Chapter 160:

Chapter 160: Harmona vs Korobu. The Light Goddess Strikes!

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 160: Harmona vs Korobu. The Light Goddess Strikes!

Narrator: Harmona shows up and she is ready to save Zeth from Korobu!

*Zeth is a little in shock*

Zeth: …Mother?

*As Harmona holds Zeth, she looks down at his face. She starts seeing the flashbacks when she held him as a baby*

Harmona: Yes. I won’t let him take you to Crimson to be consumed. Just rest for right now. This will be over soon.

*She walks over to a wall and sets Zeth down. Then she looks angrily at Korobu*

Harmona: Your plan to take my weakened son to Crimson has backfired.

*Korobu just laughs and then gets ready for battle*

Korobu: We’ll see about that.

*Harmona makes a horizontal chop motion with her right arm and a powerful ray of stars appears and smashes into Korobu, knocking him back and onto the ground lying on his back*

*Harmona jumps after him and stomps on his gut, causing Korobu to cough up blood. Harmona then jumps back*

*Korobu powers up and jumps back to his feet. He wipes the blood off of his face*

Korobu: That hurt. That doesn’t happen often to me but you are the Light Goddess after all.

*Korobu then smiles*

Korobu: So Harmona, how are those skeletons in your closet?

*Harmona gets angrier*

Harmona: Shut your mouth!!

*Harmona charges after him and she starts trying to punch him but Korobu does his best to dodge so he can talk more*

Korobu: Are they having a good time? Hahaha!

Harmona: I said shut your damn mouth!!

*Harmona slams her elbow into Korobu’s face and then kicks him up towards the ceiling. She jumps up and releases a blast of magic energy that blows him into a wall*

*Harmona lands and Korobu pulls himself out of the wall. He took more damage*

Korobu: If it makes you feel better, you did the right thing. They needed to be executed…

*Korobu has a sadistic look on his face as he continues his sentence*

Korobu: And you executed every single one of them!

*Harmona just keeps getting angrier. She raises her arms up and rays of stars are released from every direction and Korobu gets hit by every one of them*

*Korobu recovers easily*

Korobu: You and the Dark Goddess agreed on something for the first time so she was pleased about what you did. Don’t be upset. The only one who was angry was Poleon and you don’t have to worry about him. I will kill him myself.

*Harmona powers up*

Harmona: Enough!

Korobu: Aww, don’t want to talk about it in front of your son?

*Harmona angrily charges at Korobu and he strikes her with his arm but he only ended up hitting an afterimage*

*Harmona then kicks Korobu in the head from behind*

*Korobu is knocked forward but recovers quickly*

Korobu: The way I see it is that you refuse to admit you are no different than us. Doing whatever it takes to fulfill your desires and goals.

*Korobu powers up and his eyes become like the abyss with only red skull-shaped irises in that abyss. Ghostly skulls can be seen in his magic aura and they moan*

*The power terrifies Zeth and he starts breathing hard*

Zeth: The appearance of his aura fills me with horror…

*Korobu and the ghostly skulls of his aura charge after Harmona*

*Harmona fights off the skulls but can’t block Korobu’s attack in time as he starts rapidly punching her*

*Harmona releases a shooting star from under Korobu which knocks him upward*

*Harmona jumps after him and they both throw a punch which results in them punching each other’s faces*

*They both land but ghostly skulls come behind and wrap around Harmona which restrains her*

Harmona: Damn!

*Korobu’s entire appearance turns pitch black except for his eyes which look completely red. He charges at Harmona with increased speed and kicks her in the air*

*Korobu then proceeds to keep hitting Harmona back and forth until she finally breaks free of the ghostly skulls*

*Harmona grabs onto Korobu’s face and with magic energy powering her arm, she slams Korobu into the wall*

Harmona: Raging Star Mode!

*Harmona activates Raging Star Mode. Her skin turns to a dark red tint and so does her aura which becomes violent*

Harmona: Shooting Star Barrage!

