth: These Enigmuses are efficient but not as strong as Subject 7 was.

*An attack comes out of nowhere and Zeth is hit in the gut by a large whip made out of aura*

*Zeth is knocked back into a building which destroys the wall as his body keeps flying back. His body finally lands and it is in a grocery store*

*Zeth holds onto his gut*

Zeth: Ahh!! Ahhhhh!!

*He starts taking big breaths*

???: If they are too easy for you, then let me be your opponent.

Zeth: That voice!

*Zeth looks forward and he is shocked to see that it is Kurt*

Zeth: Kurt!?

Kurt: Let’s see how Zeth, the son of the Light Goddess, can handle us.

*Zeth finally notices the juicy blue in his eyes and is shocked*

Zeth: Kurt… You’re an Enigmus…!

*Zeth’s eyes start to tear up*

Zeth: I can’t believe it… I failed… you.

Narrator: Zeth has now learned the fate of Kurt. How will he get through this troubling situation?

Chapter 133 END

To be Continued in Chapter 134: Zeth vs Kurt. The Life of a Friend at Stake!