Chapter 162:

Chapter 162: The Power of a Strong Demon

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 162: The Power of a Strong Demon

Narrator: Sasha finds herself up against the powerful demon of Hell, Gentorious!

Sasha: Scared or not, I have to defeat you!

Gen: I’d like to see you try. You’re nowhere near your potential right now.

*Sasha charges and jumps towards Gen. She tries various kick attacks but Gen easily blocks them without even flinching*

*Sasha steps back and forms a dark energy ball and throws it at Gen but Gen catches it*

Gen: Nice ball but its power leaves it as nothing more than a toy for me to play with.

Sasha: How about this!?

*Sasha forms a dark spear and then runs towards Gen and stabs the spear into the ball which causes an explosion of dark energy*

*Before the darkness dissipates, she forms and throws another dark energy ball which causes another explosion*

*Sasha waits to see the results. The darkness dissipates and Gen is completely unharmed*

*Sasha is shocked*

*Gen scratches his belly*

Gen: Hehe, that tickles. Sorry but if that’s the best you got then this fight is already over.

*Sasha’s fear increases and her eyes seem so unfocused*

Sasha: I... No...

Gen: I can't blame you for being scared. Not many could witness my power and not be scared.

*Gen roars and then thrusts his arms into the concrete floor, causing the floor to crack around them. Gen then thrusts pieces of the floor upwards*

*Gen punches the uplifted concrete and pieces of it fly into Sasha, cutting her a bit and leaving blood wounds*

*Sasha is completely frozen in fear as Gen moves in and punches her into the ground. She took a lot of damage from the attack*

*Gen then picks her up and throws her across the room and, at the same time, charges a magic beam in his mouth*

*Gen releases the magic beam from his mouth and it makes contact with Sasha while she is still in the air*

*The beam blows her into a wall and Sasha lies against the wall with her eyes barely open as Gen walks up to her*

Gen: Look at you. Down for the count already. I used very little of my power, otherwise, you would have been blown completely out of this fortress. One could be surprised that you are even the Dark Goddess’s daughter. Do you still need more convincing?

*Gen looks more closely at Sasha and he becomes a little shocked*

*Sasha’s eyes are flashing between her current human eyes and her dark divine eyes (the eyes with red irises with the white part being completely black) and she appears to be barely conscious*

*Gen stares longer and then smiles*

Gen: Excellent. There is hope for you yet. I shall cease this battle. Even if you won’t return right now, I can assume you will once your true powers have been permanently unlocked.

*Sasha just looks up at him with a blank stare as her eyes continue to flash between human and Dark Divine*

Gen: Perhaps she shouldn’t have… Never mind, I’m just rambling at this point.

*Gen returns to his human-looking form*

Gen: Stop your foolish plan of helping the son of the Light Goddess defeat Kogen. Kogen is an Enigmus and a very powerful one at that. I purposely did not kill you but he would have no problem tearing you apart and with your current power, he could do just that. Let the beings of light take him on and lose their numbers in the process. You have been warned.

*Sasha’s focus finally returns to normal and her eyes stop flashing and settle on the more human appearance*

*Gen leaves the room and the dark wall of energy blocking Sasha’s path is gone and she now can continue*

*Sasha stands up*

Sasha: (Talking to herself) So that is the power of a strong demon… He’s wrong though. He’s very wrong… I will unlock my true power and then… I will crush the demons that follow the Dark Goddess without mercy… I hate you Dark Goddess! I hate that I’m bound by your cursed blood!

Narrator: Sasha has now experienced the power of a strong demon. She is now determined to crush the demons that follow the Dark Goddess. Her hatred for the one whose blood flows through her continues to increase.

Chapter 162 END

To be Continued in Chapter 163: State of the Fortress