Chapter 11:


Return of the Shadow CEO

[First person POV]

I don't know why, but I knew something, something very fucked up, was going to happen today. As soon as I spotted the herd of those zombies like monsters, I knew a true rakshasa was here.

The killing intent from her, it's terrifying, even for a fairly skilled martial, I can't even imagine what these guys are feeling. Even though they are trembling, they are somehow still able to stand confidently in front of her.

At the moment everyone around me is in a terrible shape after all that fighting, some are half-dead, some just lost their will to fight. If only I could do anything.

"Is this the end?" The female rakshasa in front of me said with a creepy smile on her face.

I want to end this. I just want to kill this bitch! On seeing blood after so long, my inner demons woke up. I was lusting, for some action.

Carolina, who was behind me, getting healed by her subordinate, suddenly said "Let's get rid of this bitch" while looking towards me. She then grabbed my arm to take support and stood up. Her face was full of scratches and was all bloodied up, yet she smiled, it was a cold smile, a smile that signified she was superior. There was a shine in her eyes.

On seeing the smile on my wife's face, she got pissed off pretty hard, I could see that on her face. "You-" she said before she rushed towards Carolina. I could keep up with her speed, but Carolina couldn't. The monster appeared in front of Carolina.


[Narrator's POV aka God's POV]

A while back

The small of group of radiants got surrounded by the large horde of monsters, some monsters were killed before, some were not.

As soon as Blue spotted the horde coming towards them, he turned around to Carolina and hastily said "Your healer, make your healer heal Yellow"

"Uh, okay" Carolina replied, "Heal him fast" Carolina said while looking at the healer in the party

The healer started healing Yellow

"Alfie, Melisa and Sakuma, you all rush towards them, kill the larger units with your agility, Carolina and Bront, you both kill the hordes of smaller units with your large scale destructive attacks. Support type radiants, you all help Carolina and Bront. Kudret and the rest take care of the mid-sized units with your number advantage" Blue said

"Who the fuck are you to command us like that?" Kudret said

"You litt-" Blue said but was interrupted by Sakuma

"Kudret, listen to him, he knows what he is doing" Sakuma said


"No buts, superior's orders"


Everyone spread out to do what they were told to do. Blue stood alone with the healer, who was healing Yellow. She was a woman in her early thirties, she had chestnut hair, and emerald green eyes, her looks made her a very desirable woman.

"Once he wakes up, tell him to meet me at the tower" Blue said before disappearing

A smile curled up on the healer's face


Blue stood in front of the tower, a structure which is the root cause for all these monster attacks.

The building looked as if it was on fire, a wild black fire. It was a very mesmerizing site. There were four entrances to the tower, that were glowing brightly with a white hue

"Sometimes, I feel as if everything is futile" Blue thought to himself before entering in one of those doors.

The other side was a whole another dimension, it looked as if the insides of the tower would be small, but it was huge. From inside, it was like a medieval castle. A huge hall, and a huge staircase leading to the first floor. It was way different from a normal tower.

With cool winds blowing throughout it, a tower is generally like a cave or dungeon from inside. It has many floors, and the number of floors depend on it's grade. There is a boss monster for every floor, once you defeat it, the next floor opens up.

"My hunch was right" Blue thought to himself on seeing the interior of the tower

Blue now took out his left hand that had been resting in his jacket's pocket since he arrived. And then equipped two sabers which were hanging on his back. He held the saber in his left hand like a sword, while the one in his right hand like a dagger.

He then rushed through the stairs in front of him, and then kicked the door in front of him open. The corridor in front of him was dimly lit up from the light emitted by the torches hung on the wall, but no one was there, and it gave a very eerie feeling to Blue.

Blue again swiftly ran through the corridor with his weapons gripped tightly in his hands.


After a while

"What the fuck?" Blue thought to himself, "I am already on the last floor, yet I encountered no monster till now?"

Blue stood in front of a large gate and thought to himself, "Let's just check this room"

After entering the room, he saw that the room in front of him was a huge circular room, with a throne in the center of the room. It looked like the room of the tower's boss.

"God damn it, even this is empty" Blue thought to himself, "Wait, if no one is here then…"

Blue rushed back to the exit as quickly as possible, "Please be safe"


The scene in front of blue after coming out of the tower was very terrifying. On seeing the site of blood, corpses and war, his lips curled to form a smile subconsciously "This-"

He saw the site of an all out war, but the radiants were loosing, and the monsters were crushing them.

The monsters were different, they were more powerful, and they had more bloodlust. And in between all this, Blue felt a strong presence, and a very bloodthirsty intent radiated from this presence.

