Chapter 145:

Chapter 145: Shadow and Blood

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 145: Shadow and Blood

Narrator: The battle between Kurt and Emily is nearing its conclusion as Emily begins using her Shadow Sword! To save Emily, Kurt must overcome Emily's Shadow Sword!

Emily: This will be the first time I have used my Shadow Sword in combat where I can completely control my sword. Not even I know what I will be capable of.

*Kurt starts to get nervous*

Kurt: As Zeth told me, I will free you or die trying.

*Kurt turns his aura into the sharp property he used against Zeth*

*Kurt and Emily charge at each other. Emily slashes at Kurt but he jumps over it*

*He kicks Emily in the face and then does a few backflips to put more distance between himself and Emily*

*Emily sticks her sword into the wall and carves out a bunch of bricks and throws them at Kurt*

*Kurt punches them down into pieces as his sharp aura tears them apart but Emily used them as a chance to get in close. She slashes her sword at Kurt and it makes contact with his left arm*

*The sharp aura resists the slash and Kurt only comes away with a large cut on his arm. Emily roll jumps backward to get away from him so she can avoid a counterattack*

*Emily licks the blood off of the sword*

Emily: I love licking blood off of my beautiful Shadow Sword.

Kurt: You have become insane.

Emily: Well, I see the sword’s effect on mortals does not work on you since you are a demon now.

Kurt: That sword may be powerful and I should be careful about getting close… BUT, I need to get close to save you!! Here I come!!

*They charge at each other. As they get close, Emily throws her sword up, jumps, grabs it, and then slashes down but Kurt rolls out of the way*

Kurt: I will save you!!!

*Kurt responds with a Sharp Aura Punch that pierces into Emily’s skin. The punch pushes her back and she can’t counter before Kurt throws more punches and she has to keep dodging them*

*The aura cuts her in a few spots even though his punches don’t land*

Emily: Don’t think you have the upper hand!!

*Emily grabs his arm and the aura starts cutting into her hand*

*Emily then stabs his arm with her sword*

*Kurt grabs Emily’s right arm and yanks out the sword. He then grabs her other arm with both hands and slams her down to the ground*

*Kurt forms an Aura Sphere*

Kurt: There is a lot of power in this sphere. Emily, I’m going to cut off your arm. It’s for your own good!

*Kurt thrusts the Aura Sphere at Emily’s shoulder. As he does, Emily thrusts her arm towards the Aura Sphere*

*To Kurt’s surprise, her energy is neutral with his and therefore he is unable to cut off her arm*

*Emily kicks Kurt hard in the gut to push him back and then she stands up*

*Kurt throws the Aura Sphere but Emily destroys it by slashing it with her Shadow Sword*

Kurt: *huff huff* This fight needs to end.

Emily: *huff huff* I agree.

*Kurt charges his energy and they rush towards each other*

*As they collide, the next thing that happens is that there is blood flying and then an arm goes flying, completely detached from the body*

Narrator: It all happened quickly. Their attacks happened in what felt like an instant. What was the result of their collision? Was Kurt able to cut off Emily’s arm? It’s time to find out.

*Both Emily and Kurt are at point-blank range of each other and they are covered in a lot of blood. Both of them are breathing heavily. Kurt looks down to his left and then Emily smirks. Emily had cut off Kurt’s left arm with the Shadow Sword*

Emily: *huff huff* That’s what you g—

*Emily is interrupted as Kurt gets the opportunity to land a super-strong magic-powered downward punch on Emily. The power from the punch spreads to her entire body and the collision her body makes with the ground creates a small crater. Emily coughs up a lot of blood in her shock*

Kurt: *huff huff* I hope… that I put your mind… into enough shock… with that attack… to end your brainwashing.

*Kurt falls onto his back and falls unconscious*

*As Kurt hoped, Emily’s mind goes into shock as she lies on the ground, staring at the ceiling*

*She then finds herself in her mind at her home*

Narrator: The first fight of this bloody battle has ended. Will Kurt be fine and what will Emily see in her mind?

Chapter 145 END

To be Continued in Chapter 146: The Home Scare