Chapter 13:

Ochako Uraraka

BTCOA but it's clean and full of wholesome cuddling

*This chapter received a massive overhaul, and was combined with the following(optional) chapter for length reasons*

Ochako walks in as she says this. I look at her and raise an eyebrow, then nod at Kanna. She nods. At the same time, we speak. I say “Kanna!”

She says, “Hey, I’m standing right here! Don’t make me mad! I will beat you up, Kanna!

She looks, and sounds, pissed.

Kanna shrinks into me in fear. I cuddle her. “Ochako, let me handle this, and stop scaring Kanna.” She calms down.

I hug Kanna. “Kanna, I’m hurt that you would say that, because Tsu, Ochaco, Deku, Azuki, Shigure, and you all tie for my favorite anime character of all time. Well…and maybe Himiko. And I currently am Ochako, so I take additional, personal offense. You’re cute Kanna, but…” I trail off as a vision hits. Her, fighting an unknown evil, after destroying an ancient artifact by accident. “But someday, someday, very soon, though how soon I don’t know, you’re going to be in a situation that all the cuteness in the world can’t get you out of.”

She starts sobbing into my chest. I look at Ochako. “Threaten my sister again, and I’ll put you in the infirmary faster than you can think oops!”

Ochako flinches and looks at me. Oops…Tohru said not to make him mad…and I think I just pissed him off…

I’ll deal with you in a second! I think menacingly. She flinches, eyes wide with fear. Sorry…that came out a little…no, a lot harsher than I intended.

“Nii-san, I’m sorry…!Kanna says between sobs. “Please don’t be mad at me!

Ochako raises an eyebrow. Onii-San? She’s like 5000! You’re what, 15?

16…but now do you see why I said I’d deal with you in a second?


The thought comes with a heavy dose of shame.“Kanna…I’ll let it slide…but you are still going to apologize to Ochako.”

She hugs me. “Th-th-thank y-y-you!

She sniffles and wipes her nose on her sleeve. She turns. “I’m sorry, Ochako. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.

To seal the apology, I’m gonna…

She shivers…hug…her.

Kanna…if it’s that hard for you, you don’t have to.

But…I want to.

She gets up and takes a step toward Ochako. She backs up, so I glare at her, and she stops. Kanna wraps her arms around Ochako’s waist and starts sobbing. “I’m s-s-sorry, O-O-Ochako! But…th-there’s s-something I w-w-want to t-tell you…th-that I’ve n-n-never h-had th-the c-courage to say until now…

She looks up at Ochako. “I…She turns pink. “L-like…you.

(OoO). Ochako turns red. Kanna’s entire face reddens. I feel my cheeks heat…but only a little. Okay…now I just feel awkward…I wanna leave…but I wanna see how the two of you handle this. Ochako, give her time first, then let her down easy if it’s not your thing.

Not to make you feel more awkward…But every ship on the internet is a thing. Hence, besides Deku, I'm with basically everyone in 1-A.

I blush and look away. “Wait…You like him too, don't you?

I hug my knees and bury my face in them. I start sobbing. Guess that’s what happens when I stop poker facing all day.

“Noah,Ochako says, “It’s okay…He has a thing for Bakugou, so I don’t think he’ll judge you.

She says his name with so much venom, I think to myself, Am I sure this is Ochako? I mean she’s never like this…then I think back. Never mind…she must hate Baku for how he treats Deku. I feel her. But still, I mean, it’s just Bakugou’s nature. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

“After all that Katsuki’s done to him?! Jeez…that kid’s more stubborn than I thought.”

She just nods. “It’s just…I didn’t want you guys to know…I thought…that it would…disgust you. Because finally…people like me…as a boyfriend…senpai…whatever term you want to use. And in Kanna’s case…Onii-San.”

Speaking of which…what’s the deal with that?

I start sobbing again. “I’d tell you the story…but…just thinking about the story makes me wanna curl up into a ball inside of a cave and sob for eternity. Even carrying half of her pain is torture…you’ll be lucky. You’ll only have a quarter of it because she has the other half.”

