Chapter 14:

Tsuyu 'I told you to call me Tsu' Asui

BTCOA but it's clean and full of wholesome cuddling

[7:00] Behind the desk sits Tsuyu Asui. I wanna call her Asui as Deku, just to see if she’ll say “I told you to call me Tsu!

Then, I go over my mental summary. Or maybe Deku’s said it enough that she’ll just slap me with her tongue.

(Tsuyu Asui. Quirk: Frog-form. Can jump pretty high and far, stick to walls, has a tongue she can stick out to about 20 meters. Excellent swimmer. Total DekuSquad member. Says ribbit a lot. Calls him Midoriya. Hates being called Asui. Hero Name: Froppy, the Rainy Season Hero. Side Note: Name means “Rainy season.” Adorable, especially as kawaii. Best friends with Ochaco and Deku.)


I see her blush a little. Are they all going to react like this to seeing me, Kanna?




I turn red when I realize I am completely bombing my first impression. “I’m…Noah. Nice to meet you.”

*Ribbit* Nice to meet you, too.

I walk, slowly but confidently, behind the desk to stand next to Tsu.

What are you doing back here *Ribbit*?

“This.” I hug her.

I-*Ribbit*She blushes.

“When I was alive, I’d always wished that I could meet you in real-life…and now I can!” I pull away and my face falls. “I only wish Michiru was here, too..."

Lost in sad thoughts of never seeing Michiru again, I merely nod. Then, a thought occurs to me. “Would it be possible to meet All Might?”

Depends on if he’s busy being a hero or not.


Tsu leads us to the Resolution Chamber. She shuts the door. Kanna turns to her and says, “Hey Tsu, you two will get along great!

*Ribbit* Why’s that?

I guess. “I’ma guess that Tsu’s…a demon? God, I feel like a total douchebag now that I’ve said it out loud!”

Apparently, I’m right because Tsu hugs me close. Tsu! I can’t breathe! Your boobs…are too…big…

Oops *Ribbit*

She lets go and looks at me sheepishly. “Sorry…it’s just…not to be mean or anything, but you’ll need to get used to this. Most of the girls here are virgins. There are the guys from all of the animes, but…they stick with their one chosen love, for the most part. I feel sorry for Shea, though. Hajime dotes on Yue, but straight up bullies Shea.

I clench my fist so hard, my knuckles go white. Tsu notices and puts her hand on my shoulder. “Whoa, calm down. You’re not seriously considering fighting Hajime, are you?

“I guess it’s about time I tell you this. During my life, I stood up for myself. I let people use me as a doormat if they were a friend or family, but anyone else? Oh, I made their lives a living hell. I got in a lot of verbal fights where I got the last word. I got beaten up, too. I beat a kid up once, and if my younger brothers doubted my authority? I can’t even count the number of times I grabbed my brother’s shoulder and threw him to the ground. I called it the ‘Mortal Kombat’. I was just…violent. A lot of the time, I was meek, but if you pissed me off or messed with my friends, I’d come for you. I remember this one kid, Scott. He was one of my regulars for verbal abuse. But one time, I snapped. There was another kid, Hazel.”

I walk over to the wall and lean against it. “She was a nice kid. If I was struggling with my stuff, she’d risk being late to class to help me. So, that day, I was walking to Humanities. As I passed the Spanish classroom, I saw Scott blocking the door. Hazel was trying to get in. I don’t remember exactly, but he was saying something along the lines of ‘No Corona.’ I was pissed! For a few reasons. One, she was colored. Hispanic, maybe? Middle Eastern? Or Chinese? Either way, she was somewhere in that zone of color. Two, as I mentioned before, she’s one of the nicest kids I’ve ever met. Three, he was similar in skin color, so he was just being a douche. At first, I tried to calmly reason with him. Then, I gave up. I don’t remember exactly, but I’ll try to. My vision went red. I either punched or kicked him. I think he came after me. I’m pretty sure I grabbed him and restrained him, or maybe the teacher intervened. Maybe he backed off, I dunno. I smiled at Hazel. I think I said something along the lines of ‘Here.’ Then, I walked to Humanities. Before I walked in, I glanced back. She was still standing there, staring at me. Her expression was either shock, awe, horror, or a mix of them. After that, she kinda just…avoided me. I mean, we said ‘Hi’ in the halls, but that was about it. I didn’t press. I knew I’d gone too far.”

