Chapter 155:

Chapter 155: Joe vs Gido

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 155: Joe vs Gido

Narrator: In Gido’s lab.

*Gido is in his lab looking over people lying on tables going through the Enigmus process*

*He makes a call using his large monitor hanging on the wall. Once someone answers, Goro appears on the screen*

Goro: What is it?

Gido: Things are turning badly! I want you to guard me while I get these people through the Enigmus process faster!

Goro: Master Kogen wanted me to guard Subject 1’s body.

Gido: Why?

*Goro looks at Subject 1’s unconscious body in a tube full of liquid. Subject 1 is a male but the inside of the tube is too dark to make out any specific features of his body*

Goro: Because it might be time to release him.

Gido: Look! If something happens to me then Master Kogen can kiss his Enigmus program goodbye! Come over and guard me!

*Goro takes a deep breath*

Goro: Fine. I guess I will put Subject 1 on a timed release. I will be over there soon.

Gido: Good.

*The monitor shuts off but then Gido hears a door to the room open. He turns around and sees Joe standing in the room*

Gido: You—!

*Joe interrupts Gido*

Joe: You gave us power but you also brainwashed us! For that, you must die!

*Joe creates fog and the room becomes completely foggy*

Gido: Damn you! I can’t see!

*Gido is unprepared as Joe moves in front of him and punches him into a wall*

*Gido releases a wave of energy that gets rid of the fog. However, Joe is falling from above and kicks Gido which knocks him to the floor*

Gido: Subject 6823, I don’t know how you broke free of our control but I can assure you that this act of betrayal will not be tolerated!

Joe: I am not Subject 6823!! I am Joe Lesimore!!! I am not your slave!!!!!!

*Joe’s Bubble of Influence emits from his body as he screams in anger. The bubble expands to 30 feet in diameter. Lightning then releases from his hands and is amplified by the bubble and it starts destroying a lot of equipment*

Gido: No!!!! You can’t destroy my precious lab!!!!!

Joe: This lab is an abomination to the world!!!!

Gido: I won’t let you do any more damage!!

*Joe ends his Bubble of Influence*

*Gido gets up and charges at Joe, he jumps and wraps his legs around Joe’s neck but Joe just grabs Gido’s neck1 and gut punches him to deal a lot of damage*

*Joe charges his fist up with wind and punches Gido again and that sends him flying back*

Joe: Turning me into an Enigmus was the worst thing you could have done. You were able to easily defeat me before you did but now you stand no chance!

Gido: Enough!

*Gido charges his whole body with magic*

*Joe punches the floor with a wind punch. The wind spreads out around the floor and seeks out Gido*

*Gido tries to dodge but is picked up by the wind. Joe then creates storm clouds at the ceiling of the room*

*Gido is then struck by multiple lightning strikes and Joe follows up with a Derecho blast which blows Gido into a wall*

*Joe starts charging a lot of magic. Gido is badly damaged but gets off the wall and charges at Joe. He starts punching and kicking Joe but Joe blocks them all*

Joe: You’re just worthless garbage!

Gido: Call me whatever you want but I will build an army that can stand up against the Dark Goddess!!! What could you and your handful of friends do!!!?

*Gido jumps back and releases a lot of small high-speed magic energy blasts. Joe can’t dodge them and they do some damage*

*Despite the damage, Joe releases his attack, a small tornado. Stuff around the room starts to be picked up and the tornado slams Gido against a wall*

Gido: Your tornado will kill these poor innocent people! Do you want that on your conscience!?

Joe: They will be fine. You on the other hand, it’s a different story. I’m about to inflict the worst pain you have ever experienced…

*Joe’s anger explodes again*

Joe: I’m going to send you to Hell!!!!!!

*Joe’s body starts to electrify and soon his whole body is white with electricity*

Joe: End of the line!!! I hope you like this new ability I got thanks to you turning me into an Enigmus!!!!

Gido: Damn it!!!!!!!

Joe: Blitzkrieg!!

*Within a second, Joe uses immense speed and lands a super powerful punch on Gido. A ton of magic and electricity flow out of the punch*

*The power of the punch caused the top half of Gido’s body to burst*

*The tornado ends and Joe powers down his magic. Joe looks at his hand, smoke is coming from his hand*

Joe: So much power and electric energy that my hand is smoking. Blitzkrieg may be my most powerful attack.

*Joe looks at what remains of Gido’s body*

Joe: That will put an end to your Enigmus experimentations. The top half of your body completely busted open, a fitting end for you.

*Joe looks around the room at all of the unconscious people scattered about*

Joe: I apologize to all of you that may have been hurt by the tornado. At least you won’t be brainwashed puppets.

Narrator: With overwhelming weather magic, Joe has killed Gido, the lead scientist of Kogen’s Enigmus Project.

Chapter 155 END

To be Continued in Chapter 156: RAG vs Bethro