Chapter 9:

Kanna's Story

BTCOA but it's clean and full of wholesome cuddling

*As far as I am aware, none of this is canon.*


She hugs me and starts sobbing into my shirt. I hug her and stroke her back. She tells me her story. “A long time ago, I had an older brother. His name was Kanno. He was…my twin. We were inseparable. One day, we were walking through the woods, looking for a good spot to have a picnic. Kanno was behind me. I had stopped next to a tree to set down the basket. Next to me, there was THUNK!, and I looked to see an ax protruding from the other side of the tree. Several CRACKS! sounded, and the tree started to lean towards me.“In the distance, I saw several of the younger dragons. One of them was standing in a position that clearly said he had thrown that ax. His brothers’ faces said that he was supposed to be aiming for me. But his face said he was relieved to have missed. They turned to beat him up but turned back when the tree started leaning. They would later claim this was a prank, but I know different. Before I came along, they were the most popular, the cutest. They were jealous. My brother and I were now the youngest. They were ignored. People who used to think it was cute when they did things now rolled their eyes and scoffed. They were now laughed at, not with, and they wanted revenge. I was frozen in shock. Behind me, there was a rock. Branches started to rain down as the falling tree tore them. Kanno…he saved me. He tackled me. I flew out of there. On the way past, I got scratched by a branch. But Kanno…”She’s soaked my shirt with tears and snot, but I don’t care. I hold her tighter. “H-he got it worse…much worse.”I start to glean what happened. Oh…Kanna…I’m…sorry. “It’s n-not your fault…but…he got hit by a branch in the head. I landed on my arm, and it broke. But I didn’t notice the pain. My brother lay there, barely stirring. I screamed his name. He stood up, but since he was taller than the rock, he got hit by the trunk. I screamed, but even I couldn’t hear it. The tree smashed into dozens of pieces, several pounds each. I started trying to move the pile, but after a few minutes, my feet started to feel a warm wetness.”I tear up. “I looked down and saw that my feet were covered in blood. I looked at the dragons I saw and noticed a few things. The one who had thrown it stood there. He had his hands over his mouth, and his face showed his horror at what he had done. The rest of them looked horrified that I had survived, and pulled out swords. They started to run towards me. The guy tackled one of them, and the guy he tackled fell on his sword, which, sadly, didn’t kill him or injure him. He rolled and started to run after the others. He leaped and missed. That was as much as I saw before I started running towards home. One of them tripped, but the rest kept coming. When I got to the alley that led to my door, I sped up. They were right behind me. I felt them slicing through my hair.“When I turned the corner in the alley, I saw the guy who had tripped…blocking the way. I looked back and saw the others at the end of the alley. The one who had been trying to stop them wasn't there. I heard a yell behind me, and I turned around. The guy landed on top of the one blocking the way and hit his head. I grabbed him, flung open the door, dragged him in, slammed it, and locked it. I ran and locked all of the windows and the front door, too. I ran back to him and screamed at the top of my lungs for mom and dad. They came charging out of the basement, and mom screamed. I was covered in Kanno's blood, as well as his.”“Why don’t you call him by his name?”“Because…well, you’ll see. They rushed over. Mom took him and started tending to his head wound. Dad started the shower for me and got me clothes. After I showered, I walked back out to him and mom. I asked how he was doing. Mom said he wouldn’t make it. I knelt next to him, then slid his head into my lap. I held his hand. He woke up and pressed his free hand against my cheek. I held it there. He said, in a raspy, pained voice, ‘I-I’m s-sor-sorry…’, then, he went limp. My face was the last thing he saw and felt.”At this point, I’m trying not to sob. Tears streak down my face. “Dad asked where Onii-San was. I started sobbing, and between sobs, I told them what happened. Mom and dad hugged me, and we sat there and sobbed.”After she finishes, I allow myself to give into sobs. We sit there, cuddling and sobbing, for about half an hour. “K-Kanna… I’m so sorry…”I squeeze her. She stops. “The point is…I’d be honored to be your Onee-Chama.”“And I’d be honored to be your Onii-San…I feel weird saying that, knowing that you’re like…5000.”She laughs. “Kanna… I could never hope to replace Kanno… but I want you to know that I’ll try to be a good older brother. Or…younger brother.”She looks at me. I give her a big brotherly kiss on the forehead. “Th-thank y-you. I n-needed th-that.”“Anything for you, Onee-Chama.”She unpauses the video. “Demon faeries have fluffy, black angel wings. Ghost faeries' sacrifices went unthanked. All faeries have four forms: Ghost, faerie, mortal, and their respective forms. Most faeries are inherently female, though there are occasionally male faeries.”“Like me.”“Like you. However, you are the first male demon.” Kanna says.“Cool.”“Some faeries also choose to have additional forms. Usagis, kitsunes, nekos, and tanukis are the most common. There are too many others to count. To learn to use the abilities of your chosen form, talk to the people you pick. All faeries have a primary quirk, and some have more, though this is rare. This concludes orientation. You will now be taken on a tour. Now, get out there and make someone happy!” The video ends.“Enlightening,” I say as the lights turn back on.When Kanna doesn’t respond, I look at her. She’s out. Aww…she’s adorable when she’s sleeping. I mean, she’s always adorable, but I’m talking about more so than usual!I stroke her hair gently, so as not to wake her. I try to take shallow breaths for the same reason. I decide to take a nap, too, and lay my seat back, with Kanna on top of me. I fall asleep listening to her breathing.