Chapter 135:

Chapter 135: The Hawk Clan Enigmus Horde

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 135: The Hawk Clan Enigmus Horde

Narrator: Outside with the other heroes.

*Sasha is fighting a bunch of Enigmuses*

Sasha: Hell’s Gravity Bomb!

*Sasha throws a black orb of energy on the ground and a black wave comes out of it. It sucks in any Enigmus it catches towards its center and then it explodes*

*A bunch of Enigmuses are killed. However, there are still a lot of them out there and more charge after Sasha. One grabs her from behind and a few others continuously punch her*

Sasha: Stop it!

*After taking some damage, Sasha elbows the gut of the Enigmus grabbing her, causing enough pain for him to let go of her. She then kicks the Enigmuses in front of her and then turns around and chops off the head of the Enigmus that grabbed her with a hand chop*

*The other Enigmuses back away quickly*

Sasha: I’m sorry that all of you are being controlled but there is nothing I can do but to put all of you out of your misery. Hell’s Shadows!

*A black mist forms around the area and then around Sasha’s body*

*Multiple copies of her “shadow” are created. The shadows start to move around until the Enigmuses can’t tell which is the real one*

*An Enigmus attacks a shadow but the punch just goes right through as it is not the real one. Sasha moves in and pierces his heart with her hand. The Enigmus dies*

Sasha: Doing this feels natural… Is this what I did when I had my dark powers? I think I’m starting to be afraid of awakening my dark powers.

*The Enigmuses become more confused and Sasha takes advantage and chops their heads off with her hand again*

*The dark mist fades away*

Sasha: Yes… Definitely a natural feeling…

*Sasha sees a building in the background that says “City Council”*

Sasha: Perhaps I should go there.


*Keith fights a lot of Enigmuses too. He releases a blast of magic energy at a bunch of nearby propane tanks*

*They explode but Keith opens a portal he made by the explosion where the explosion goes through. He then opens a bunch of portals by the Enigmuses where they all get caught in the explosions*


*RAG is charging into a horde of Enigmuses and he slams his fist into the ground, causing energy to rise from the ground in front of him. The Enigmuses are lifted*

*RAG then thrusts his arm upwards towards the Enigmuses and many small magic energy beams burst out towards the Enigmuses*

*They are torn to pieces*

RAG: And still a lot left!


Narrator: Meanwhile, in the underground lab.

*An Enigmus is walking through the underground lab. From behind him, arms reach out and then snap his neck. The attacker is Goma*

*Goma enters a room with a supercomputer and four Enigmuses. The four Enigmuses have the subject numbers “S8”, “S15”, “S21”, and “S24”. He hides and watches them*

S24: We have rounded up 97% of the Hawk Clan for the Enigmus project.

S8: Excellent.

S15: What of the remaining 3%?

S21: They are those that are currently out of town. Don’t worry, we will get them.

S8: All shall obey Master Kogen!

Goma: (Thinking) Kogen!? I know that name. I shouldn’t be surprised that he is behind this. It’s time to kill these abominations!

*Goma stops hiding and comes out to face the four Enigmuses*

Goma: Thanks for the information.

*The four Enigmuses are alerted*

S8: Intruder!? How did you get in here!?

*Goma points at S15’s head and glowing lines start coming out of his head until it bursts*

S24: What the hell!?

*S8 holds out his hand and lasers come out of all fingers*

*Goma charges and dodges*

Goma: Simple. I’m stronger than all of you!

*Goma rips off S8’s arm and then points the finger lasers at S24 who is then lasered to death. Goma then snaps S8’s neck*

*S21 is angered and charges at him. Goma punches a hole in his body and he then falls over dead. They are now all dead*

Goma: That takes care of that.

*Goma looks at the supercomputer*

Goma: I’m sure I could learn a lot more using this.

Narrator: Though it has looked easy so far, the heroes have yet to experience the potential of the Enigmuses. Also, what will Goma learn on the supercomputer?

Chapter 135 END

To be Continued in Chapter 136: Fighting For A Friend