Chapter 10:

Speed Demons

Return of the Shadow CEO

"What's your name, Martial?" The purple figure asked with a kaal forming in his hands

"Name? Umm, you can call me, Yellow Blitz" The masked man replied

"Yellow Blitz, it has been an amazing experience fighting you, but now it shall end. I, Melisto shall put an end to your life!" The purple figure said with power in his voice

"Not so fast" Yellow Blitz said as he tightened his grip on the daggers. "Switch"

The daggers in his hands started glowing, and another blade appeared on the other side of the handle. "Let's fight now"

Melisto blasted the kaal in his hand, and a beam of red and black struck Yellow Blitz. But Yellow Blitz somehow blocked it with his daggers by forming a cross with his forearms.

The beam stopped after a second or so, and as soon as it stopped, Melisto appeared a meter above Yellow blitz, and kicked his head, sending him a few meters away.

Yellow Blitz who was caught off guard by Melisto's surprise attack, grinned under his mask "You filthy rakshasa, you boast of your speed, lemme show you what speed is".

Yellow blitz charged towards the monster, a few yellow and cyan sparkles charged around his body. His dual bladed daggers were gripped tightly in his hands, as soon as he reached within a meter of Melisto, a punch came towards him.

He suddenly disappeared and appeared above Melisto, Melisto grinned and turned around as soon as possible, and rotated to deliver the same punch that he previously launched

Just before the punch connected, Lightning Blitz again appeared at his previous position. Melisto's eyes widened in shock as he didn't expect that his opponent was faster, way faster than him.

Melisto turned around as soon as he could, but it was too late. Yellow Blitz slashed the monster. The attack, which was meant to slash Melisto's head off, only cut off his left arm because of Melisto's fast reaction.

"I am still alive" Melisto declared

"Look at your arm fat ass" Lightning Blitz said

Melisto looked towards his arm which was dropping green blood and his face darkened, but soon it turned into an expression of a maniac. He started laughing, like a maniac. "Finally! A worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary!" He declared with smile on his face

"This is gonna be troublesome" Lightning Blitz thought to himself


In the Radiance Syndicate office

In a certain person's office, a figure sat on a chair, with a serious expression. "Who the fuck leaked live data?" he screamed, "God damn it!". Suddenly, his phone rang.

"Good evening, sir" he said after picking the call

"Who was behind the new leak?" The person on the phone said in a calm tone

"Sir, we don't know, we are still trying to-" The man got interrupted

"Enough, we are not going to back your company anymore, I think the world has settled down, it doesn't need one company domination backed by government" The phone disconnected as soon as the person on the phone said this

"Damn it" The man said as he looked towards the beautiful night sky through his window


Carolina who stood a few hundred meters away from the raging battle of two speed demons said "Can you guys see their movements?"

The three radiants said "No" in unison. "Those guys are way faster than me, even if I use all my power to charge myself with lightning cloak, I won't be as fast as them" Alfie said

"We finally found you" A voice came from behind the group

The group looked behind, only to find Squad commander and the rest of the radiants.

"Squad commander" Carolina said

"I hope you guys are fine" Squad Commander replied

"Bront, they are alright, more importantly whats going on over there?" Sakuma the Squad Commander of Squad 4 said while pointing towards Yellow Blitz and Melisto

"You are able to track them?" Bront asked while adjusting his glasses

"Yes" Sakuma said while running his finger through his red hair

"Barely" Carolina said

"Who are they?"

A few meters away from the group, the two figures stood facing each other, sweating and bleeding. "You are good, but I can't play any longer" Yellow Blitz said

"Really?" Melisto asked sarcastically

"This is my last move" Yellow Blitz said coldly, "Charge"

His daggers started glowing, unlike the previous time, this time nothing changed, and only the blades glowed, with a cyan glow on one side of the blade and yellow on the other. His eyes glowed with a yellow hue, and a cloak of cyan lightning surrounded him.

Melisto on the other hand was forming a kaal, this kaal was way darker than the previous one. He ran towards his opponent, wanting to finish off the battle with this last attack. "May you die peacefully"

"I ain't gonna die" Yellow Blitz said

He dashed towards his target, leaving behind a trail of electricity, he was way faster than before. Before Melisto could even react, his head was decapitated. Even as his head flew of it still had that grin on his face.

As a last ditch effort, Melisto exploded the kaal in his hand creating a very big blast.

"My lady, I hope, I have served you well, If I made a mistake please forgive me" Melisto thought after his head got decapitated

As the battle ended, the area got filled with dark smoke, and it disappeared to show a huge crater. Melisto's body was in the centre of this crater.

Yellow Blitz stood a few meters away from Melisto's dead body. The surrounding electricity slowly went away and his daggers disappeared. After standing with his back facing the rakshasa he killed, he passed out and fell.

