Chapter 87:

Anna takes the lead [R15]

The Y-files [GL]

When I got up, I still felt a little mad at mom for not telling me who she was dating. I felt a little anxious about all the imminent changes. Because of all mom's teasing about her date, it had taken a while before it really sank in, that today a total stranger named Sam would be moving in. I hope she would be someone nice. I would not be here when she arrived. But I felt a bit wary about having changes around at home. Home had been my last stable bastion during the last couple of weeks, and somewhere I felt like that stability was about to fade.Bookmark here

Today was my date with Anna at the Wellness Center. I walked over to the kitchen to ask mom for advice on what to wear. To be honest, I had no idea what actually happened during a full course at the wellness center. All my knowledge about the subject stems from stuff I saw on tv.Bookmark here

Mom! Can you help me? I don't know what to wear.”Bookmark here

What's the matter, honey? Where are you going?”Bookmark here

Really. I told her about it, didn't I?Bookmark here

My date with Anna at the wellness center, that I won from Polly Tick!”Bookmark here

Mom thought for a bit and then seemed to remember. “Oh. OOOOh. Sorry honey, I forgot. With everything that has been going on it just slipped my mind. Did the mayor tell you what course you were getting?”Bookmark here

The full course.”Bookmark here

Mom looked at me from top to bottom. Was that pity, I spotted in her eyes? “I am sure you will love the results! You should wear something light, that is easy to get in and out of. Best not to wear stockings either.”Bookmark here

Hearing her explain, I was starting to get worried about what I was about to experience today.Bookmark here

While mom was explaining what kind of thing I should wear, she walked with me to my room to help me find something.”Bookmark here

There, this will do.”Bookmark here

She picked out a white one-piece. It was a simple dress, but she was right that it would be easy to put it off and on, and it was still elegant enough for a date.Bookmark here

Mom saw me doubting and said “Rest assured. You won't be wearing it much today anyway. You will be in robes before you know it.”Bookmark here

So, I got a date as a gift where I would spend almost all day almost naked with my girlfriend. The realization that hit me, made me super conscious about the whole thing. I remember how Anna blushed and thanked me when I agreed to this date. We weren't even together yet at that point. I felt my face turning red. Mom chuckled when she saw my blush.Bookmark here

Well, I know it is a date, but I advise against make-up. You will be washing it off first thing anyway, so it would be a waste of effort.”Bookmark here

Mom, you seem awfully well informed about what a full course at a wellness center is.”Bookmark here

Mom looked at me like any woman would of course know what the full course at the wellness center entails, and said “I went once with Bernie, back in high school, when she won a trip for two on the fair. But rest assured. I won't spoil the surprise for you.”Bookmark here

And there I was hoping she would actually spoil it for me. I'd rather know what I was in for...Bookmark here

I got ready faster than expected, due to not needing make-up. So I had time for breakfast. I made myself a toast with marmalade and took a cup of coffee from the percolator.Bookmark here

A little later, the doorbell rang. I opened it and was amazed to see Anna in a cute light blue dress. It was the first time I saw her in something else than her trendy work outfit. Well, there was of course the cat pajamas, but I did not count them as possible clothes to go out in.Bookmark here

She presented me with a little wrapped box as a gift for our date. “Since you already paid for the entire day, I bought you a little gift.”Bookmark here

I opened the wrapper and found a golden heart-shaped pendant. When I tried taking it out of the box, it clipped open and I saw a picture of me and Anna inside with our names engraved on the other side. I felt a bit flabbergasted. Wasn't this a bit too much? Except for my heirloom, this would be the first piece of jewelry that I had ever gotten. Anna took it out of the box and put it around my neck.Bookmark here

That way, I am always with you.”Bookmark here

That sounded so cheesy, but at the same time, it made me feel warm. I gave her a kiss to thank her. “I will treasure it forever,” I said to her. Anna then continued explaining her gift. “It is important to keep it on at all times. It has a GPS function, that can be triggered by pressing this little button. That way I can always find you.”Bookmark here

That woman. Of course, there had to be something outrageous about a gift from Anna. She must have noticed I was losing my nerve, so she quickly explained herself. “ You will be a multimillionaire soon. So it is a safety precaution. I have one too.” She then showed me a bracelet with the same design. “I sent you an e-mail with the data on how to activate it.Bookmark here

Giving me a way to track her in return, did not make this gift less awkward. But it would not be a gift from Anna if it had been a perfectly normal gift. So I decided to just accept it. Somewhere it felt nice, knowing that Anna could always find me if something was awry.Bookmark here

