Chapter 138:

Chapter 138: Remember Yourself

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 138: Remember Yourself

Narrator: Kurt now finds himself within his own mind and encounters Master Dom!

Kurt: Who are you?

Master Dom: You’ll remember me as Master Dom. (He has short, messed up black hair and a black beard and mustache. He wears a red karate-looking uniform)

*Kurt is shocked*

*In an X-ray of Kurt’s brain, the blue glow disappears on part of it*

MD: You have failed yourself and your comrades.

*Kurt continues to be shocked with his mouth open*

MD: The path you are on will not bring you great power. You have been turned into a demon by a man that was turned into a demon. There is nothing you can do to be human again. But… you can use your new power for good.

Kurt: But how?

MD: It’s not rocket science, my boy. Though you are a demon, you still have your humanity.

*Another part of Kurt’s brain is freed from the brainwashing*

Kurt: I… do?

MD: Yes. Use your power to fight the darkness. Step outside. Let me show you the results if you continue this path.

*They walk outside*

*Kurt’s hometown is burning as many buildings and houses are on fire. People are running for their lives*

Kurt: What is this!?

MD: Your hometown burning to the ground… because of you.

*Kurt puts his hands on his head*

Kurt: No!!!

MD: Yes. This will happen if you don’t remember yourself. Come this way.

*They walk towards a house and go inside*

MD: This is your home. It’s being destroyed.

*Another part of Kurt’s mind is free from brainwashing*

Kurt: Nooo!!!

*They hear screaming and then they go into the family room. They see a woman with upper back length brown hair being approached by someone*

MD: That is your mother. She will die.

*They see the face of the person approaching his mother. It is Kurt*

Jane: Kurt! No! What are you doing!?

*The evil Kurt starts strangling his mother*

Kurt: Nooooooo!!!!!

*Kurt runs towards the evil Kurt and punches him. But it’s too late as his mother is dead*

*Kurt falls to his knees*

MD: That will happen if you don’t remember yourself.

*Kurt begins crying*

Kurt: Noooooooooo!!!!!!

MD: Remember yourself, Kurt!! You are not a killer of innocents!!

*Kurt continues screaming*

*Then finally, all of the brainwashing in his mind is eliminated*

MD: At last, you remember yourself.

*Kurt stops screaming*

Kurt: I remember… Thank you Master Dom.

*The whole scene disappears from his mind and then Kurt finds himself staring at Zeth. His eyes no longer have a juicy blue glow to them*

Kurt: Zeth… I’m sorry.

Zeth: It’s alright. Just as long as you are back to normal.

Kurt: I remember everything. Everything that I have done.

Zeth: Everything? Do you know where Kogen’s base of operations is?

Kurt: Yes.

Zeth: Alright, let’s find the others and get the hell out of here. I assume Emily and Joe are not in this city?

Kurt: Correct.

*Keith and RAG enter the remains of the destroyed grocery store*

Keith: Zeth!

Zeth: Keith. RAG. Where is Sasha?

RAG: She told us there was a building she wanted to infiltrate and for us to find you.

Zeth: What!? We need to find her! Let’s go!

*They all start moving and leave the destroyed grocery store*

Narrator: Kurt is now freed from his brainwashing. However, Emily and Joe are still out there.

Chapter 138 END

To be Continued in Chapter 139: A City on the Edge of Collapse