"The rest is up to you" Yellow blitz thought to himself before passing out


"Melisto, my dear, you have done enough, now I shall make sure, your death was not in vain" The person who sat on the throne said, before standing up


"God-damn it!" A figure said softly. This person was hidden on the branches of the trees, watching the fight between the two speed demons. This person had hidden their presence so well that even Yellow Blitz didn't sense them

"Why did he use that? I don't wanna go in there!" The person thought to themselves, as soon as Yellow Blitz collapsed

The group of radiants who were spectating the fight reached the crater, and saw that the purple monster had died. Alfie and Carolina rushed towards the masked man. Alfie checked the man's wrist to find that his heart was still beating. "He is alive" Alfie said

"What should we do with him?" Carolina asked

"I think we should take it to our lab, to test it" Sakuma said while standing near melisto's body

"Sir, I meant this man, not the monster"

"First, take off his mask" Bront said

"No, don't take off his mask, she will recognize him, this can't happen, what should I do" The figure lurking in the woods thought

Carolina's hand reached for the man's mask, and she started trying to remove it, but it didn't budge. "What?" Carolina thought

"Yes! I forgot the removal mechanism is still in place" The mysterious person thought

"Sir, it's not coming off" Carolina said

"Wait" Bront replied as he came and sat near Yellow Blitz

"When things like these don't come off, some strange mechanism is in place, magical or mechanical, it doesn't matter" Bront told Carolina, "You just have to destroy it" he grunted as he applied pressure on the mask. As a result of this, small cracks started appearing on it.

"This asshole" the mysterious person said while secretly looking at the scene

Bront's hand was steadily placed over the mask, as it applied pressure to break the mask. Bront's brute force was astonishingly strong. The cracks got bigger, and more cracks appeared every second.

Now, the whole mask was covered with cracks, and looked weak enough to be taken off. Carolina's hand reached for the mask, but before she could touch the mask, a hand held her wrist. The grip was not tight enough to hurt her, but it wasn't loose either.

Carolina looked up to see who it was, and saw a mask similar to that of the man laying in front of her. "Who are you?" She asked in a cold tone

This man stood casually with his right hand resting in his hoodie's pocket, it looked as if he didn't care about the hunters as they were not a threat to him.

On seeing an unknown man suddenly appearing, all the radiants present there took offensive stances, except Bront, Sakuma, Melisa and Carolina

"Your Savior" He said with charisma

"What?" Carolina said

"Your savior's friend" He said with charisma

Carolina looked at the man with her brows knitted together

"Don't even try to take off his mask, we are from Squad 7" The man said

"Squad 7?" Carolina said in astonishment. It wasn't just Carolina, all the radiants were surprised by this.

Radiance Syndicate had a total of seven squads, squad 1 and 2 were radiants who worked with the military for their nation, squad 3 and 4 were the squads of the hunters who hunted the monsters and destroy towers. Squad 5 and 6 were the squads of the heroes, who protected civilians from criminals who had radiated and had supernatural abilities.

Squad 7 was a special squad, it didn't had any actual reason to exist, but the strongest of the radiants and the smartest of them were part of this squad.

"You are from Squad 7?" Bront asked

"I just said that" The man replied

"That explains everything" Sakuma said

No one suspected that the man was lying as according to the radiants someone as strong as Yellow Blitz could only be a part Squad 7

"Now, can you get away from my comrade?" The man asked while releasing Carolina's arm

"Yes" Carolina said as she stood up

"Sir. why are you here?" Melisa asked in a cute manner, it seemed as if she was trying to seduce this man

"Al-, I mean Yellow and I were on mission around this area, and we got a request from HQ to provide assistance" The man replied in a dry tone, there were no emotions

"Yellow? then are you green or maybe blue?" Alfie said jokingly

"Yeah, I am blue" The man said


Kudret who was standing away from the group analyzing Melisto's body, slowly made his way towards Sakuma. "I think, this guy is bad news" Kudret whispered in Sakuma's ear

"What? I don't think so, I don't sense any malicious intent from him. He doesn't mean any harm to us" Sakuma replied by whispering back

"No, I can sense killing intent from him, it's suppresed but I can still feel it because of my animal instincts"

"Are you sure about that?"

"Yes, A Hundred percent"

"Okay" Sakuma said, "Melisa can you please come here"

Melisa headed over to his superior and asked, "Yes, sir?"

"Do you sense any maliciousness from this man?"

"No, not at all, instead I would say he is as clear as a crystal, he is not that powerful, but I think he is very good at hiding himself, he is like a spy." Melisa said

"See, it's just your imagination" Sakuma said

"My bad" Kudret said

"What you guys gonna do next? Enter the tower?" Blue asked

"Yes, we are gonna enter the tower"

Suddenly a loud sound of growl was heard by the group, it sounded just like an ogre.

Everyone looked towards the direction from which the sound was coming, and realised that a horde of monsters was approaching them from a distance.

As the horde came closer to them, they noticed that all these monsters they were, already slain before by the group before reaching here.

"Those ogres, those slashes, I already dealt with them" Carolina thought to herself