Chapter 12:


BTCOA but it's clean and full of wholesome cuddling

[Kanna] I hear the explosion, and the THUMP afterward. Koba and Tohru hug me as I sob uncontrollably. “He’s…dead…” I say in a small voice.

They start to lead me away from the room. “Wait…I wanna see him first…”

I don’t think that’s a good idea…Tohru says sympathetically.

I shake them off. “I DON’T CARE!”

I run back to the door. They chase me, but I push the button to disengage the lock and kick the door open. I see him…slumped against the wall. I run to him. Tohru and Koba stop at the door.How…he should be in pieces…

I put my ear to his chest…and hear a slow but steady thumping. I can feel his chest rising and falling. I sob. “He’s not dead…”

Tohru and Koba gasp. I sit there, listening to his heart and breathing. I hear him groan. K-Kanna?”

This time, we all gasp.

[Noah] I feel a pounding in my head and something pressing against a wet spot on my chest. I groan and open my eyes, and as they focus, I see white hair. Hey…my glasses are fixed!K-Kanna?”

She sobs into my chest. “Y-you woke up!

I turn my head to the side and cough. “‘Course I did…why wouldn’t I? These days, me not dying in explosions is all in a day's work!”

I hear three people laugh. I realize Tohru and Koba are in the doorway. “Can I have an Advil?”

They laugh again. “First, we have to find out if you got completely resolved or not,Tohru says.

Kanna climbs off of me. “Pick one of your forms, and think I am

Then, I look down. (OwO). “So this is what anime me would look like…”

I looked like an anime character…like them. Finally, I focus and think I am Ochaco Uraraka.

I become slimmer and curvier. My chest swells. My hair lengthens. My clothes change into the UA uniform. Kanna claps twice, and the wall becomes a mirror. Wow! I look just like her!

I follow them to the exit and walk out into blinding sunlight. I blink to adjust my eyes. Kanna grabs my arm and guides me through the crowd of faeries. About halfway through the trip, I regain my ability to see. I let go of Kanna. Were just outside of a building done in red and black, with a sign reading ‘Demon Lair.’ Fake flames and spikes decorate the surrounding area and the building. “Kind of stereotypical, don’t you think?”

She laughs. “What you just said was stereotypical. There is not a single demon that hasn’t said that. I’m trying to get it changed, but Sora ‘can’t’ muster the resources. I said, ‘Let the demons do it,’ and she said no.

“Oof. That’s tough.”

That pretty much sums it up.

More like she’s too busy smoking and trying to get in Nakano’s pants!

She laughs. True!

“I’m just gonna say though…It’s your building, and your people. Do it. She can’t stop you in the middle…It’ll look weird. Besides…I don’t have any infractions, and it’s my idea, so I’ll take the blame.”

I’ll consider. Thank you, though, for the valid argument.

We walk inside. As we go past, I decide to test the durability of a spike. I press my thumb into the tip as hard as I can. It hurts. Blood runs down the spike. “Ow!”

I yank my hand away and cradle it. I suck the blood off, trying to keep it clean.

Yeah…Those are real…and I don’t know when those were last sanitized. I’ll look at it when we get to my room.

I realize it’s freezing, about thirty-eight degrees Fahrenheit*.“The cold up here might kill some of the bacteria that may be on it, but you’re right. Wait…Shouldn’t it be a lot colder than this?”


*Actually, above the clouds is only about 27°F lower than the surface, so this is accurate. However, being a Demon-Faerie, he has about 10° higher of a core temperature. It would've been closer to 28°, being the middle of fall.


Yes…but it’s tolerable because of the magic that allows Akihabara to exist, and you being a demon.

We keep walking. I feel warmer. “I’m guessing the fire is real, too?”

Define ‘real.’ If you mean ‘real’ as in it exists, yes. If you mean ‘real’ as in traditional, wood-fueled fire, no.

Magic fire, naturally.”

We go upstairs and stop at a room. The plaque reads ‘Kanna Kamui’. She opens the door and walks in. She turns to me. “You coming?

“I’m just nervous…based on today's events, and the fact that I’ve never been in a girl’s room before.”

She giggles, grabs my hand, and leads me inside. Tohru and Koba leave. “You okay?She asks.

“I-I think so…”

She goes into the bathroom and comes out with a cotton ball, peroxide, and a bandage. She fills the cap with peroxide and dips the ball into it. She caps the peroxide, sets that and the bandage down, takes my hand, flips it over, and swabs my finger with the ball. I suck my teeth. “Sorry…

“It’s fine.”

She puts down the ball and opens the bandage. I take my hand away and blush. “If I don’t put the bandage on, it might get infected…

“It’s just…this is awkward…”

I know…but you’ll have to deal with it.

I blush as I extend my hand, palm up. She grabs my finger and wraps the bandage around it.

See…that wasn’t so bad!

“I guess you’re right.”

She hugs me. “Hey, Kanna-chan?”


“I’ve been noticing I have knowledge of magic that I know I don’t have.”


“I innately knew that something was wrong. A voice in my head told me that the pentagram was supposed to be rainbow, not blue, and that even then, it was the wrong shade of blue. It was my blue. And the light that poured out of my mouth, my eyes glowing blue when I wasn’t using my powers…”

She blanches. “Oh…


I sit on the floor, seiza style.

Kanna walks toward me. She climbs into my lap. I slump back against the frame of the bed. She curls up in my lap like a giant, kawaii cat. And then…she starts vibrating. Wait…is she purring?! Jeez…she gets cuter by the second!

Then, she falls asleep. I pet her as I drift off in total bliss.

[10/25, Morning, 6:00 AM] I wake up. Kanna’s still curled up in my lap, but during the night, she turned into a Neko, and now I actually did have a giant, kawaii cat in my lap. I scratch her between the ears in the spot that I know cats love. She starts purring and stirs a little. I pet her with my other hand. Her eyes open halfway, and she looks up at me with a sleepy expression. I go (OwO). She goes (UwU). I go (◠w◠). I shift her so she’s laying against me. “Kanna!” I say, hugging her. “You’re even cuter as a Neko!”

Now she’s going (◠w◠). I hug her tightly. “Kanna-Chama…”


You are now my pet cat. My little sister is a giant dragon-cat that embodies kawaii. And I love it!” And with that, I bury my face in her neck.

Yay!She snuggles in. “I love you, Noah-san.

“I love you, too, Kanna-Chama. However, as much as I would love to continue cuddling, I have the feeling that there are things to get done today.” She goes pale. (O O)

Kanna-Chama? Is everything okay?”

Everything is…fine,She says in a tone that even she knows didn’t fool me.



Please don't lynch me, I love Ochaco too!


We never checked to see if you had your other forms. If you don’t, you’re stuck with the one, or worse, stuck as Ochaco!