They just look at me. Kanna breaks the silence. “You’re one messed up kid, but I love you anyway!

I laugh. It starts as a snicker, then grows. Soon, I grab my sides and slide down the wall. It’s about two minutes before I can speak. ”That sounded like something that would’ve said!”

They still just look at me. “Further proof…Kanna says.

“True,” I agree.

"Are you going to transform, or are you going to just stand there?"

"Jeez, feisty..."

Kanna laughs. I focus. I am Tsuyu Asui.

As I transform, Tsu's eyes widen. “*Ribbit*

“Yep! You're one of my favorites.

She turns red. We continue to work through my forms. The last one I do is Chocola. “So…how do I get wings?”

Depends on whether you want your demon wings or your faerie wings.

“Faerie first.”

She looks relieved. I do my best to hide my concern and succeed. “Well, based on what we’ve been doing, I want to see if you can figure it out on your own.

That’s what I get for asking stupid questions...*sigh*...I am a faerie.

Sparkles of rainbow light appear in the air around me. “The first time is always the prettiest,Tsu says.

They dive at my back and layer into shimmery, prismatic, rainbow angel wings. Wow…

I stare in stunned silence at the mirror. I am a demon-faerie.

Before you try your demon wings you should know th-

My scream of agony cuts her off. I fall forward onto my hands and knees. I feel a burning in my shoulder blades. I feel something moving in side my shirt. They sprout from my back, and I collapse. “-that the first time is always agony…” Kanna finishes.

I sit up and look in the mirror. I notice they are the same shade of brown as my hair, tail, and ears. “I thought they were supposed to be black…”

 We’ve found that demon wings can be red, black, grey, or brown, depending on what goes best with your current form. I haven’t gotten around to rerecording mine, so my recording of the orientation video is outdated.

“Makes sense. But what if I’m…say…Senko? First of all, her tail and ears are two colors. Secondly, there’s no way she’s anything but an angel!”

Correct on both counts. Demons can’t manifest wings with her form. However, under extreme duress, some have managed it. None have seen it happen, so we don’t know what they look like. They typically only do it once. Same with the others. You’ll note that if you were to manifest wings as Tsu, they would be the same dark green as her hair. There are exceptions to every rule. Yue, being a vampire, is a demon, and has black wings that make her sexy as hell. Hajime may have white hair, but he’s a demon, and he’s a jerk. I’m sure he’ll prove it to you. Anyway, his wings are also black, not white, because as a demon, they can’t be. So…as a general rule…dark colors.” 

When she says black, she thinks, Just like his soul!

“I can totally see him as a demon. The stuff he puts Shea through…She may force herself on him, but still...”

I notice that my shirt isn't ripped. " wings just phase through my clothes?"

"Pretty much, nii-nii. You’ll…need to leave your wings out for a bit."

I blush. “Ok…”

I twitch my wings experimentally and I flap them, rising a few inches off the ground. “Wow…five seconds and I’ve practically mastered them!”

Kanna nods. “Instinct. Your genetic code has basically been rewritten.

“Oh…are you going to give me a tour?”

Yes. However…I have things I need to do.

I’ll take her. My shift is almost over.Tsu says.

“Who’s taking over?”

You’ll get to meet them.

“Okay…but who?”

You'll see…

We leave the room. I am Noah Williams.

I change, but the wings stay. The clothes in my arms change into my usual ensemble of a T-shirt, jacket, glasses, and jeans. I put my glasses on. “Can I put the wings away now? I don't want to accidentally hit someone in the face with them.”

Yes. Kanna probably told you no because she thought you were cute.

I imagine myself without wings. They dissolve into darkness. I put my hands in my jacket pockets.