Chapter 3:

A girl shouldn't announce something so ridiculous!

It's My First Day at My New School and I'm Already in a Yuri Harem!?

“Alright girls, I assume you both know why we are gathered here right now,” Eve said to her girlfriends. After Daisy’s freakout last period she knew that something needed to be done quickly.

“Y…yes,” Molly said with a trembling voice. The sight of her baby crying was enough to break her surprisingly fragile heart. She had tears rolling down her face ever since the end of art class.

“Unfortunately,,,” Alice sighed to herself. Not only did she have one upset girlfriend but now two. She had to force herself to keep calm even though the stress was getting to her.

Alice was holding onto Molly in her lap as she kissed her cheek, hoping it would calm the girl down. Eve was talking through a microphone on top of the stage in front of the two girls. Since classes were still going on they couldn't use their club room and had to have their meeting in the school auditorium.

“It seems that we are already having a little bump in our relationship with our new girlfriend, Daisy. I can’t even begin to describe how much of an emergency this is.”

“Waahhhh!!!” Molly started balling uncontrollably. Her eyes had two large waterfalls coming from them.

“Now now little Molly, we can still fix this.” Alice’s eyes were also starting to water. Molly’s sadness was like a dagger stabbing her heart.

“Ahem. Yes, that's correct.” Eve was also sad but crying wasn’t going to solve anything. Being able to handle difficult situations made her the leader of what the students called the ‘Crazy Bitch Trio’. Everyone was glad to have her as the Class President since there was no one who could do it better, they just chose to put up with her unusual quirks.

“We…we..have too. *Sniffle* I can't lose another girlfriend again…” Snot was running down Molly’s nose while she rubbed her eyes, which only made her tears sprinkle around the auditorium.

“We won't, I promise you, Molly.” Even though she didn’t know how, Eve said this with confidence, hoping to comfort the whiny mess of a girl.

“Pinkie promise.” Molly whimpered while looking up. She held her pinkie finger out towards her reliable girlfriend.

I’m like thirty feet away from you… Thought Eve. “Yes, I pinkie promise.”

“Perhaps we could try apologizing,” Alice suggested it like it wasn’t something extremely obvious.

Molly looked at Alice, she hadn't even considered that option. “Yeah! And maybe bake her a cake or something…” Molly sniffled. Despite being known for her athletic ability, she was also very talented at baking. You could almost always find her shoving sweet things in her face. How she wasn't fat as fuck was anyone's guess.

“You know as well as I do that hasn't worked in the past.”

“M…maybe Daisy is different…”

“I know she is…she isn't like…the last one." Eve slowly said in a deep voice. The tone in her voice was the only thing that hinted to whatever emotion she was feeling. "We will need to have a few backup plans just in case.”

Right next to Alice and Molly a hardworking janitor was sweeping the floor.

“Oh, I have a marvelous idea. Our little bunny just loves marbles, maybe we could get her a few of those. I can have my daddy order a truck full of them here within the hour.” Alice reached into her purse that was worth over a thousand dollars for her phone. This was actually her casual purse that she only used when she went to school, she wouldn't dare bring something valuable that could be stolen by a student.

“How is that just a few marbles…anyways, that's a very good idea, good job dear.” Eve started writing 'marbles' on the whiteboard next to her. ”She might beg us to marry her if we get some good ones."

“Or instead of the marbles, I could just take her to bed, after a few minutes she will be completely under my spell.” Alice started drooling from imagining herself domming her little bunny.

“What about us…” Eve sighed.

“Of course, she will fall for you as well, right after me.” Said the very considerate Alice.

“You’re such a slut.”

Molly all of a sudden, using all the limited brainpower in her ditzy mind, came up with something that might fix their issue. She shot her hand up.

"Molly, you don't have to ask permission to talk." Alice chuckled.

“M-maybe some flowers? For some reason, she always reminds me of daisies.”

“I wonder why.” Said the janitor under his breath.

“What if the dear has allergies?” Said Alice.

“Yes, we have apparently already given her a bad first impression, it's better to play it safe.” Eve crossed her arms as she thought about it.

“Well do you have any ideas, Eve?”

“I was thinking about telling her that we will kill her family if she doesn't forgive us.” She said bluntly.

“Well…duh but we should try being nice first.” Molly seemed like she wanted to avoid threats if at all possible.

“We all made her pictures of her and she blew up on us, she obviously has some anger issues that we will have to work around.” Eve shook her head. She was starting to think of Daisy as a girl throwing a temper tantrum.

”I think she was just scared…” Said Alice.

Molly started wailing again, creating a pool of tears on the floor. “Wahhhh!! I didn't mean to scare her! I’m such a bitch! I'm a horrible girlfriend!” She started punching herself in the head.

“Hush with that talk darling.” Alice hugged her tight, so she couldn't hurt herself anymore.

“Molly, there isn't a better girlfriend than you,” Eve said softly. "You know you're not allowed to talk that way about yourself."

The janitor started mopping up the tears on the floor.

“I think at lunch we will have to give our friendliest smiles and sincerely apologize.” After considering everything, Eve decided this was probably the best option.

“Also I would like to add that perhaps we are moving too fast for her and should take things slower this time,” Alice suggested.

“Slow!? Yuck! Laaaaaaaaaaaame.” Molly said. She had stopped crying and was back to normal. She was also known for her emotions being as wild as her pink hair.

“Didn't you just talk about taking her to bed a minute ago…” Eve glared at Alice.

“Well I don't like it either, It's just that we moved quite fast with our last exes, and look how they turned out.” Alice shrugged.

“6 feet under…” Eve muttered.

“Gone to Davy Jones locker…” Molly muttered.

“Pushing up daisies.” The janitor muttered. 

“Girls cmon, have faith. I know we can get our Daisy to fall madly in love with us, it's us after all! We are the most attractive, smartest, and strongest girls in school.”

“Y-You’re right Eve!” Molly stood up, she felt a wave of determination.

“My my what a good speech from our class president.” Alice clapped. Her lap was soaked from Molly's crying.

“So let's get serious and start operation: Make Daisy wet for us or she gets a knife in her back!" Eve declared as she clenched her fist 

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