Chapter 159:

Chapter 159: Zeth and Korobu

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 159: Zeth and Korobu

Narrator: Meanwhile, Goma makes his way through the fortress.

*Goma has taken out a lot of Enigmuses as he continues on through the fortress. He then enters the room that Zeth and Korobu are in but on the second floor while Zeth and Korobu meet on the first floor of the room*

*Goma hears talking and hides behind a pillar and looks down at the first floor to watch as the conversation between Zeth and Korobu is ongoing*

Korobu: I’m very excited to get to know you, Zeth. After all, this is only the second time I have seen you since I infused you with darkness when you were just a baby. What I did not expect was that Harmona would be able to separate it from you.

*Zeth simply stares at the wide scar going down the middle of Korobu’s forehead*

Zeth: That scar…

Korobu: Interested in my scar, are you? I’m sure you guessed this but yes, I am an Enigmus. I’m the first Enigmus. I’m over 50,000 years old and I’m far more powerful than the human I once was.

Zeth: Why serve the Dark Goddess?

Korobu: She saw my worth. She chose me to be the first Enigmus she ever made. I have every reason to serve her. Now come and attack me with everything you got.

*Zeth charges at Korobu*

*Korobu stands still and Zeth starts rapidly punching Korobu. The punches have literally no effect as Korobu does not even flinch*

*Zeth roll jumps backward and releases a powerful Star Shine Blast at Korobu. It’s a direct hit*

*After the smoke clears, there is not even a scratch on Korobu*

Zeth: Nothing!?

Korobu: You know, humans have this fascination with telling me what their magic rank is right before challenging me to a hopeless battle. You might as well go ahead and do the same. So what rank is your magic?

*Zeth is starting to sweat a little*

Zeth: Low C-Rank.

Korobu: That’s pretty high, isn’t it? You must feel really powerful.

Zeth: I don’t find your sarcasm to be funny.

Korobu: You want to know what rank I am?

*Zeth just stares at him*

Korobu: I don’t have a rank… because I am far beyond even an A-Rank.

Zeth: I already know not to think too much about the magic ranks.

Korobu: That makes you smarter than any of the humans I have come across. Though, of course, you are not human. I know you have the ability to access temporary divine powers using Divine Stones. I’m sure you still have a few left. Let me release divine energy into this room so that you can use them.

*Korobu licks his lips*

Korobu: Challenge me.

*Korobu releases particles of divine energy into the room*

Zeth: Don’t underestimate me! You’ll regret letting me do this!

*With the divine energy in the room, Zeth starts making a connection to one of the two remaining Divine Stones*

Korobu: (Thinking confidently) Yes, fall for my trap. Soon you will have no stones left to help you and Crimson will be able to consume you!

*Soon a connection is complete and one of the two remaining stones breaks*

*Zeth’s hair is blond and his irises are green*

Zeth: Remember, you asked for this.

*With great speed, Zeth quickly rushes towards Korobu. He throws a strong punch at Korobu but Korobu blocks it with his hand*

Korobu: You need to do better than that.

*Zeth gets angry and he does a jump swipe kick which Korobu ducks under*

*Zeth then does a barrage of punches which Korobu dodges them all*

*Zeth quickly runs behind Korobu to his back and as Korobu prepares to block, Zeth spins around him to his front again and punches Korobu hard which pushes him back*

*Zeth charges up his arm with magic energy and slams his fist into Korobu’s face with a ton of energy flowing out of fist after the contact, causing Korobu to be sent flying back*

Zeth: I said not to underestimate me!

*Korobu is lying down on the ground*

Korobu: Hmhmhm. I did not underestimate you. I estimated you just right.

*Korobu stands up and he does not look hurt at all*

*Zeth is shocked*

Zeth: No way!

Korobu: You have divine power but it is also very raw. You have not truly harnessed it. Release all of your power! Come at me!

*Zeth powers up to the max*


Narrator: Meanwhile, in Heaven.

*Harmona watches the fight*

Harmona: Damn it! No, Zeth! Don’t! He wants you to burn through your divine stones! Get out of there!


*Zeth rushes towards Korobu and starts trying to rapidly punch him but Korobu blocks them all. Korobu kicks Zeth which sends him flying back*

*Harmona tries to speak telepathically to him through the stones*

Harmona: Listen to me, Zeth! Get out of there!

*Zeth rages and releases a massive Star Shine Blast at Korobu as he runs towards him, Korobu grabs onto the Star Shine Blast and it pushes him back*

Harmona: Why isn’t he listening to me!?

*Korobu starts releasing abyss energy which causes the Star Shine Blast to explode but the abyss energy limits the blast’s impact*

*Zeth starts running again but his divine energy burns out and his hair turns back to black*

Zeth: No! I must take down Korobu!! I need more time!!!

*He makes a connection again and uses the last Divine Stone and his hair becomes blond again. Korobu smirks*

Korobu: (Thinking) Excellent!

*Back with Harmona*

Harmona: No! You can’t waste the last stone! Zeth’s rage is blocking out my words!

*Zeth starts preparing for a super-powerful attack but Korobu quickly gets to Zeth and punches him which ends the chance for his attack*

*Korobu quickly gets to Zeth and starts punching him some more. Zeth can’t counter*

Korobu: You did exactly what I wanted you to do!

*Korobu stops punching Zeth for a moment*

Zeth: Huh?

Korobu: I knew you would stand no chance against me even with the Divine Stones. I wanted you to burn through them all so you have no future chance of defeating Crimson. He will consume you!

*Korobu punches Zeth again*

*As Korobu beats down Zeth, Zeth can’t help but just think*

Zeth: (Thinking) I’m such an idiot… I fell for his trap…

*As Harmona watches the beat down, she starts to get angry*

Harmona: Damn you, Korobu! Is there anyone else I can turn to that can rescue him!? Zaydra wouldn’t make it in time! Nobody is close enough!

*Harmona turns around and punches a pillar which completely destroys it*

Harmona: I can’t accept this!! I’m still recovering my power and going to Earth without using the Temple of the Light Goddess will set back the recovery process but I have no choice! I have to go! No one else can help! I will save my son!! I’m coming Zeth!! I won’t let him have you!!

*Korobu has knocked Zeth back and is now walking towards Zeth when a ray of light opens above the beaten (and now lost divine power) Zeth*

Korobu: What’s this?

*Harmona appears from the ray of light and holds Zeth*

*Harmona looks at Korobu with extreme anger*

*Korobu then sinisterly smiles*

Korobu: Hahahahaha! Oh to what do I owe this honor, your highness!?

*Goma is still watching from the second floor and he is shocked*

Goma: (Thinking) Whoa!

Korobu: Couldn’t handle the beat down of your son, could you?

Harmona: You will pay Korobu! I will end you!!

Narrator: With nobody else to turn to, Harmona has decided to rescue Zeth, herself!

Chapter 159 END

To be Continued in Chapter 160: Harmona vs Korobu. The Light Goddess Strikes!