Chapter 137:

Chapter 137: Fear The Raging Star

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 137: Fear The Raging Star

Narrator: In his attempt to end Kurt's brainwashing, Zeth intends to end it by making Kurt feel a lot of fear by using Raging Star Mode!

Kurt: You can’t make me fear you!!

*Kurt throws four aura spheres near Zeth and they surround him. Then a bunch of hands come from each one and try to punch him*

*However, they are all destroyed by Zeth’s Raging Star aura*

Kurt: What!?

Zeth: You will need much stronger attacks to penetrate my Raging Star aura.

*Zeth starts walking towards Kurt. Kurt is nervous and jumps back. He charges his aura magic*

Kurt: I will not be stopped by you!!

*Kurt launches a Mega Aura Whip at Zeth*

*Zeth opens his eyes wide as he grabs the whip which is pushing him back. He grits his teeth and digs his feet into the floor trying to stop it*

*The high amount of energy causes his headband to tear off. He then finally comes to a stop and uses a double Star Shine Blast to push the whip back at Kurt*

*Kurt realizes this and dissipates his aura whip and then jumps over the Star Shine Blasts*

*He is then punched by Zeth, knocking him back*

*Kurt recovers and then encases a bunch of shelves with his aura, he uses that to pick them up*

Kurt: These aren’t just normal objects now! They are powered by my aura!

*He throws them at Zeth*

Zeth: Claws of the Guardian!

*Zeth’s claw attack plus his raging star aura allow him to destroy the shelves*

*Zeth continues moving towards Kurt while Kurt is starting to feel fear. Kurt starts retreating and Zeth runs after him*

*Zeth maneuvers around Kurt and gets in front of him. He punches Kurt in the face and his raging aura tears at Kurt some*

Kurt: No, I can’t lose!

*Kurt separates himself from Zeth again and begins using another Aura Tidal Wave*

Zeth: Again? Can I stop it? I might but it would require me to destroy this whole building. I have no choice though. Raging Super Nova!!

*Zeth forms a red sun-like orb and throws it at the aura tidal wave*

*The Raging Super Nova makes contact with the aura tidal wave and then a massive explosion happens*

*The entire building is caught in it*

*After the smoke clears, the whole building is destroyed. Both Zeth and Kurt had taken cover and avoided taking a lot of damage*

*Zeth gets up*

*With his Raging Star Mode still in effect, he walks towards Kurt who is feeling a lot of fear as he looks at Zeth*

*Zeth ends his Raging Star Mode and then grabs Kurt’s shoulders*

Zeth: Listen! You are Kurt! Not some brainwashed “subject”!

Kurt: Why does it matter so much to you!?

Zeth: Because you are a good friend! That is who you really are! You will realize this or you will once again fear the raging star! Remember!!!

*Kurt’s mind begins to go crazy inside*

*Suddenly, Kurt finds himself inside his own mind. He is inside a hut*

Kurt: Where am I? This place feels familiar.

???: Kurt.

*Kurt looks towards the entrance. It is Master Dom*

Master Dom: Kurt, you are failing yourself.

Narrator: Kurt must now reach inside his mind and find himself and end the brainwashing.

Chapter 137 END

To be Continued in Chapter 138: Remember Yourself