Chapter 152:

Chapter 152: Keith vs Subject 7

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 152: Keith vs Subject 7

Narrator: In the lower levels of Kogen’s fortress.

*Sasha, Keith, and RAG are trying to find a way back to Zeth and Kurt. The lower levels are pretty dark with not much lighting*

Keith: This place is creepy.

Sasha: At least we have not run into trouble so far.

*They stop as they hear a deep moaning sound*

RAG: What was that!?

*The room starts to shake and everyone feels like they have slowed*

*Suddenly, Keith notices Subject 7 behind him*

*Keith tries to elbow S7 and his elbow collides with S7’s fist. Then a flash happens and Keith and S7 are suddenly in a different room*

*They are in a circular-shaped room with a circular staircase going up around the edges of the room*

Keith: So you must be one of the freaks of this fortress. Word on the street is that they have made a lot of you freaks.

S7: I am the first fully successful Enigmus created by Master Kogen. You won’t leave here alive.

*S7 teleports to point-blank range in front of Keith*

*Keith is shocked and is unable to dodge as S7 grabs his head and slams his face into the ground*

*S7 follows up by picking up Keith and swipe kicks him to send him flying back but Keith recovers in the air and starts backflipping*

*S7 surprises Keith again by teleporting directly in front of him and he punches Keith into the wall*

Keith: Can he teleport anywhere he wants!?

*S7 charges his arm with magic and thrusts his fist towards Keith*

*Keith had created portals and uses one to teleport to a different part of the room*

Keith: You really can teleport anywhere in range, can’t you?

S7: You are correct. I see you also have teleporting abilities but I can also tell you are much more limited than me. I don’t need to create portals.

*They both teleport forward but this ends with their backs together*

*They both turn around and throw a punch which collide and ends in a draw*

*Keith does a swipe kick but S7 jumps over it*

*S7 stomps on Keith’s head which knocks him down. S7 slams his fist down towards Keith’s back but Keith rolls out of the way, causing S7 to crack the floor some with his punch*

*Keith opens some portals with magic energy beams coming out of them towards S7 who braces himself*

*As S7 is hit, Keith charges at him and lands a powerful punch which sends S7 into a wall*

*Keith charges at S7 again. As he gets close, S7 grabs Keith’s arm, turns around, and slams Keith into the wall*

*Keith tries to headbutt S7 but S7 just punches Keith in the forehead and blood starts flowing down his forehead*

S7: It’s useless. My reflexes are far superior to yours.

Keith: Go to Hell…

*S7 smiles*

S7: Such strong words for someone that is about to die.

*S7 takes Keith off the wall and throws him in the air. He then releases a big wave of orange magic energy which engulfs Keith. The energy wave keeps going until it hits and destroys a wall higher up*

*After the energy wave dissipates, Keith falls from high up and lands back down on the ground*

S7: You don’t have long for this world. I’m honestly impressed you survived that attack.

*Keith starts standing up and lets out a little laugh*

S7: Why do you laugh?

*Keith continues to struggle to stand up as he talks*

Keith: *huff huff* You bastards think you are all that and maybe you are… but don’t count us out… We could come from out of the shadows and snap…

*Keith is now fully standing up. His skin starts to turn a maroon red color. His ears turn pointy. Three short spikes appear on each arm. What remains of his shirt rips off. Keith is now in his demon form*

*Keith has an extremely confident smile*

Keith: You should be careful about overconfidence. It will leave you unprepared. Hehehe.

Narrator: Keith is unleashing his demon power, what enhancements did his power get from the altar?

Chapter 152 END

To be Continued in Chapter 153: Clash of Non-Natural Demons