Chapter 154:

Chapter 154: A Heart-Ripping Experience

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 154: A Heart-Ripping Experience

Subject 7: (Narrating) Growing up, my life was pathetic. In this cruel world, life never threw me a bone. I was the loser kid in school who had arms like twigs and my eyes always looked bloodshot. My weakness made me an easy target for bullies. They’d call me “Charlie the Sleepless Twig” as they picked on me all the time. I was almost never happy as I went through life. And to make things worse, I was eventually diagnosed with a terminal illness. That made my already disappointing life become outright depressing. I was put in a hospital bed just waiting to die. I prayed to the Light Goddess every night from my hospital bed hoping that she would bless me and cure me of my disease. Sadly, that never happened. And then one day, I met Master Kogen.

*Kogen enters the hospital room that Charlie is staying in*

Charlie: Who… Who are you?

Kogen: My name is Kogen. I have partial ownership over this hospital so I come around to see the patients. I want you to know that I have an offer for you.

Charlie: It wouldn’t matter. I’m about to die. There’s nothing you could offer that I could get anything out of.

Kogen: I think you’re wrong about that. You see, I came in here already knowing about your terminal condition.

Charlie: I can’t get anything out of an offer if I am dead.

Kogen: That’s the thing. My offer is something that could possibly save your life.

Charlie: Save my life? Really?

Kogen: Yes. And not only that, it could make your life even better!

Charlie: Wait… You said that it could “possibly” save my life. It’s not a guarantee?

Kogen: It’s an operation on your body. If it succeeds, your life will be saved. If it fails, well, let’s just say that nothing will have changed since you are about to die anyway. Will you accept my offer?

*Charlie’s eyes open wide*

Charlie: …Yes. Even a 1% chance of survival is better than 0%.

Kogen: Excellent. I will let the support staff know of your decision.

Subject 7: (Narrating) I agreed to Master Kogen’s offer and then underwent Enigmus surgery. The surgery was a resounding success.

*Charlie wakes up on the operating table and is greeted by Kogen and Gido*

Gido: Hehehe! It was a great success!

Kogen: That’s right. The surgery was successful and your life has been saved. Plus, now you have a stronger body than before.

*Charlie has a big smile*

Charlie: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Kogen: No need to thank me. All I want is that you serve under me. You were the first that we ever performed a fully successful Enigmus operation on and now I want you to help me achieve my goals.

Charlie: Well…

Kogen: Think about it. Your life will be so much better here. Unlike in your earlier life, you will be appreciated here. I have big goals and I want you to be a part of them.

Charlie: I’ll do it! I have spent my whole life before this in disappointment and now I am being given the opportunity to do something good! I’m ready, Master Kogen!

Kogen: To represent your new life, you should leave behind your old name. You were the seventh attempted Enigmus operation so we will call you “Subject 7”.

Charlie: I’ll take the name! I’m ready to serve you, Master Kogen!

*Kogen smiles*

Kogen: Excellent. Enjoy your new life, Subject 7.

*Subject 7 grins with excitement*

Subject 7: (Narrating) That’s how my time serving Master Kogen began and I will serve him until the end of time.


*Back in the present, S7 opens his eyes as wide as they can be and jumps out of the hole*

*As he looks at Keith, he has flashbacks of his younger days when he was a wimpy kid being picked on*

S7: I feel… Anger!!!

*In a blood-filled rage, S7 charges at Keith. He starts trying to rapidly punch Keith which causes Keith to start rapidly punching back*

*With a magic-charged arm, S7 thrusts his fist towards Keith’s face. Keith slants his head but the punch still grazes his face and blood starts to spill out. Keith is shocked at how much energy S7 has*

*S7 follows up by gut punching Keith three times and then kicks him away. He then immediately launches himself forward and punches Keith hard in the face which blows him into the wall*

*S7’s attacks are starting to take their toll on Keith’s body as it continues to bleed more*

Keith: He saved his magic by not teleporting but how can he still have this much physical energy!? My own body is starting to wear down.

*Keith comes out from the partially destroyed wall*

*They charge at each other and start punching each other. After one lands a punch, the other does too after that. They just keep continuously punching each other*

*As they continue to punch each other, S7 has more flashbacks of his kid self*

(Flashback) Bully: Haha! Charlie, you’re so weak! *Charlie keeps punching the muscular bully, but the punches do nothing*

*The bully punches Charlie’s arm and the bones where he was punched break*

Charlie: Ahhhh!!!

Bully: Hahaha! See you later, weakling. (Flashback End)

S7: (Thinking) Master Kogen took me in and in turn made me great! I will not let him down! (Now talking out loud) I will show you how strong I am!!!!!

*S7 lands a strong punch on Keith’s left arm*

*The bones in Keith’s arm don’t break but his arm is in extreme pain*

Keith: Ahhh!!!

*S7 follows that attack with an uppercut to stun Keith and then does a thrusting kick which knocks Keith back*

*Keith lands on the floor lying and his blood starts to cover the floor around him*

S7: I put all of my faith in Master Kogen!! I will be victorious!! I am strong!!!

*S7 jumps up and intends to land on top of Keith to finish him off. As he comes down, Keith thrusts his hand upward and ends up piercing S7’s body with his fingers as S7 reaches Keith*

*S7 coughs up blood with some landing on Keith and some on the floor*

S7: How?

*Keith smirks*

Keith: It’s something I have always wanted to try and you left your body vulnerable on the way down.

*Keith lets go and S7 jumps back. Blood is spilling out of the wounds left from Keith’s fingers*

S7: This is bad…

*Keith stands up*

Keith: Damn right it is. I can sense you are suffering from some inner turmoil. It’s time I put you out of your misery.

S7: Shut up! You have no idea what I have been through! I owe my life to Master Kogen! That man saved me from a terminal illness!!!! I went from being the lowly Charlie to being the great Subject 7!!!!

*S7 charges his arm with magic*

*Keith uses a portal and teleports to right in front of S7. S7 is shocked*

*Keith thrusts his arm at S7’s chest and pierces it with his hand*

*Keith grabs onto S7’s heart and blood is pouring out*

S7: No… You can’t… I can’t die here…

*S7 grabs onto Keith’s arm trying to get him to let go*

Keith: You lost this fight the moment you lost your cool. You were even shocked by me teleporting to you.

S7: No… I don’t want to die…

Keith: Whether you want to admit it or not, you are suffering. You need to go find peace.

S7: No…! Master Kogen…! Save me…!

Keith: I hope you find peace in death.

*Keith rips out S7’s heart*

*A ton of blood pours out and S7 falls over dead with his eyes still open*

*Keith looks down at Subject 7 with pity*

Keith: I don’t know your life story but I can tell… You were an unfortunate soul who never found real happiness. I hope you go to Heaven… Charlie.

*Keith bends down and uses his hand to close Charlie’s eyes*

*Keith then stands back up looks around the room. There is blood everywhere, including on himself. He reverts back to his human form*

Keith: And so ends a bloody fight that is part of a bloody battle. Why did it need to come to this?

Narrator: Keith has killed Subject 7, once a boy named Charlie. The fight came to a bloody conclusion and the bloodshed of the whole battle is not close to being over.

Chapter 154 END

To be Continued in Chapter 155: Joe vs Gido