Chapter 3:

Village of Elysia

I became a healer in another world

It was morning when I woke up. The sun shone straight to my eyes from a small opening from the fabric door.Bookmark here

I tried to continue sleeping, but it was difficult so I decided get up. At least I was able have a good nights rest after being stuck in a hospital for eight years with all of those machines humming and the constant sounds coming from the hallways at night.Bookmark here

When I looked right of me, I noticed that Hina was sleeping next to me. She had a slender body and she was almost as tall as me and her hair was bright pink. Her eyes on the other hand were blue and she was holding Snow between her arms as she slept. Between her and their brother was Alise and her hair was yellow and her eyes were blue and Jun had brown hair and his eyes were orange. He had abs hinting that he was strong meaning that he works alot at home. On the other said were Itsuki and Honoka. Itsuki's both hair and eyes were green and Honoka's hair was blue and purple.Bookmark here

After getting to my bearings, I heard growling outside. Wondering what it was I went outside and saw a pack of Silver colored wolves. They were surrounding the white transparent Protection barrier.Bookmark here

I should probably chase the wolves away somehow, but I don't want to injure them. Let's see, using water should do the trick. As I started chanting, the wolves started looking at me.Bookmark here

"WATER BOMB!" Bookmark here

The water spell then floated on top of the wolves which then exploded a small rain on top of the wolves which made them run away. Bookmark here

I started hearing noises coming inside the carriage and Jun came outside. He probably woke up after hearing me shouting.Bookmark here

"*Yawn* What are you doing Ayumu?" He asked while still being really tired.Bookmark here

"There was a pack of white colored wolves surrounding a barrier I had casted around the carriage last night, so I decided to use some water magic to chase them away so we wouldn't have any problems when we leave." I explained. I really didn't want to hurt the wolves after all so that was the only logical way to get them to leave.Bookmark here

"Thank you again Ayumu." He thanked me.Bookmark here

I nodded and we decided to sit down and talk for a while until the rest of his family came outside to eat. Jun started explaining that the name of the Wolf species was a Silver Wolf and they're apparently really fast. Their fur also shine's in the moon light like silver which is the reason they're called that. I think when I'll see one, I'll make a familiar of one so it can fight alongside with me, but also because their appearance was fluffy.Bookmark here

When everyone had woken up, I noticed that Hina had braided her hair really well and Alise with her mother had ponytails. We then started eating some bread and it tasted surprisingly delicious, or I had just eating really poorly while I was in the hospital. It feels like I had lost the ability to taste food when I was in the hospital.Bookmark here

After eating our breakfast we started heading to the village Itsuki and his family lives.Bookmark here

"What's the name of your village anyway?" I asked curiously.Bookmark here

"Village of Elysia. It's a fairly normal sized farming village located in a forest. We went to Prinnunad Kingdom to sell our villages goods and recieved some of the honey and red leaves as a payment you happened to use yesterday." Jun explained.Bookmark here

"Hmm, interesting." I said. So they live in a farming village. That must mean they made the delicious bread we ate for breakfast using the wheat they get from the harvest.Bookmark here

Three hours pass and we soon arrive to the Village of Elysia, but something has happened. Bookmark here

"What's going on? Why are everyone looking so down?" Itsuki asked with a concerned tone.Bookmark here

"Some monsters attacked the village yesterday and the elders grandchild got hurt when he protected him. We suspect that he's poisoned and we're not able to cure him." One of the villagers explained.Bookmark here

"Ayumu, could you be able to help the elders grandchild?" Itsuki asks.Bookmark here

"I'll give it a try. Can you show me the way to the elders house?" I ask from the panicking villagerBookmark here

"O-Of course! Hurry!" The villager answered.Bookmark here

I then follow the running villager while Itsuki take their carriage back home.Bookmark here

When I arrive to the Elder's house, I see multiple people trying to help the suffering teen. The elder still seemed to have a young appearance though. Maybe people in this world live longer? I should probably ask about his age when I'm done with helping them.Bookmark here

