Chapter 161:

Chapter 161: Sasha vs Gen. The True Intentions of Gen!

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 161: Sasha vs Gen. The True Intentions of Gen!

Narrator: Soon after Sasha went on without RAG.

*Sasha enters a big room in the lower levels of the fortress and the end of the room is blocked by a big wall of dark energy*

Sasha: What is this?

*A person starts to walk out of the wall of dark energy and that person is Gen*

Sasha: You again!

*Gen starts slowly clapping*

Gen: Oh good, you remember me. I was afraid you would have forgotten me after I destroyed you the last time… Daughter of the Dark Goddess.

*Sasha is shocked*

Sasha: How do you know that!?

Gen: That may not be common knowledge around here but I know. Shall we begin this battle?

*Sasha aligns her hands and creates a black energy ball focused between her hands (the ball is almost twice the size of a basketball)*

*Sasha charges at Gen while holding the ball. Gen smiles and then jumps to prepare a counter attack but is almost surprised that Sasha jumps at the same time and she slams her Black Energy Ball into Gen*

*The ball blows Gen into a wall and Sasha lands from her jump*

*Gen then pulls himself out of the wall*

Gen: I see you have improved since we last fought. I did not expect you to quickly match your movements with mine.

Sasha: Just shut up and fight!

*Gen licks his lips*

Gen: We have a feisty one here. You’re feistier than your older sister.

*The words shock Sasha who gets distracted*

*The distraction easily allows Gen room to move in where he hits Sasha’s chin with his palm. Then he slams his elbow into her gut and follows up with a swipe kick which sends Sasha flying into a wall*

*Sasha is hurt but stands up*

Sasha: I get the feeling that you are not actually one of Kogen’s minions.

*After that, she is barely ready to dodge as Gen comes in for a high chop with his hand and Sasha barely dodges that as well as his chops after that one*

*Sasha eventually kicks Gen away from her but Gen just laughs*

Gen: What’s the matter? Weren’t you the one that said just shut up and fight?

Sasha: Well, now I’m curious.

Gen: Is that so? Land another hit on me and I will give you the information you desire.

*Sasha charges at Gen and starts trying to rapidly punch him but he easily dodges all of them*

Gen: Hahahahaha! You will have to do better than that!

*Sasha does a quick-strike punch and she thinks she finally hit Gen but she actually just hit an afterimage that fades into darkness. She is then hit in the back by a small magic energy blast and she is knocked to the floor*

*Sasha quickly stands up and does more quick-strike punches and Gen just blocks them all. The next thing Sasha notices is that Gen is now behind her*

*Gen grabs the back of Sasha’s head and slams her face into the ground. Gen then jumps back after the attack*

*Sasha lifts her head up and looks at Gen*

Sasha: I don’t get it… How are you still this far ahead of me in power? I’m a high D-Rank now…

Gen: So this is what Korobu always talks about. His opponents always mention their magic rank. I’ll give you a hint. Don’t put any stock in the magic ranks. But anyway, you did hit me even if I blocked the hits. They are still hits so I guess I will talk.

*Sasha states at Gen as she fully stands up again*

Gen: Yes, the truth is that I’m not some Kogen minion like Udana, Goro, and Gido. I am a servant of the Dark Goddess and a member of her Council of Demons. I knew that Kogen wanted to make an Enigmus army so I confronted him and have become an underling in disguise. He has no idea who I truly am. My full name is Gentorious but I shortened it here so it fit in with Goro’s and Gido’s names. I don’t mind the shortened name so you can just call me Gen if you want to. The plan was to help Kogen build a large Enigmus army, then take them all and hand them over to the Dark Goddess. I can tell Korobu was here to do just that.

*Gen puts his hand up to his chin*

Gen: Maybe I should have let him and the Dark Goddess know of my plan.

*Gen puts his hand back down*

Gen: The last thing you need to know is that I’m not human. I’m a powerful demon.

*All of this shocks Sasha*

Gen: You should come back and join our side. The Dark Goddess and your older sister would be pleased. To convince you, let me show you what you are up against if you challenge us.

*A powerful aura starts to surround Gen*

*His body starts to go through a transformation. His skin becomes rough and dark green while his nails on both hands and feet and become more claw-like. His back starts to become more hunched. His teeth become elongated and razor-sharp and his pony-tailed black hair starts to disappear as he grows two sharp horns on his head. His eyes start to have a more monstrous look to them*

*Sasha is feeling a lot of fear as she watches*

*Gen’s muscles start to become large and he grows a 5-foot-long tail*

*His transformation is finished as he is now a dark green beast. His clothes disappeared as part of the process and his voice is now deeper*

Gen: Do you see now? It would be much easier to just be on my side rather than against me. This is just one of my transformations.

*Sasha stands up but she is shivering in fear*

Sasha: I admit I’m scared right now, but there is no use in running. I have to fight!

Gen: Hehehe. Fine, let’s fight. I think I can change your mind.

Narrator: There’s no hiding it. Sasha is scared but she also knows that she can’t run! She will do what she can! Will she be able to do something against the demon, Gen?

Chapter 161 END

To be Continued in Chapter 162: The Power of a Strong Demon