Chapter 134:

Chapter 134: Zeth vs Kurt. The Life of a Friend at Stake!

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 134: Zeth vs Kurt. The Life of a Friend at Stake!

Narrator: Zeth is challenged by Kurt who is now an Enigmus!!

*Zeth stands as he is still tearing up in his eyes*

Zeth: Kurt! Snap out of it!

Kurt: My allegiance is to Kogen.

*Zeth’s look turns to anger*

Zeth: Then I will knock some sense into you!

*Zeth charges as Kurt throws a basketball-sized Aura Sphere. He doesn’t throw it at Zeth directly but instead near him where it sits motionless in the air*

*Zeth punches Kurt’s face, but right after, Zeth is grabbed by an Aura Hand*

Zeth: Your aura attack can lead into a different aura attack!?

Kurt: Don’t underestimate the power of an Enigmus!

*The hand came from the ball and it throws him into a bunch of shelves which knocks them over*

Zeth: Damn it. He’s got some new tricks up his sleeve. I better step it up.

*Before Zeth can recover, Kurt jumps in the air and thrusts his feet into Zeth’s gut*

*Zeth coughs up a lot of blood and looks like he is in severe pain*

Kurt: If you don’t properly prepare yourself, I will destroy you in no time at all!

*Kurt is about to stomp Zeth again but Zeth retaliates by throwing a Star Shine Blasts which hits Kurt’s chest area but it pushes him back rather than exploding on contact*

*Kurt eventually knocks it away (where it then hits a shelf and explodes) but Zeth was ready to do his next attack as he jumps and hits Kurt in the chin with his elbow and then grabs Kurt and thrusts his knee into Kurt’s gut*

*Zeth’s arm glows with magic and punches Kurt, sending him flying back*

Zeth: What you need to do is wake up!! Fight the brainwashing, Kurt!! You have a strong will so don’t let the brainwashing win!!

*Zeth then pursues Kurt as Kurt lands into a shelf and knocks it over*

Kurt: You wouldn’t know how great it is to be an Enigmus!! Master Kogen will enlighten all!!

Zeth: You’re so full of shit!!

*Zeth gets closer to Kurt and charges his magic*

Kurt: Oh no you don’t!

*Kurt creates an Aura Field around his body*

Kurt: If you attack me directly now, you will take a beating!

*Zeth smirks*

Zeth: I don’t need to! Star Shine Fists!

*Zeth punches the air in front of him and creates energies in the shape of fists that are then launched at Kurt. Kurt is punched by all of the energy fists*

*Kurt wipes blood from his mouth and stands up. He also ends his Aura Field*

Kurt: I suppose you’re right. You have a good arsenal of ranged attacks which limits the usefulness of my Aura Field. However, you forgot something!

Zeth: Huh!?

*As they were talking, the Aura Sphere Kurt had released earlier comes flying towards Zeth from behind and hits him in the back of the head*

*Zeth looks like he is in pain and Kurt takes advantage and starts rapidly punching Zeth*

*As Kurt punches Zeth, he talks*

Kurt: I see you have new abilities! But so do I! Not figuring that will be your downfall!

*Kurt swipe kicks Zeth which sends him flying into many shelves, knocking them all over*

*Kurt goes to where Zeth landed but does not see him there. Chains come out of a shelf and wrap around Kurt’s neck. The chain then pulls Kurt against the shelf*

*Zeth is on the other side of the shelf and the chains are his Chains of the Volcano Demon*

Zeth: Remember who you are, damn it! I don’t want to have to choke you to death!

*Kurt creates an Aura Image*

Kurt: I know who I am!

*The Aura Image jumps over the shelf and kicks Zeth in the face, causing Kurt to be free of the chains. The Aura Image then returns to Kurt’s body*

*Kurt jumps on top of the shelf*

Kurt: I am Subject 6821. Kurt is just a secondary name now. You have better things to worry about than my allegiance.

*Kurt jumps down and both of them throw a punch with their punches colliding with each other*

Kurt: Like surviving this fight!

*Kurt’s efficiency is too much as his punch overpowers Zeth’s and lands his punch on Zeth’s chest*

Zeth: Let’s do it again! Star Shine Fists!

*Zeth creates a bunch of Star Shine Fists and launches them at Kurt who can’t block them. He takes a bunch of hits*

Kurt: That attack of yours really is a problem!

*Zeth charges his magic again*

Zeth: And I’m going to keep using it until you figure out how to stop it!

*Kurt creates multiple Aura Spheres and sends them at Zeth. Zeth slides under them to dodge*

*Zeth then pushes off the ground to lift himself and he transitions that to a kick to Kurt’s chin. Zeth then does not quick kick to knock Kurt against a wall*

Zeth: That was a fake-out! Now I’m going to knock some sense into you!

*Zeth rushes over towards Kurt and starts repeatedly punching him in the face*

Zeth: Has any sense returned to you yet!?

*Soon Kurt ducks and slides to stop the cycle and he kicks Zeth’s legs, knocking him off his feet. As Zeth falls, Kurt quickly stands up and grabs Zeth and head-butts his head*

Kurt: I told you that I am Subject 6821 and my loyalty is to Kogen!!

*Kurt then throws Zeth to an area where there are no shelves and he moves there too*

Kurt: Let me show you a new attack. This attack gives me the ability to even single-handedly fight an army.

*He charges his aura*

*His aura then expands to his left and right and it now looks like a huge wall of aura*

Kurt: Aura Tidal Wave!

*The aura unleashes forward and it’s like a strong river of water*

*Zeth is terrified*

Zeth: There’s no way I can stop that whole thing!

*Zeth gets caught in the Aura Tidal Wave*

*The Aura Tidal Wave destroys everything in its path. Zeth takes a lot of damage as it pushes him to the second floor of the grocery store*

*The Aura Tidal Wave stops as Zeth hits the wall of the building. Zeth is trying his best to remain conscious. He is bleeding all over his body and he is breathing heavily*

*Kurt makes his way to Zeth*

Kurt: I have surpassed the son of the Light Goddess. Your days will be coming to an end. That or surrender and become a Divine Being Enigmus.

Narrator: Kurt becoming an Enigmus has given him newfound strength and abilities. Can Zeth save Kurt or will he die trying?

Chapter 134 END

To be Continued in Chapter 135: The Hawk Clan Enigmus Horde