Chapter 15:

Vanilla Minaduki

BTCOA but it's clean and full of wholesome cuddling

(Vanilla. "Quirk": Cat-girl. Has a cat tail and ears. Hearing and smell are somewhere between cat and ‘average faerie.’ Like a cat, she has increased flexibility, speed, and agility. She is pure beyond belief. Adorable, especially as kawaii. Best friends with Maple, Azuki, Shigure, Cinnamon, Cacao, and Coconut. She and her (fraternal) twin sister, Chocola, are inseparable.)

[7:30] We walk out into the lobby area just as Vanilla walks in. She doesn’t see me because I duck behind the wall. Tsu looks at me. “*Ribbit* What are you doing?

“I’d rather not make a fool of myself! This is my first time meeting a catgirl, okay!?” I whisper.

Tsu focuses on something just beyond the corner. “She’s…right behind me, isn’t she?”

Tsu nods. “Hi!

I jump a foot in the air. She was an inch away from my ear! My wings unfurl into existence, whacking her in the face. I slam headfirst into the ceiling, it being about four feet above my head. My wings disappear, and I land on my feet. For my next trick, my concussed self loses its balance and faceplants. Sorry…that I hit you…in the face…with my wings…

It’s okay, it’s my fault…

(꩜o꩜) My forehead hurts.“Umm…Alex? You okay?

I groan and push myself into a sitting position. (꩜_꩜) Tsu…I think…I have…a…concussion…”

I stand up, then fall. Vanilla catches me, then sits down, seiza style, with my head in her lap.“Where’s…Tsu…?”

"I don't know...she ran off"

“Sorry…that you're stuck with me…Some first impression, huh?”

I’ve…seen worse.

Tsu comes back with a bucket of ice water and a rag. She gently soaks the rag, wrings it, and presses it to my forehead. (UωU) She finishes, then leaves. Vanilla puts her arms around me. Ever so slowly, over the course of five minutes, she moves me onto her lap, straddling her. Still moving slowly, she leans forward, puts my head on her shoulders, and leans back. She buries her face in my neck. “Sorry to put you through this, Alex.

"It's fine...I refuse to go to sleep unless I obtain at least one injury."

She laughs. I groan. She realizes her mistake and stops. I hug her. She slowly rubs my back. It feels…nice. My eyes droop. My breathing evens out and slows. She shifts me a little. I realize that my grip was loosening and I was starting to slip sideways. (-ω-) I snuggle in. She rubs my back (UωU) I snuggle in closer as I drift off.