Anna then entered the apartment and said good morning to the entire family. Emma quickly went to her newest aunt and gave her a hug.Bookmark here

After a quick chat with everyone, mom said “It is time for you girls to go or you'll miss your first appointment.”Bookmark here

I looked at my phone. She was right. “Let's go, Anna!”Bookmark here

Anna drove us to the Pure Wellness center. It was quite the distance. It was a 45-minute drive after all. Anna and I talked about the yuri novels I read recently. It was amazing in how many of those stories the main characters visited an onsen. I wondered if we were going to do something similar. While she talked about yuri her persona changed into the super excited Anna. I thought she was really cute when she got all excited. I looked forward to spending this day with Anna that was for once not all about the job. I was sure we could relax for a bit in the center. Why else would all women want to visit this center and pay so much for it? Bookmark here

When we were at the center, we first had to register at the desk. When the girl at the desk heard our names, and that we were invited by Ms. Tick to experience the full course, she became really friendly and led us to a changing room. We were explained that the first thing during a full course was a cleansing ritual. To shorten her roundabout holistic explanation, it meant a shower, a mud bad, another shower, a sauna, and an ice-cold shower to finish. She showed us where everything was, and that Ms. Tick had paid for everything to be private, so it would just be the two of us. We had taken a bath together before, but back then I took control, by taking away Anna's glasses, so she could not really see me, but I knew this time she would get to look at my 16-year-old body. I hoped she would not be disappointed. I gulped and turned a bit shy at the prospect.Bookmark here

Anna noticed my doubts and stepped behind me. This time she seemed to be a lot less nervous than last time. Like she was prepared for this. I heard her dress fall to the ground. She kissed my nape and gently opened the zipper of my dress. I felt her breasts touch my back. I could feel my heartbeat loudly in my chest. All her caresses felt really soft. Her kisses felt so good that I decided to just give in, and let myself melt. I turned around and gave her a deep kiss. I felt her caresses moving around my upper body, and when she touched my breasts, I had to stop myself so I would not let out a soft moan. When the kiss was over, Anna took a step back took my hand, and said “Let's go shall we?”Bookmark here

Anna had gotten me out of my clothes during the kisses. When I saw Anna's naked body, I started to feel really hot. It was a good thing we were about to take a shower.Bookmark here

Of course, we took a shower together and explored each other some more while washing each other. I loved washing Anna's long smooth hair and her silk skin. By the time we finished showering, we had gotten used to being naked around each other, and my initial nervousness had mostly faded, although I did feel a different kind of tension in the air.Bookmark here

We left the shower, we wrapped towels around our hair to protect it from the mud bath and Anna put her glasses back on. The fact that she could see every detail of me now made me self-conscious again for a second.Bookmark here

We made our way to the mud bath. Which was basically a bath of well... thick mud. According to the explanation we got, this was very good for our skin and would help to clean out every nook and cranny. When I saw the mud, I could not help but think that I would have to clean them out myself after subjecting myself to this. Anna and I sat in the mud, and I could see she was really enjoying this.Bookmark here

I was spacing out for a bit, sitting in the mud, when suddenly a bit of mud splashed against my face.Bookmark here

Anna looked at me blowing her finger like it was an imaginary gun. Oh, I would get her back for that! I flicked some mud back at her, and not before long we were occupied with an all-out mud war, ending with the two of us embracing and kissing, covered entirely in mud from head to toe, the towels drifting around in the mud bath.Bookmark here

Why did everything always turn out so crazy, with Anna around? I looked at the mess we made and felt a bit bad for the person that would have to clean up after us.Bookmark here

After that, we showered the mud away. I could feel my skin was indeed cleaner than usual. It felt very nice and smooth. I think I could get used to this sensation. Bookmark here

Now it was time for a sauna. We brought a new towel to sit on and went inside. Anna poured water on the heating element, and the damp temperature made me sweat like crazy. Anna was making some light conversation but I could not really keep my attention to it. I thought I was good with heat because of all the cooking I did, but if I remained here I was sure I would faint. So I got up and ran to get a cold shower. I felt my body heat normalize. Why would anyone want to put themselves through that ordeal?Bookmark here

A few moments later Anna left the sauna too and said “I won. That is 1-0 for me on lasting in the sauna.”Bookmark here

Seems like Anna had a competitive streak about the weirdest things, but that did not mean I was about to let her win. “Does not count. You have to say it's a competition before we start.” Damn, I would be sure to beat her if there ever was a next time. I swore to myself.Bookmark here

But I asked you inside, and you nodded. Not fair.”Bookmark here

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