Chapter 146:

Chapter 146: The Home Scare

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 146: The Home Scare

Narrator: Emily is now within her own mind! She must end the brainwashing!

*Emily has found herself in the room of her house*

Emily: Why am I in my room?

*She gets off her bed and walks towards her door*

*Before she opens the door, she hears screaming downstairs*

Emily: Who was that!?

*Emily quickly opens the door and goes out into the hallway*

*She runs down the hall and goes down the stairs. She hears screaming coming from the kitchen and runs to it*

*She sees a large brown monstrous beast ripping the guts out of her father. Her father has scruffy blonde hair and some facial hair on his chin*

Emily: Father!

*Emily takes out a sword and slashes off the head of the beast*

Emily: Father, you’re hurt—!

*Her father interrupts her before she can say more*

Father: Emily, what have you done?

Emily: Wait, what?

Father: You have led these monsters to our town. You should be damned to hell!

*He dies and Emily has the most doom and gloom look on her face*

Emily: I didn’t do anything!!

*Emily begins running to other parts of the house and finds her little brother in the living room. Her little brother has fluffy dark gray hair and he is 4 feet tall*

Little Brother: Hey big sis, want to play cards with me?

*Suddenly, the wall near him breaks down and a T-rex picks him up with its mouth and eats him*

Emily: Brother!!

*The T-rex walks away and Emily is now able to see out on the neighborhood street as an army of monsters march through it*

Emily: What is happening here!!?

*She hears someone enter the room from behind her. She turns around and sees her mother aiming a loaded submachine gun at her. Her mother has straight dark gray hair that goes down to her upper back. She is all bloody*

Mother: You did this! Where did we go wrong in raising you!?

Emily: What are you talking about!?

Mother: You led an army of demons to conquer our town!!!

*Emily has a frightened face*

Mother: Are you satisfied!? My son and husband are now dead!!

*Emily is crying now*

Emily: I didn’t do this!!

Mother: You did!! You betrayed your friends and allied yourself with the demons!! You’ve already killed my husband and son. I might as well add my daughter to the dead!

*Suddenly, a sword is pierced through her mother’s stomach*

Emily: Mother!!

*It turns out that an evil Emily stabbed her mother from behind with the shadow sword*

Mother: You…

*Evil Emily pulls out the sword and her mother falls to the ground dead*

Emily: Why the hell do you look like me!?

Evil Emily: Because I am you. You will conquer this town and kill or enslave everyone in it!

*She laughs*

Emily: Noooooooo!!!!!

*Emily wakes up from her mind as she screams*

*She sits up crying. Her eyes no longer have the juicy blue shading*

Emily: No… I don’t want this. I don’t want to betray my friends.

*She looks over to Kurt’s unconscious body and his cut-off arm across the room*

*She walks over and picks up Kurt’s arm and then walks towards his body*

Emily: Kurt, I’m sorry.

*Emily looks at the arm and then at Kurt’s arm socket*

Emily: This is the arm socket in which they inserted the demon heart. Then that means it can be reattached.

*Emily holds the cut-off arm up to his arm socket and then demon veins reach out and grab the arm and it re-attaches*

*Kurt wakes up and smiles*

Kurt: I knew you would come to it…

*Emily smiles*

Emily: Yeah. I’m ready to help stop this madness.

Narrator: Emily has now come back to her senses and is ready to fight back against Kogen.

Chapter 146 END

To be Continued in Chapter 147: Zeth vs Subject 42