Chapter 141:

Chapter 141: The Dark Goddess’s Commands

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 141: The Dark Goddess’s Commands

Narrator: While the Enigmus situation is going on, we now return to Korobu.

*Korobu enters the town called Kopesh. He is greeted by Sachi and Ben*

Sachi: Lord Korobu, we weren’t expecting you so soon.

Korobu: The Dark Goddess has summoned me. Coming here gives me the quickest way to talk to her.

Ben: Yes, Lord Korobu. We will head to the Chamber of Influence with you.

*The three of them go inside the Chamber of Influence*

*They walk through it until they reach the Command Center and then they enter it*

Korobu: Now I shall contact the Dark Goddess.

*Magic is focused onto what looks like a television screen*

*Finally, the Dark Goddess, Dakame, appears on screen. She is sitting on a throne. She has long dark black hair, her eyes are black with red irises. She wears a dark royalty looking dress*

Dakame: Korobu, there is a problem and I need you to take care of it.

Korobu: What is it?

Dakame: I have learned of many new Enigmuses being created and it’s not being done by any of my underlings. Take care of the nuisance and then bring in all of those new Enigmuses into my possession.

Korobu: Where will I find them?

Dakame: In an old fortress in south-central Harmone. It was originally a place that worshippers of the Light Goddess used to worship her.

Korobu: I know exactly what you are talking about. I shall take care of it.

Dakame: And that is why you are my messenger. Hell will rise and Harmona will fall. Now go. I will be waiting for your report.

*Korobu kneels*

Korobu: Yes, my goddess.

*Sachi and Ben were staring in awe throughout the conversation. The conversation ends as the screen goes blank*

Korobu: I shall be leaving.

Sachi: Very well, Lord Korobu.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Crimson.

*Somewhere at a bridge, Crimson and the mysterious boy that he met stare out at the river*

Boy: It’s just about time.

Crimson: About time for what?

Boy: For you to get your opportunity to fight Zeth. That is your goal, right?

Crimson: My one and only goal is to consume him. I just have to fight him to make that happen.

Boy: Then we shall get ourselves involved with the conflict over the Enigmus Project. Just a few more days at most.


Narrator: Meanwhile with the heroes.

*The heroes are currently in Kurt’s hometown, Shango, in the southeastern part of Harmone. They are at the front door to Kurt’s parents’ house*

*Kurt knocks on the door*

*A woman with upper back-length brown hair and wearing casual clothes opens the door. The woman is shocked*

Narrator: Kurt’s Mother – Jane.

Jane: Kurt! What happened to you!? You look like you’ve been through a lot!

Kurt: It’s alright mother. It’s a long story but the short version is that I got abducted and they turned me into a demon but I’m still me.

*Jane puts her hand to her forehead*

Jane: Oh my goddess! Turned you into a demon!?

Kurt: It’s complicated so let’s change the subject. Where is father?

Jane: About a week ago, he went to the Hawk Clan city, Hashon, for business.

*The heroes all have a shocked face*

Jane: What’s the matter?

Kurt: Everyone in that city was taken and turned into demons by the same people that abducted me! He is in danger!

*Jane has a look of despair on her face*

Jane: No… No!!!

Kurt: Damn it! We have to go and defeat Kogen and fast!

Zeth: Where is his base of operations!?

Kurt: In an old fortress once used to worship the Light Goddess to our west. Before we go. Remember those bandits that we defeated?

Zeth: Yeah.

Kurt: Kogen was the one that gave the leader his power. Kogen is the one with the eye patch the leader was referring to. His plan was to give all the bandits power and then eventually bring them into his Enigmus army.

Zeth: Then let’s go! We need to end this problem and free everyone in this country from Kogen’s terror!

*Zeth, Sasha, Kurt, Keith, and RAG begin to leave*

*Kurt looks back at Jane*

Kurt: I will bring father back. I promise!

*Jane smiles*

Jane: I believe in you.

Narrator: The heroes, Korobu, and Crimson with the mysterious boy are going to Kogen’s base of operations. Goma too may find himself there. A large battle will occur. Will it come to a bloody end?

Chapter 141 END

To be Continued in Chapter 142: The Start of a Bloody Battle