Chapter 2:

Society Said


A girl was born. Her father felt disappointed. 

“I wish I had a son,” he said.

The girl drew pictures. Her mother tore them up.

“I wish you focused on your studies,” she said.

The girl got her first B+. Her parents flung the belt.

“I wish you weren’t so stupid,” they said. 

The girl fought back a bully. The principal shook his head and sighed.

“I wish you didn’t cause us trouble,” he said. 

The girl came out of the closet. Her family disowned her.

“I wish you were normal like the rest of us,” they said.

The girl received anti-depressants. Her therapist smiled.

“I wish you will heal soon because this will all pass,” she said. 

The girl stood at the bridge without her belongings.

No one said anything.

A few minutes later, the police arrived. 

They analyzed the body on the floor and noticed she wasn’t carrying an ID. 

“Does anyone know who this is?” They asked.

No one knew.