Chapter 158:

Chapter 158: Bethro’s Ultimate Attack

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 158: Bethro’s Ultimate Attack

Narrator: Bethro readies his final and ultimate attack!

Bethro: I will kill you in one blow!

*Bethro is building up a lot of his magic power*

RAG: That’s a lot of power. What will I do? I guess there is only one thing to do. Overpower him with my own power!

*RAG charges his own power to the max*

Bethro: This will end it! Mortal Shooting Star!!!

*A large shooting star is released from Bethro’s body and it’s headed towards RAG*

RAG: Destruction Laser!!!

*RAG charges as he releases a large and powerful red laser beam towards Bethro’s shooting star. Their attacks collide*

*The beams struggle against each other. Some of the energy flows through to the other side so both RAG and Bethro are taking damage*

RAG: Running and overpowering my enemies is how I fight! You can’t stop me!!

*Some of the energy seeping through hits RAG hard and he falls a little to his knees but he keeps his destruction laser going and gets up again*

*Both RAG and Bethro scream and release more power into their attacks and the beams continue to struggle against each other*

*With more power seeping through on both sides, they both start to get cut more and lose more blood*

RAG: Give up!

Bethro: No! The Light Goddess will see what I’m doing to help her and will appreciate it!

RAG: Appreciate it!? Her son is here in this fortress trying to put a stop to this madness!!

Bethro: Lies!!

*Bethro releases more power which causes RAG’s advance to be slowed*

*RAG releases more power and continues to slowly advance towards Bethro*

RAG: If you really are a true worshipper of the Light Goddess then just give up and think about what you are doing! What Kogen is doing is wrong!!

*RAG starts to pick up his pace*

*Bethro can feel himself lose control of the struggle*

Bethro: No, this can’t be!

*RAG starts to direct his beam upwards*

*Soon, both beams go upward and destroy part of the ceiling and eventually blast through the roof of the fortress where they both end up dissipating*

*RAG charges and punches Bethro hard*

*Bethro is knocked to the ground*

Bethro: Is Kogen truly wrong…?

RAG: Yes.

Bethro: But with Kogen, we can give humans the physical and magical capabilities to fight with demons. We could help put light over dark with the Enigmus Project.

RAG: Maybe there is a reason humans shouldn’t be that powerful.

Bethro: …You really think so?

RAG: …Yeah.

Bethro: Maybe you’re right. Determining how those people live. I feel ashamed…

RAG: You can still make right of this situation.

Bethro: Let me explain how it got to this point. In this place of worship to the Light Goddess, one day Kogen had come here to tell us about his plan and how the Enigmus Project could help us help the Light Goddess. We bought in.

Bethro: All of us except me had become Enigmuses over this past year. In hindsight, it was a bad idea. Forgive me…

RAG: I understand now. You did what you thought was best.

*Suddenly, something small crashes into Bethro’s head and it bursts*

RAG: What the hell!!!?

???: Don’t bother. You won the fight so you should have killed him anyway.

*RAG looks in front of him and sees the mysterious boy that was with Crimson earlier*

RAG: Who the hell are you!!?

Boy: Who I am is not important. I simply finished him off for you.

*He picks up the small object and it is a small rock*

Boy: My Momentum Magic allowed me to easily burst his head even with just something like this rock.

*RAG is extremely angry*

RAG: I was going to spare him but I will certainly kill you!

*The boy opens his eyes widely*

Boy: Oh ho ho. I can assure you neither of us will die here, but you will be useful to me.

*What happens next is not seen but RAG’s screams are heard*

RAG: No! No! Nooooooooooooo!!!


Narrator: Meanwhile with Zeth.

*Zeth is walking in a large two story tall room that has a ground floor and an upstairs. The room is filled with paintings that depict Zeth’s birth*

Zeth: Such a large room dedicated to me.

???: Oh, don’t you feel special in a room like this?

*Zeth is on alert*

Zeth: Who’s there!?

*Zeth sees Korobu walking down the stairs. Korobu smiles*

Korobu: Who's there, you ask? It's me, Korobu.

*Zeth is shocked*

Zeth: What are you doing here!?

Korobu: Ohhh, you can’t be that sad to see me. After all, don’t you want to kill me? I’m so happy that we will get to have a proper conversation for the first time.

Narrator: What has the mysterious boy done to RAG? And what will happen in the meeting between Zeth and Korobu?

Chapter 158 END

To be Continued in Chapter 159: Zeth and Korobu