"Elder Midori! Itsuki's family brought a boy who might be able to help Saburo!" The villager shouted as we got there. Bookmark here

"Greetings elder, can I have a closer look of your grandchild?" I asked as I placed my hand on my chest.Bookmark here

"Please do, he's the only one I have left." Midori begged. He had white hair along with a long white beard and he had green eyes. He had a green shirt under his grey jacket and he was wearing a pair of… Geta's?Bookmark here

Wait he's his only family member left? It really would be devastating if he died from this. Bookmark here

The villagers then cleared out of my way so I could take a look at Saburo. He seemed two years younger than me. He was breathing heavily from all of the pain he's going through right now. I then started chanting a spell.Bookmark here

"ANALYZE CONDITION!" I shouted when I was done.Bookmark here

*Poisoned. Use the spell Poison Break to cure the condition. It would also be wise to also give a Potion of Strenght to the patient so they can get their full strenght back.*Bookmark here

"Yeah, he's poisoned." I answered.Bookmark here

"Can you help him?" Midori asks from me.Bookmark here

I nod and then I beging chanting again. This time I keep my scepter upright and Saburo is once again covered in the blue light.Bookmark here

"POISON BREAK!" I shout as I'm done with the chanting. Saburo then gets better, but he still seems pretty weak. I should probably make a Potion of Strenght.Bookmark here

"Oh thank you, thank you! You saved him!" Midori thanks while crying with happiness. Bookmark here

"G-Geez, please calm down." I said awkwardly. "I still need to make a Potion of Strenght since he's still in a pretty weak state." I added.Bookmark here

I then take out the Potion book I received from Itsuki the other day and began searching for the recipe for Potion of Strenght. I was surprised that I'm understand the writing, but I guess it's just logical. I soon find the recipe for it.Bookmark here

*To make Potion of Strenght you need medical herbs, a small fragment of a mana crystal, sugar and flower pollen*Bookmark here

"A mana crystal? This could be a problem since I don't have any." I said while sounding a bit worried.Bookmark here

I then saw Saburo beging sitting on his bed. He was wearing a sturdy leather armor and green pants. He had long green spiky hair and his eyes were violet. He then extended his arm to give me something.Bookmark here

"T-Take this mana crystal one of the monsters happened to drop after I defeated one." Saburo said while still sounding weak.Bookmark here

"Thank you, now I should be able to make this potion." I said as I stood up.Bookmark here

"You should be lucky, since monsters don't often drop mana crystals. They tend to drop elemental crystals that will boost your abilities." Saburo explained as he continued lying on his bed.Bookmark here

Itsuki and the rest of his family then come in the elders house with exhausted expressions. They must've run here after getting back home.Bookmark here

"*Wheeze* Is everything alright now?" Itsuki asks.Bookmark here

"You guys came at the right time. Jun and Hina help me retrieve some sugar, medical herbs and pollen from flowers. I need to make a potion that gives Saburo his strenght back much faster." I explained to the family. Bookmark here

Me, Jun and Hina then go outside to collect the required ingredients.Bookmark here

I went to the nearby forest to collect some medical herbs. Luckily the required herbs were really near so I didn't have to wander off too far. Jun on the other hand seemed to be asking a neighbour to give him some flowers and gets roses from her. Hina appeared to go inside their house to take some sugar.Bookmark here

We then meet near the Elders house.Bookmark here

"Your help made this so much faster so thank you for that." I thanked with a small bow.Bookmark here

"You're the one who's doing the most work. We're just happy that we can help out our childhood friend" Jun explained.Bookmark here

"Yeah, we would never be able to potions." Hina added.Bookmark here

We then head back to Elder Midori's house where everyone else was waiting. Itsuki and Honoko had also prepared a cauldron for me so I was ready to start making the potion for Saburo.Bookmark here

