Chapter 8:

Part 2: Friends| Kanna Kamui

BTCOA but it's clean and full of wholesome cuddling

A/N: Most of this chapter had to be scrapped due to R-18 constraints, and replaced by the wholesome cuddles and dialogue.


"So, what exactly was in that drink you gave me?"

"Love potion..."

I laugh. "Doesn't work if you're already in love, does it? Or if I know about it?"

"Guess'd be all over me if it did."

We sit there, cuddling, for what seems like hours, until suddenly, a small voice rings out.

"L-lady T-tohru, you really shouldn't be doing know what Sora said! No more indecency with the new faeries!"

We jump. 

"Leave her alone!" I yell. "It's not indecent, it's compassion and reassurance...with cleavage..."

"Your face is buried in her cleavage…ergo she's still being indecent."

No fair! He's hogging all the cuddles! I'm so stressed!

Tohru looks at me. "Wow…tough crowd."

I slam the door shut, chain it, and padlock it with my powers. Kanna flinches. Tohru, having witnessed my abilities firsthand, looks at me quizzically. Where are you going with this?

You'll see…

"There are two…no, three ways this can end."

"Which are?"

"One, you can kill me permanently, and the chains dispel. Two, we sit here for eternity, or until option one happens on its own. Or three, you agree to my conditions, and I dispel them."

"Depends on what those conditions are."

"One, you don't snitch on Tohru. Two…" I glance at Tohru apologetically. "…you take over my orientation."

She looks like I slapped her. "Three…you let me finish what you interrupted…"

Kanna considers, imagining how this could end. "Mmm…okay."

Then, I drop the hammer. "…You're welcome to join..."

She gulps and turns red. "Who says I want to?"

In my best imitation of her, I say, "No fair! He's hogging all the cuddles! I'm so stressed!"

She looks like I punched her in the face. Tohru’s trying not to laugh. "Wait…" she says in a small voice,"…I said that out loud?!"

Tohru loses the fight and giggles. "No, New Guy McCuteface can read minds. Also, do not, under any circumstances, piss him off!"

I look at Kanna. She oozes exhaustion and stress. Her thoughts are a jumble. Wow, she is stressed!

She blushes and looks down in defeat. "Well…okay…"

She sits down next to me and wraps her arms around us. Her head lays on my shoulder. 

I feel her smile. Her eyes close, and she falls asleep, snoring cutely and lightly. She's so kawaii!

I unlock the chain. The chains and the lock fall on the floor and shatter. I dispel the shards, or rather, try to. They fly towards me, swerve around Kanna, and melt into my jacket. "Cool."

Kanna stirs a little, then settles back in. I rub her head. With how cute she is, I'd be stupid not to give her head pats...

She moans a little and snuggles in. She starts drooling a little. I blush. You're so kawaii!

She startles and wakes up. After she grasps what just happened, she says, "Th-th-thank y-you"

"You're welcome. Sorry...didn't mean to wake you up..."

I wrap my arm around her.

Did you ever get to watch the orientation video?



Go sit and I’ll start it. Tohru, don't you need to be at the desk, now that I'm with him? After all, he is one of my charges, being a demon-faerie.

She groans "Fine...but you'll have to get off of me first."

Tohru leaves and I grab a seat up in the front. Kanna sits next to me and hits a button under her chair. A section of the arm flips to reveal a remote. She hits a few buttons. The screen lights up. I see a picture of Akihabara, and the voiceover starts. It’s Sora. She pushes another button and our seats merge. She snuggles into me. I wrap my arm around her. “Congratulations, newly deceased!Sora says.

Kanna pauses it and turns to me. “I can change the voice if you want…

“Yes, please. I wanna hear your adorable voice.”

She blushes and puts in a code. She unpauses it. In her adorable voice, it continues. “You have been chosen to be a faerie. What is a faerie, you may ask? Well, I’ll tell you. A faerie is a deceased person who brings joy to the lives of the living. But why was I chosen? You were chosen because you died saving those who shunned you, frowned upon you, or made you feel unwanted. There are a few types of faeries. Angels died young. They were between 6 and 12 years old. They are pure and innocent beyond belief. An interesting thing to note is that all angels singing improved when they died. Other types are determined by how they died or their personalities. As for we anime characters…It’s, more often than not, determined by hair color or species.

Kanna pauses it. “Any questions, or have you got it so far?

“I’m a…demon. It makes me feel…evil, undeserving, less worthy.”

It’s okay. Promise. Besides, we’ll get to spend a lot of time together!

She snuggles back in and unpauses the video. I turn to the side and cuddle her, laying my head on hers.

Demons died from heat, poison, or in a brutal way.” The video continues.

I pause it. “That’s me.”

How’d you die?

“I’ll need you to move…please?”

She pauses the video and gets up. I grab her hand. “De sooth, naar shada.

The world fades out and is replaced by memory. She looks at me in awe. “You know Old Dragon?!

“No…those words came to me with Tohru…what did I say?”

Let the past reveal the truth.

She watches in stony silence. When Michiru walks out and sits down, I walk towards her. “What are you doing?Kanna asks.

“Testing something.”

I try to touch Michiru's shoulder, but my hand goes through her. I look at my hand in shock. I look at Kanna. She looks at me. I look at Michiru. I sniffle. Tears start to stream down my face. I stand up and run through Koba into the woods. “Noah! Wait! I’ve read about this! You’re gon-

I slam into an invisible barrier at full speed and dislocate my nose. Kanna catches up. “I tried to warn youyou can’t go further than you did in the memory…

I grab my nose and turn. Kanna’s eyes widen. I temple my fingers against my nose. I push up and to the right. With a CRACK!, my nose pops back into place. Kanna winces. “Shada naar sooth de.

The mentalscape fades. I look at Kanna. “The truth is revealed.


She sits down and cuddles me. “I’m so sorry, Noah…dying must’ve been hard for you…

“I promised her that I would come back…and my biggest fear is breaking that promise.”


Kanna…I have a favor to ask of you…” I clasp my hands together.

What is it?

“One of my deepest desires…was to have an older sister. Eventually, I just yearned to have a sister. But, now that I’m dead, and I’ve met you…I wanna ask something of you.”


“I want you to be my little sister. I know it’s a lot to ask…and I’ll understand if you say no, but, the thing I'm asking is, can I call you Onee-chan?”

She looks at me with tears in her eyes. She sniffles. “R-really?

I nod. “Really.”

She throws herself at me. "Eep!"

I fall backward. She hugs me tight and snuggles into my neck, sobbing. "Y-yes! P-please call me Onee-chan...Onii-san."

At that, my eyes flood with tears. I bury my face in her hair, hugging her tightly. "" I say between sobs.

We stay like that for a while. It was a nice feeling.