Chapter 86:

Interlude: The Lyst sisters

The Y-files [GL]

Kath's POVBookmark here

How nice of you to make time in your busy schedule to meet me, Maxima!”Bookmark here

I saw Maxima wanted to make a sharp retort since I practically forced her here, but she refrained since my position in the company put me well above her. My sweet younger half-sister was so innocent. I knew she was a business shark and had it been anyone else, she would not be this way. The fact that she could not hide her discontent from me made me want to tease her more.Bookmark here

We were not raised together. As a matter of fact, we only found out about Maxima, after her mother died, and she was then adopted into the family. I was so happy to finally get rid of my only child status and did my best to be a good older sister to her.Bookmark here

My mother did not really like having her around, as she was the proof of my father's indiscretions, and because of that Maxima clung to me. Not that it lasted long, as I soon had to leave for university, and soon after I got married, the family allowed Maxima to marry a rich Venezuelan.Bookmark here

My maid brought us some tea and Maxima's favorite brand of cookies.Bookmark here

I noticed her eyes change when she saw them. All too easy, my dear Maxima, all too easy.Bookmark here

After exchanging some more pleasantries, I think we were ready to discuss business. So I cut to the chase.Bookmark here

You will receive a call from Ms. Lourdes, the headmistress at Maura's school. I want you to tell her, that you accept her proposal for Maura's education. She will receive training from the Lyst group, from that point on, and be part of an organization called the CYA, and an organization called the FBY. They spread yuri-awareness.”Bookmark here

Maxima sighed. “Has this got something to do with why you told me to allow Maura to hang out with that Fien girl? ”Bookmark here

Well, I invited her here on the same call, so I thought that would be obvious. But it seemed like she was looking for a compliment for her brilliance. Well, I need something from her, so I might as well indulge her.Bookmark here

As expected from my quick-witted sister. Yes, it has. Fien is also part of those organizations. There will be a clause that when their contract ends, and they choose to leave those organizations, the Lyst group will hire them, as a return for our investments, for training them. I want to headhunt Fien for the Lyst group. She is a mathematical genius, that could do wonders in our research or accountancy department. I want Maura close to her. I want Fien to feel attached and sympathetic to our group. Up to now, she has refused anyone attempting to scout her.”Bookmark here

I see. But I do not really understand why it has to be Maura. Isn't your own daughter working there? It was in the media. You do know what dirty books they are reading?” Maxima answered. She clearly wanted to protect Maura.Bookmark here

I sighed. “Maxima, dear, those kinds of views are from the past. The Lyst group must remain on a steady course toward the future, and these days these things have become perfectly acceptable. Those kinds of books are just the things girls these days are occupied with. I remember you being quite fond of my BL collection back in the day.”Bookmark here

Maxima blushed a little at what I said. I wondered if she was embarrassed or just remembered a specific BL she liked? I decided to continue the conversation.Bookmark here

I have different plans for Anna and Claire. Since you are my sister, I will tell you. But this information is confidential, and will not leave this room. Is that clear?”Bookmark here

That peaked Maxima's interest. “I understand. It will remain between the two of us.”Bookmark here

With some training, her current girlfriend, Claire, would be the perfect heir to lead the Lyst group to the future. I am nurturing their relationship, while softly pulling strings to steer them into the future I want for them.”Bookmark here

By dropping the fact that my own daughter had a girlfriend, it would be much harder for her to bring the argument that girls should not be together forward. As a matter of fact, I was quite sure she would want to copy me. Claire, I am holding my part of the deal, so you better hold yours.Bookmark here

Claire... I think Maura told me about her. I believe they are friends at school.”Bookmark here

She is the current head of the FBY, and friends with Fien too. So you see, it will be in Maura's interest to maintain these connections.”Bookmark here

Now she had most of my cards... I could see the cogwheels work in her head until her penny dropped and told me my plans out loud “You aren't just creating an heir, you creating a full future board of directors she can trust for her!”Bookmark here

I knew you would get it. To show respect for our bonds, I am offering Maura a chance to be one of them. Provided she manages to bind Fien Anciers to us. Her mathematical genius would make her a very valuable asset.”Bookmark here

Maxima seemed to be in a dilemma.Bookmark here

They must never find out. If they find out, they will resent us.” She then said.Bookmark here

I will never tell them and asked for this conversation to remain between these walls for a reason. I intend them to flock together, while they think they are thwarting me by doing so. You know how much I love opposite tactics when playing the villain.”Bookmark here

Maxima sighed. She knew she was no match for me when it came to these kinds of Machiavellian games.Bookmark here

And I want to meet Claire and Fien. Not that I do not trust your judgment, but I want to see if they are really as impressive as you say.”Bookmark here

I took a sip from my tea, she was playing perfectly into my plans “Well, as my current financial advisor, starting next week, I will be wanting you to help me prepare the girls as one of their expert teachers. So you will be getting plenty of chances to interact with them.”Bookmark here

I had her. Now it seemed like I granted her request, but in reality, she had to grant mine.Bookmark here

Let's call it a mutual favor.”Bookmark here

Maxima realized she walked right into my trap and answered with a sigh. “Fine. I get it. You never change, do you?”Bookmark here

After that, we talked a little more about the current financial state of the group. Maxima showed me she was on top of her game. I am not sure I would have managed to outplay her like this if she wasn't so emotionally attached to me. Well, I had a head of finances I could trust next to me, and it was always fun to have a chance to tease and spoil my little sister.Bookmark here

When she left, I noticed the plate of cookies was empty. When did she manage to eat them all?Bookmark here

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