I then took the potion book and started reading the instructions carefully. Jun offered to help me out, but I had refuse. I wouldn't want this to end up in failure after all and he understood my concern. Everyone was looking at me with intense expressions. I didn't really like it but I decided not to say anything about it and just continued preparing the potion.Bookmark here

After the potion was done, Hina offered me a bowl which I filled with the Potion of Strenght and then gave it to Saburo who finished the entire thing in one gulp.Bookmark here

"Now that that's taken care of let me see if I can deal with the monsters that attacked everyone." I offered as I was stretched my arms back and forth.Bookmark here

"Let me come help out Ayumu. I want to help out my childhood friend." Jun suggested.Bookmark here

"No, you should keep him company since he's still seems a little weary from everything." I explained. I would've taken him with him, but I don't want him to get hurt.Bookmark here

Jun nods and I leave to the forest with Snow.Bookmark here

When I arrive to the forest, I don't see monsters anywhere so far. Snow from time to time points towards some brown mushrooms, but I tell her to leave them alone. They are probably edible but I don't want to bother with them right now.Bookmark here

After a some time, I start to see multiple monsters. There are Goblins, Silver Wolves and some moving plants. I then start chanting a fire spell quietly.Bookmark here

"FIRE BALL!" I shout as multiple fire balls appear and it kills all of the Goblins and plants.Bookmark here

The surviving Silver Wolves then attack try attacking me and Snow, but it fails since they hit my Shield wall. Snow then runs towards the Silver Wolves and attack them with quick kicks and falling on them with force using a jump. Bookmark here

The Sillver Wolves are now dazed from Snows attacks. I don't really want to kill them so I heal them and they immediately run away expect one. The specific Wolf started wagging it's tail and it walks up to me and licks my hand. It seems to have a feminine appearance.Bookmark here

"Uuh, do you want to come with me?" I asked with confusion.Bookmark here

"Arooo!" The Wolf howls.Bookmark here

"Let's see, I'll call you Silva." I say as I name the Silver Wolf.Bookmark here

After naming the Silver Wolf as Silva, she goes behind me and lifts me on her back. Alright, Silver Wolves seem to be really strong if she can lift me that easily, or I just don't weight that much.Bookmark here

Ten minutes later I arrive back to the village thanks to Silvas quick speed. The other villagers were surprised that they saw me on Silver Wolf's back but they must've realized that meant no harm to anyone.Bookmark here

I then go back inside the elder's house. Saburo seemed to be feeling alot better now too since he was stretching his arms and legs.Bookmark here

"I'm back and I have a new familiar too." I announced to everyone.Bookmark here

"Ah! Welcome back. Did everything go well?" Midori asks.Bookmark here

"Everything went smoothly since Snow was helping me." I answered as I got off Silva.Bookmark here

"We should reward him for helping us Gramps." Saburo suggested.Bookmark here

"Hmm, a wise idea. We shall prepare a wagon for you right away." Midori said and started commanding the villagers that were still in his house.Bookmark here

"Thank you." I said with a smile.Bookmark here

An hour passed and the wagon for my departure is ready. The wagon was fairly big and it was loaded with vegetables, fruits, meat, wood, a cauldron, a large wooden spoon, boxes with empty bottles and other usable herbs and other useful items.Bookmark here

"Wow, thank you for your kindness." I said with a bow.Bookmark here

"It's the least we could do after you helped us." Midori explained.Bookmark here

"If you journey straight of this road, you should end up in the Kingdom of Vreadronyth." Jun suggested while patting by back.Bookmark here

"You should also join a quild there if you haven't since a quild card works as your I.D. too." Saburo suggested.Bookmark here

"Understood. Well by for now!" I said as I climbed on the carriage.Bookmark here

"Bye! Come back soon!" Everyone shouted as I was already moving. Maybe I will if I journey back here, but it probably won't happen anytime soon.Bookmark here

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