I don’t think that’s how it works, but okay…

Kanna looks at me, eyes brimming with tears. “Only if you cuddle me like you did the first time.

“I dunno…can Ochako be part of the cuddle?”


I sit on the bed. Kanna climbs into my lap. I lay back. Ochako climbs into bed next to me. We roll onto our sides facing each other, with Kanna in the middle. We wrap our arms around her. Ochako scratches between her ears, and she purrs. Before Kanna talks, I say, “Kanna…you know we could show her, right?” She starts sobbing. Ochako looks at me with wide eyes and shakes her head vigorously. She draws a finger across her neck, but I keep going.

You’d…be able to see your brother again.”

Ochako slaps me, but the damage is done. Kanna’s eyes turn into cat eyes. Uh-oh.

She starts crackling with electricity. Ochaco and I run to the door. Kanna gets up. In a low and (cutely) demonic voice, she says, “GET…OUT!

Ochako fumbles with the doorknob. Kanna floats up. She creates a ball of lightning between her hands. I am IZUKU MIDORIYA!

My hair shortens, gets messy, and turns green. I become muscular. My eyes turn green. I obtain freckles. My clothes change into a tracksuit. I really hope I don’t kill anyone on accident!

Ochako gets the door open and dashes out. Kanna throws the ball, and I can tell it’s gonna explode on impact. I calculate and realize that by the time I get out, the ball will hit me, Ochako, or the door. “Ochako, run!”

She tries to grab my arm, but I kick the door shut. I manage to catch the ball. It tries to get through my hand as I slowly absorb the electricity. It hurts, but I grit my teeth. My hands are being scorched. I hope she doesn’t get hurt…

I hit my tolerance, and I let go. The ball slams into me and explodes into thousands of volts. Before I pass out, I register Kanna’s look of horror; that the door is open, Ochaco in the doorway; and massive pain as I black out.

[5 mins later (6:15)] I hear Ochako yelling at Kanna through the buzzing and ringing in my ears. “Kanna! What the hell! You could’ve killed him!

I’m sorry! I don’t know what came over me! Unless…but I thought Sora had stopped him…

Ochako gasps. “Kannayou don’t mean that Kanno’s…back, do you?

I manage to open my eyes halfway. The room is trashed. “About Kanno…he was my…older, twin brother. Noah wanted me to be his older sister, but after I told him my story, he agreed to be my adopted Onii-San, and I agreed to be his adopted Onee-Chama.

Kanna sniffles, and tells her the story. Afterward, Ochako starts sobbing. She hugs Kanna. “Oh…Kanna, I’m so sorry! I never knew you lived such a sad life. What was the prank that got you kicked out?

Too gory to give you the details.

Ochako gasps. “Y-y-you k-k-k-killed one of them?

She shakes her head. “All of them.

Jeez…remind me not to piss you off, either.

I laugh. Kanna only jumps, because she saw me move. Ochako had her back to me, so she was caught off guard and screamed. This, of course, makes me laugh harder. I groan as I sit up. I try to flex my hands, but they only close halfway. I notice that they’ve mostly healed, though. Even as I watch, the scorched and burnt skin is sealing and regaining its natural color. My tracksuit, however, has a giant scorch mark on it, and several burn holes. “Kanna…” I say in a whiny voice as I stand up, shakily.

“I kinda liked this tracksuit…meanie…”

I stick out my tongue and stomp my feet in mock rage. They both double over in laughter. They hug me. Kanna says, “I’m just glad I didn’t kill you!

How much did you hear?

“‘Kanna! What the hell! You could’ve killed him!’ Why?”

They both look at each other, but they’re careful not to think anything. I look around for clues. The room is trashed. They’re both flushed. Kanna's swaying a bit. Ochako occasionally winces when I raise my voice, she has a bruise on her leg, and she’s clenching her fist. I laugh. I clutch my sides and back into the wall, still laughing. I slide down. They look at each other with worried expressions. Is he delirious, Ochako?

