Chapter 153:

Chapter 153: Clash of Non-Natural Demons

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 153: Clash of Non-Natural Demons

Narrator: Keith shows his demon form to Subject 7. A clash between two people who are not natural demons is about to begin!

Keith: I got a warning for you. Fighting me in my demon form is a whole different animal so to speak.

Subject 7: So you look different. It won’t change a thing.

Keith: When I say a whole different animal, I mean you’re about to get destroyed. I’m going to finish this up quickly and then grab myself a drink.

*With his demon form unleashed, Keith launches himself at S7. S7 teleports himself to the other side of the room but Keith reaches into a portal and grabs S7*

*Keith brings S7 through the portal and then lets go of S7 so he can start rapidly punching him. S7 has not adjusted yet and takes a beating from Keith*

*S7 finally tries to counter but Keith grabs his arm, turns around, and slams S7 into the ground. Keith follows that up by slamming his spiked arms into S7’s gut which does even more damage*

*Keith stops and charges his magic even further for a special magic attack but S7 teleports to an upper part of the circular staircase in the room. Keith looks up*

S7: You were right. I was unprepared. However, that will change now.

Keith: Tch.

*Keith starts jumping up the staircase towards S7. As Keith gets close, he enters into a portal*

S7: A fake-out, eh?

*S7 tries to anticipate Keith’s next move. To his surprise, two portals open, one farther up the staircase and one below. Keith appears to come out of both of them*

S7: Two of him!?

*Both of the Keiths charge at S7*

*S7 blocks both of the Keiths’ punches and then he counter punches one of the Keiths but is grabbed from behind by the other. The Keith that was punched then does his own counter punch and hits S7 in the face*

*S7 breaks free and launches towards one of the Keiths and thrusts his knee into the gut of the Keith. The attack knocks out the Keith*

*That Keith dissolves and the energy returns to the other*

S7: A clone made from your own magic energy? Clever trick but it won’t work again!

*S7 teleports to Keith and then they try to punch each other but their punches collide. S7 reacts faster and kicks Keith off the staircase then jumps and punches Keith down to the floor*

*Keith stands up and wipes the blood off of his face and smirks*

Keith: I guess you can still put up a fight against my demon form. This is getting exciting! Looks like I will have to hold off on the drinking for a bit longer!

*Keith enters a portal and immediately returns to S7 and thrusts his leg upward, resulting in him kicking S7 in the chin*

*The kick sends S7 upwards and breaks through some of the stairs higher up. Keith jumps up more stairs to reach him*

*They are now almost near the top of the floor (about 50 yards up from the floor where the fight started)*

*Keith and S7 stare at each other. Keith smiles and then his skin starts to become slimy, Keith rips off the slime and puts it down near him*

*The slime starts to form into a bunch of mini-Keiths that are about 2 feet tall*

S7: Am I supposed to be afraid? All you do is divide your power when you do that. It makes you weaker.

Keith: Smart strategy can make up for that.

*The mini-Keiths launch themselves at S7. He tries attacking all of them but has trouble landing hits due to their unpredictability and elusiveness*

*Keith charges a lot of energy as the minis toy with S7. Soon, S7 realizes that Keith is charging magic energy. This gives the minis the chance to grab onto S7 and then the one mini that didn’t grab onto him kicks him into the air. The other minis stay grabbed onto him*

Keith: You can’t teleport with someone else holding on to you without using a lot of magic. That is your flaw. With a lot of my minis holding onto you, you would risk running out of magic by teleporting.

*Keith jumps up the stairs until he gets above S7 and then jumps directly above S7 in the air as S7 begins to fall back down*

Keith: Demonic Burial Cannon!!

*Keith unleashes a giant beam of dark red energy down towards S7. It engulfs S7 and destroys his minis (the energy of the minis then returns to Keith)*

*The beam violently bursts down into the floor where it blows a big hole into it*

*The beam soon ends and Keith looks down into the hole*

*Keith is shocked to see S7’s body still intact, however, his body is badly damaged with blood everywhere. A lot of his hair is gone and, for the first time, his eyes are visible. They are wide open and bloodshot*

*S7 stands up in the hole and is clearly angry. Keith is still shocked*

Keith: He can live through that!? What will I need to do to kill him!?

*Keith looks closely at S7’s eyes and then he opens his own eyes wide*

Keith: Wait… He doesn’t have a blue shading in his eyes. He’s not under Kogen’s control? He’s doing this of his own free will?

Narrator: Keith unleashed a powerful attack on S7 and though S7 was badly damaged, it left him very angry. What will Keith need to do to finish him off? And what is the truth behind Subject 7 becoming a minion under Kogen?

Chapter 153 END

To be Continued in Chapter 154: A Heart-Ripping Experience