Chapter 157:

Chapter 157: Forceful Stars

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 157: Forceful Stars

Narrator: RAG continues his battle against the strangely misaligned Bethro!

*RAG stands up*

RAG: Let’s go!

*A bunch of purple stars appear around RAG and they launch towards him*

*The stars make contact with RAG and they cause explosions*

Bethro: No, maybe you should take a rest.

*RAG jumps out from the smoke created by the explosions towards Bethro*

Bethro: Huh?

*RAG throws a strong punch at Bethro and keeps punching him as Bethro is pushed back by the punches. RAG finishes his barrage of punches with a fully charged magic punch*

*The attack sends Bethro flying into a wall and also destroys most of his armor*

Bethro: My armor!

*RAG continues charging at Bethro*

RAG: Don’t worry about it—!

*RAG slams his fist into Bethro’s face which breaks down part of the wall behind Bethro*

RAG: (Continuing his sentence) –You’re a fake worshipper anyway!

*In anger, a wave of energy is released from Bethro’s entire body which knocks RAG back*

Bethro: How dare you!!

*Bethro forms two large purple stars. The stars float and their movement appears based on the movement of Bethro’s hands*

RAG: What could this be?

*Bethro claps his hands and the two stars then smash into RAG*

RAG: Ahhh!

Bethro: Hmhmhm! That is what they do.

*RAG finally pushes the stars away and starts charging at Bethro. Bethro slaps his own forehead and jumps*

*The stars smash into RAG’s back which sends him flying way past Bethro*

*Bethro turns around to face RAG*

Bethro: With this ability, you won’t win.

*RAG laughs a little*

RAG: If I can’t get past them then I will just have to go right through them!

*RAG starts charging at Bethro*

*Bethro thrusts his hand forward and the big purple star goes straight towards RAG. RAG makes contact with the star and grabs onto it*

*The star starts slowly pushing RAG back*

RAG: No! I will overpower this!!

*RAG starts charging up his magic*

*Large energy orbs start flowing around RAG’s arms and then RAG shoots the energy orbs at the star he is grabbed onto. The force starts to push the star forward*

Bethro: What!?

*Soon the energy orbs break holes in the star and then hit the other star to destroy it. RAG crushes the star he is grabbed onto*

*With both stars destroyed, the energy orbs slam into Bethro which knocks him down and does major damage. RAG charges at Bethro*

*RAG reaches Bethro (who is still knocked down) and does a barrage of punches to Bethro*

*Soon, Bethro gets extremely angry and releases a wave of magic from his body which knocks RAG back*

*Bethro’s magic aura is huge*

Bethro: Now you have done it! Now I will release all of my power!

Narrator: RAG overpowered Bethro’s stars. After being majorly beaten, Bethro is releasing all of his power.

Chapter 157 END

To be Continued in Chapter 158: Bethro’s Ultimate Attack