Chapter 139:

Chapter 139: A City on the Edge of Collapse

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 139: A City on the Edge of Collapse

Narrator: Sasha goes alone and infiltrates the City Council building.

*Sasha enters the City Council building and there is nobody in the front room*

*She peaks around a corner and sees a lot of Enigmuses near the stairs*

Sasha: I need to find another way up.

*She turns around and goes to a different part of the building*

*She finds an elevator and calls it down and just in case there are Enigmuses on it, she readies a Dark Spear and charges a lot of magic*

*The elevator opens and there is an Enigmus in it*

Sasha: Sorry about this.

*Sasha charges in with her Dark Spear and slams it into the Enigmus’s face which pierces through his entire head and kills him*

*She closes the elevator door and then calls it to the fifth floor which is the highest floor. As she goes up, she hears a bunch of thumping sounds on the elevator*

*A bunch of metal crates were pushed down on the elevator which slows it ascent*

*Two female Enigmuses jump down onto the elevator too*

Sasha: Damn!

*From the top, the Enigmuses start shooting laser beams out of their fingers that pierce through the ceiling of the elevator and Sasha does her best to dodge them*

*After dodging a lot of them, she opens the hatch on the ceiling and jumps out of the elevator. She immediately has to lean her head back to avoid getting punched in the face*

*Sasha immediately retaliates by doing a hand chop but the Enigmus blocks it. Sasha is then punched in the back and knocked against the wall but regains her balance*

*Sasha jumps and begins climbing the wall of the elevator shaft. The two Enigmuses begin to shoot laser beams at Sasha while she charges a lot of magic into her hand*

Sasha: You leave me no choice!

*She releases a huge wave of dark magic energy onto the elevator. The two Enigmuses and the elevator are overwhelmed and the elevator is destroyed*

*The two Enigmuses fall all the way down*

Sasha: Sorry, but I have to keep going!

*Sasha then continues her climb*

*She eventually reaches the top floor and opens the door*

*She runs into a meeting room that has a large window with a view of the outside. It’s the same room Kogen met with the Hawk Clan leaders. The only person Sasha finds in the room is a woman. That woman is Udana*

*Sasha is shocked*

Udana: Hello.

Sasha: What are you doing here!? Where is the city council?

Udana: We added them to our Enigmus army a while ago. I have been running this city.

*Udana looks out the window*

Udana: I’m sure you can tell. This city is on the edge of collapse. We have taken in almost all of the Hawk Clan and turned them into Enigmuses.

Sasha: You people are terrible.

Udana: Why don’t you look in the mirror? You and your friends have killed a lot of these people. Isn’t it hypocritical to call us terrible while your group mercilessly kills the people of this city?

*Sasha gets angry and charges her magic and is ready to fight*

Udana: Oh? Are you sure fighting me would be the best idea? None of you fared so well the last time. And besides, you have bigger problems to worry about. We no longer need this city so it’s gonna go boom. See you later.

*Udana jumps out the window, shattering the glass in the process*

Sasha: Wait!


Narrator: Meanwhile, in the underground lab.

*Goma is using the supercomputer. He is looking for crucial info*

Goma: Interesting. It’s a master list of Enigmuses.

Narrator: The city is now doomed. How will the heroes escape? And what will Goma learn on the supercomputer?

Chapter 139 END

To be Continued in Chapter 140: Hashon’s Destruction