Chapter 140:

Chapter 140: Hashon’s Destruction

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 140: Hashon’s Destruction

Narrator: Goma checks the list of Enigmuses in the supercomputer.

Goma: These are the first ten Enigmuses?

*The list shows –

S1. Grom – Semi-successful

S2. Harry – Failed

S3. Maria – Failed

S4. William – Failed

S5. David – Failed

S6. Ashley – Failed

S7. Charlie – Successful

S8. Lance – Failed (Successful later on.)

S9. Easia – Failed

S10. Lucy – Failed


Goma: It then says “Our first 10 subjects were largely failures with the exception two of them and one of those was only semi-successful. Though Subject 8 failed, he was still willing to help continue on the project. We couldn’t figure out how to replicate the success we had with Subject 7 until Udana brought back information from the books kept in Daykona’smansion and with that, Subject 8’s continued loyalty allowed him to become an Enigmus. We now have over 10,000 Enigmuses in our army. That number will sharply rise as all of the Hawk Clan will become Enigmuses.”

*Goma continues to look over the information on the supercomputer*

Goma: What’s this? More information? It says “Our biggest target for turning into an Enigmus is Zeth. His rate of growth of power is high. It turns out he is the son of the Light Goddess, Harmona.”

*A picture of Zeth then appears on-screen*

Goma: Wait! I remember him! He was the one I showed my power to. Could he really be a divine being? I want to see it with my own eyes.

*Goma hears a rumbling of explosions as the place starts shaking*

Goma: Sounds like this place is being destroyed. Time to get out of here.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Sasha.

*Sasha gets out of the City Council building as explosions start to happen in the whole city*

*She finds Zeth, Keith, RAG, and Kurt*

Zeth: Sasha! I’m glad you’re safe! But what the hell is happening here!?

Sasha: Kogen no longer needs this city so he is going to destroy it! Let’s get going!

Zeth: Seriously!?

Sasha: Yes, so hurry!!

*They start running and Sasha looks at Kurt as they run*

Sasha: Kurt, I’m happy to see that you are okay!

Kurt: Yeah, thanks to Zeth! I’ll tell you all about it after we get the hell out of here!

*The heroes continue running and blow through a bunch of Enigmuses in the streets. Then a building near them collapses*

*The debris is going to fall on them, however, they all shoot an magic energy-based attacks at the debris to destroy them*


Narrator: Back with Goma.

*Goma exits out of the underground lab and finds himself in a building being destroyed*

*He quickly runs to an exit as explosions happen in the building. He gets out just as the building becomes completely destroyed*

*Goma runs to a nearby hill and turns around and watches as the city gets blown up*

Goma: Kogen… Why?


Narrator: Back with the heroes.

*The heroes get a good distance away from the city as it is almost finished being destroyed. They look back as the destruction nears completion*

Zeth: Unbelievable that someone would do this… I don’t like the Hawk Clan but this is too much.


Narrator: Meanwhile from a faraway spot, but still close enough to the city for the devastation to be seen.

*Kogen and Udana watch the explosions of the city*

*Kogen holds out his arms wide to his sides and he grins with excitement*

Kogen: Yes!! Destruction!! Blown to hell!! The Hawk Clan has come to an end!!

*Finally, one last big explosion goes off and there is now nothing left of the city but massive piles ofrubble*

Kogen: How many of my army was sacrificed doingthis?

Udana: About 30 of them. I left that many to try and slow down Zeth and his allies. Though if I were to bet, I would bet they got out alive.

Kogen: Very well. We shall prepare for them.

Narrator: Hashon has been destroyed and the Hawk Clan is no more. With Kurt back, the heroes can now launch an assault on Kogen’s base of operations.

Chapter 140 END

To be Continued in Chapter 141: The DarkGoddess’s Commands

Author’s Note: Easia listed in the supercomputer as Subject 9 is the same Easia that was a member of the poachers.

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