*Many small shooting stars appear*

*All of them launch at Korobu who is still in the wall. All of the small shooting stars hit Korobu and cause repeated small blasts*

*Harmona waits to see the results of the attack. As the smoke clears, much of the wall is destroyed and Korobu starts standing up but he is badly damaged*

*Harmona, in her rage, charges at Korobu, grabs him, and then throws him in the air behind her. She jumps and starts pummeling him with punches and kicks*

*Korobu can’t do anything. Soon, Harmona puts her hands together and then smashes her fists into Korobu to send him flying into the ground*

*Harmona aims her arm down at Korobu and prepares to fire a Star Shine Blast*

Harmona: This will end it!

*A dark energy ring forms around the ground that Korobu is lying down on*

*Harmona notices and jumps out the way and is unable to get the attack off as that part of the ground collapses*

Harmona: No!

*What rises out of the ground is a black dragon that Korobu is now riding on. The dragon is mostly black with red markings all over it. it is fairly large and is about 40 feet in length*

Korobu: Good job, Dark Dragon.

Harmona: You won’t escape!

*Harmona releases a Star Shine Blast but it dissipates when it hits a dark barrier protecting the dragon*

Korobu: Hmhmhmh! If there is anything I learned from our battle Harmona, it’s that you still haven’t recovered from using your desperate attack over 100 years ago. You just played your hand and now we know you aren’t ready to defend against another Hell invasion.

*Harmona is frustrated*

Harmona: Shit!

Korobu: Before you used your desperate attack, if we met in a non-aided one versus one, you would have easily destroyed me with no resistance. Even now, you are still more powerful than me but you would stand no chance against the Dark Goddess. Perhaps we should speed up our invasion plans.

*Dark Dragon flies to the ceiling*

Korobu: Soon, Harmona. Soon. Armageddon will lead the charge!

*Dark Dragon destroys the ceiling and flies out of the fortress*

*As Dark Dragon flies away from the fortress, Korobu reflects on his time in the fortress*

Korobu: (Talking to himself) I didn’t get all of the Enigmuses but I could tell there was another servant of the Dark Goddess in there. He will get all of the remaining ones.


Narrator: Meanwhile, Goma had left the room prior to the end of the fight.

*Goma heads deeper into the fortress*

Goma: (Thinking) It’s true. Zeth is the son of the Light Goddess. There are some issues I will need to address soon.


Narrator: Back with Harmona and Zeth.

*Harmona walks over to Zeth*

Zeth: Forgive me…

Harmona: It wasn’t your fault. You are only 18 years old after all.

Zeth: Who or what is Armageddon?

Harmona: A giant monster in Hell that has immense power. Its power is second only to the Dark Goddess in Hell.

Zeth: What will we do?

Harmona: Korobu shouldn’t have let that slip. I can come up with a plan to stop Armageddon from opening a Hell Portal to Earth.

Zeth: What did he mean about you executing people?

*Harmona lowers her head and looks a bit sad*

Harmona: When the time comes, I will tell you what happened. Right now, it would just be a distraction. You have to stop Kogen but don’t worry though, I will send reinforcements. Let me heal you. I’m not great at using magic to heal but I can do enough that can get you back in the game.

*Harmona puts her hands above Zeth and her powers heal him*

Zeth: Is that an aspect of Star Magic?

Harmona: No, I learned it from someone. But that’s a story for another day. Anyway, I have to go now as I’m still recovering.

*Harmona hugs Zeth*

Harmona: Be strong. You will get through this.

*She smiles as a ray of light opens and she returns to Heaven*

Zeth: Right!

*Zeth starts running to continue on going through the fortress. Zeth has a sudden flashback to Poleon’s words about Harmona having more skeletons in her closet than Dakame has*

Zeth: (Thinking) These executions must have to do with what Poleon mentioned but I trust mother! When the time comes, she will tell me what happened! Until then, I will push this information to the back of my mind!

Narrator: More mysteries, more demons. None of those matter as Zeth is determined to take down Kogen. And who is the other servant to the Dark Goddess in the fortress that Korobu mentioned?

Chapter 160 END

To be Continued in Chapter 161: Sasha vs Gen. The True Intentions of Gen!

Author's Comment: This is still one of my favorite chapters that I have written. It's got a great battle of Harmona vs Korobu in one long chapter rather than multiple shorter chapters and it puts out more mysteries and foreshadowing. I really do like how it turned out.