Chapter 144:

Chapter 144: Shotgun and Electricity

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 144: Shotgun and Electricity

Narrator: Kurt continues his battle to end Emily's brainwashing!

*Emily fires her shotgun which fires a large barrage of shotgun pellets covered in magic*

*Kurt quickly dodges and launches his electricity aura at Emily and it’s being pulled towards Emily’s shotgun*

Emily: So it’s attracted to my metal shotgun, eh?

*Emily throws the shotgun at Kurt and the electricity turns after it*

*Kurt tries to grab it but Emily uses her magic to pull it back towards her and lands a swiping kick on Kurt which knocks him back*

*The electricity chasing the shotgun dissipates*

*Emily charges at Kurt and tries to punch him but he blocks the punch with his own punch*

*They each block each other’s punches a few more times before Emily does a 360-degree turn with a dagger in her hand and slashes Kurt, leaving a cut on his stomach area*

*Kurt follows up by elbowing Emily in the face and then she does another 360-degree turn and tries to blow him away with her X12 Shatter Shotgun but Kurt ducks to dodge the blast*

*Kurt kicks her in the gut and thrusts his electric aura forward. She gets caught in the electric aura and takes electric shock damage*

*Kurt grabs onto her face and then thrusts her into a wall. He lets go and grabs onto her shoulders*

Kurt: Do you understand!? Break free Emily!!

Emily: Break free, I will.

*Emily breaks free of Kurt’s grip and uses her dagger to stab Kurt’s shoulder*

Kurt: Ahhh!

*She pulls it out and then kicks him away*

*She puts the dagger away and pulls out her shotgun*

Emily: Listen traitor! You must be punished!

*She runs towards Kurt. Kurt releases his electric aura but Emily dodges. After missing her, the electric aura turns around to continue following the metal shotgun in her hands*

*As Emily closes in, she does not shoot but instead spins around behind Kurt and then she shoots her shotgun at Kurt’s back*

*Kurt is blasted with many of the pellets and it even pushes his body forward. The electric aura makes contact with Kurt’s body and ends its pursuit of the shotgun. Kurt falls face down on the floor*

*The backside of Kurt’s shirt is completely torn off and his back is bloody*

Kurt: Damn… That hurt… A lot…

Emily: Do you see now? Traitors get punished.

*Kurt slowly stands up and faces Emily*

Kurt: You’re full of shit.

Emily: What!?

Kurt: I can tell somewhere inside you that you are fighting off your brainwashing.

Emily: You know nothing!

Kurt: If you weren’t, you would have pulled out that shotgun when you broke my grip and shot me but you didn’t. You stabbed a dagger into me and then kicked me.

Emily: Enough!

*Kurt can tell he has her distracted and uses the chance to rush towards her*

Kurt: Electric Aura Punch!

*He lands the punch on her shoulder*

*He then does rapid Electric Aura Punches. Emily is unable to defend herself as she tries to clear her mind while being hit*

*She is finally punched into a wall. After a few moments, Emily walks forward off the wall with a look of anger*

Emily: I will show you fear.

*She pulls out her Shadow Sword*

*Dark spots start to cover the arm she holds the sword in and her irises turn to a dark red color*

Kurt: Funny. That’s what Zeth said to me when I was still brainwashed. Give me your best shot.

Emily: I finally have the power to use this sword effectively. Prepare for your end.

Narrator: Emily is resorting to her most powerful weapon. Now able to fully wield the Shadow Sword, will Kurt be able to save Emily and prevent any more harm to himself?

Chapter 144 END

To be Continued in Chapter 145: Shadow and Blood