Not that I’m aware of

What’s so funny?Ochako asks in a shaky voice.

You guys are such good actors. You knew I was awake, didn’t you? You didn’t know when I woke up, but you knew I was up. The only reason you jumped was that I startled you, Ochako.”

They look at each other with ‘Oh shit’ expressions. “You ruined it though. You were so careful with your thoughts that I knew something was up. So I looked around, and I noticed the room was trashed. Now, I would’ve assumed that that was from the explosion and that you had told each other secrets that you didn’t want me to hear. You would’ve gotten away with it, were it not that you drew attention to your injuries!”

They both pale. “Ochako, you keep rubbing the back of your head, and you wince when I get louder, so you must’ve slammed your head on something. Kanna, you’re grabbing your neck, and you look a little flushed. Admit it. You guys fought.”

Kanna’s blinking back tears. “P-p-please d-d-don’t be mad at Ochako…it’s my fault. I attacked you, and she was just defending you

I laugh again. She looks at me in shock. “You’re not mad?

“I said you couldn’t be mean to each other…I never said you couldn’t fight or roughhouse! If it becomes bullying, though, then we’ll have an issue.”

I am Tsuyu Asui.

My hair lengthens, ties itself into a graceful knot, and darkens to an almost black green. My chest grows to double the size of Ochako’s. My clothes change into the UA outfit. I look at Ochako, who is shifting nervously. She’s fidgeting. 

[6:25] "So, are we gonna cuddle, or what?"

They look at each other. Kanna looks at Ochako and speaks first. "I'm okay if you are..."

"Sounds great, actually."

"Cuddles...the ultimate medicine and bonding method. Now with 99% more hug!"

They laugh. We all lay on the floor. The carpet feels plush against my exposed skin. Ochako is on the outside, facing me. Kanna is in the middle, also facing me. I hug her close. Ochako scoots forward. I cuddle Kanna, Kanna cuddles me. Ochako cuddles both of us. We lay there in silence for a minute. Then Ochako breaks the silence.

“Hey Noah, since you’re female…I feel weird calling you Noah.

Me too…

I consider for a minute. “Please…call me Alex…if I’m female.”

Okay! AlexArekusu…I like it! I love you, Arekusu-nii!

“Alex is unisex, so you can call me that as a male as well. I’ma just lay here while my wholesome love meter refills.”

Kanna laughs. “Okay!

She looks at the clock on the nightstand. It reads 6:45. “We should probably go test the rest of your forms.

“In a minute, please?”

We lay there for a couple more minutes. Then, we get up and head out. After we leave the room, Ochako runs off to go do something. We wave goodbye to Ochako, then go back to New Arrivals. Kanna looks at a sheet on the wall next to the door. She turns to me. “Onii-San?


Will you turn back, please?

I look around. The place is mostly deserted. “Anything for you, nee-chama.”

I decide to try something. “I wonder if it will work if I call myself Alex?”

I am Alex Williams. But instead of becoming male, I stay female. My breasts shrink by half. My hair returns to its natural color, unknots, and shortens to about the base of my spine. My clothes change back into my normal clothes. Kanna looks at me possessively. “Wow…Not only is this female me…I don’t have to wear glasses! So…I’d call this an upgrade! Anyway, let me try again.”

I am Noah Williams. I lose my ‘rack.’ My hair shortens, and becomes messy. I fill out a little. My glasses appear, hanging from the neck of my shirt. I slide them off, flip them open, and put them on. “Much better.”

Not really…

Agreed…But while I do think you look cute like this, it’s not for my enjoyment.She pushes the door open. “It’s for hers.

Then I realize my glasses did nothing. I take them off and realize I can see with perfect clarity. I spend the next minute taking them off, putting them on, blinking, trying to prove to myself that I was wrong. I failed. "I...don't need my glasses anymore?"

"Your body has basically been restored. Most faeries who wore glasses in life still wear them because it feels weird not to. Sometimes, those who chose not to try to push up their glasses, only to realize they weren't wearing them."

"I did that sometimes."

We walk inside.