Chapter 1:

A Note


To my fellow readers,Bookmark here

It's past midnight. I'm not sure why I decided to stay up but I figured it won't hurt to discuss some of the things I have been planning in regards to the future of my writings.Bookmark here

Taking Realm Assassin aside as those plans cannot be disclosed for the moment, I will state that lately, I have been getting an urge to post short consistent stories. Mainly because I want to practice and experiment with all types of styles, but also to entertain myself amidst my workload. Bookmark here

So, what's KNOCK KNOCK?Bookmark here

This will be a series of short stories primarily focusing on horror. Most if not all would contain stories of one chapter each. Bookmark here

Why KNOCK KNOCK?Bookmark here

Because it was either this or London Bridge is Falling Down. Bookmark here

When KNOCK KNOCK?Bookmark here

I can't guarantee a consistent schedule for updates, but I'd like to see what I can write per week.
Bookmark here

Where KNOCK KNOCK?Bookmark here

The stories would be random. It really depends what my deep-fried half-asleep 12 am brain would come up during the moment. For the last 15 minutes, I have thought of short stories involving an heirloom that stays permanently stuck in someone's finger, MC who slips in the bathtub and remains dead inside a home that no one would check until a week later, cold bony fingers guiding someone's hand in the dark, and being trapped in a freezer after a bad game of hide-and-seek. It's anything. Bookmark here

 KNOCK KNOCK?Bookmark here

Who's there.Bookmark here

Can.Bookmark here

Can who?Bookmark here

Can you wait for the official debut of this novel? Because of this very bad joke, I decided it's best to go to bed and wake up in 5 hours to head to work and write the stories later.Bookmark here

Have sweet dreams and a good night.Bookmark here

Your invisible buddy,Bookmark here

Pearlyn M.Bookmark here

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