Blue rushed towards Carolina and Yellow, who stood in front of this strong presence. A feminine monster stood in front of them, it had pale white skin, and wore a black fedora which covered her eyes, a black dress and red lips made her look even more terrifying.

"Carolina, are you alright?" Blue asked

"Yeah" Carolina said while looking at blue

"What's going on?" Blue asked, "And who is she?"


A while ago

"Blue's tactics are actually good" Aflie said as he slashed through the monsters in front of him

"Yeah" Melisa replied while tactfully smashing monsters

Suddenly, lightning struck in front of them, and a monster appeared in front of them. This monster was similar to Melisto in appearance. "Woah, two humans" the monster said with passion in his voice

"A boss?" Alfie said

The monster smirked, as more horde monsters appeared behind him

A few meters away from this scene

Sakuma attacked the giant golem in front of him with his bare hand, smashing it. Suddenly lightning struck, and another monster appeared in front of him. This monster looked very similar to Melisto

A few meters away from this scene

Kudret fought arachnid type monsters with his subordinates, "Use Ice Block!" Kudret shouted

One of his subordinates froze the creature, and then Kudret punched it, killing the creature.

Suddenly, lightning struck, and a monster appeared in front of him. This monster looked very similar to Melisto

A few meters away from this scene

Lightning struck in front of Yellow, who was still getting healed. A monster who looked just like Melisto appeared

"Who are you?" the healer asked

A few meters away from this scene

"When will this end?" Carolina thought to herself. She was swinging her sword and burning the monsters.

Suddenly a feminine voice came, "How beautiful"

Carolina looked towards the direction of the sword, and found a female figure approaching her. All the monsters in her way, were running away from her, as if they feared her very much.

"Your fire, it's very beautiful, it's a shame that this is the last time someone will be able to witness its beauty" The female monster said

Carolina started sweating, just the aura exerted by this monster was enough to terrify Carolina

"Who, who are you" Carolina stuttered

"Your death"

Carolina rushed towards the woman in front of her without any hesitation, the woman in front of her started making motions with her hands and fingers, it was as if she was typing, no to be more clear it was as if she was controlling puppets like a puppeteer, her fingers moved randomly.

Suddenly Carolina stopped, she didn't want to stop, but something bound her. "What is this"

"This is my power, I call it, Possessive Puppeteer" The monster said. She again moved her fingers, and with that Carolina moved too

Carolina pointed her towards herself, and slowly started to stab herself in her stomach.

The monster slowly approached her, and said, "Let's end it".e again moved her fingers, and Carolina pushed the sword further in herself.

Despite Carolina's best efforts, the sword tore into her and moved further in as blood poured from her. She groaned in pain as the sword went deeper in her

The monster who was now just in front of Carolina, suddenly looked towards her left, and disappeared, and then appeared about ten meters away from Carolina

A figure rushed towards Carolina and swung his daggers in the air before landing behind her.

"Sup" The figure said

"You?" Carolina grunted

"Yeah me, Yellow Blitz" The figure replied


"Yeah" Yellow said, "Well never mind that, you should be able to move freely now"

Carolina then tried to pull out the sword from her torso, and it worked, she could now move freely, "How?"

"She has these black strings attached to your body, and she is using them to control your body" Yellow replied, "You are not powerful enough to see those strings"

"That's enough talking, how have you already come here, what happened to Meristo?" The monster said as she unleashed more strings towards the both of them

Yellow, then easily sliced these strings with his daggers, "I took care of him"

"I, Marionna shall put an end to your life" the monster said with rage


Current time

"So the boss left the tower, to take advantage of your exhaustion?" Blue said with mild anger in his voice

"Basically" Yellow replied

"Let's end her already" Blue said as he rushed towards Marionna with his sabers ready to attack her

Marionna raised her hands and started ejecting strings towards blue, but blue evaded all of them by dodging, and swiftly reached in front of her.

Yellow followed Blue and both of them simultaneously decapitated the monster's head. The head flew off the body and landed a meter away from the body as purple blood poured from it.

"That was easy" Yellow said

"Really" A voice came from Marionna's body

The three of them looked towards it, and they saw a very creepy thing happening. The black strings that Marionna used were now coming out of her cutoff neck, and slowly reaching for the head. After connecting with the head, the body and the head slowly joined together, it was as if she came back to life.

"What the fuck" Carolina said, she couldn't see the black strings, but she saw the detached head getting connected with the body.

"The real fight, starts now"


Fact 7 - "The disaster" was the event that made radiants appear, it was a mistake of the martials.

The intro arc will end in the next two chaps so yeah, next chap will be huge, also I am wasting my time writing this instead of studying for my exam tommorow.
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