Chapter 177:

Chapter 177: Dark Awakened Sasha vs Kogen. The Sadist Strikes!

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 177: Dark Awakened Sasha vs Kogen. The Sadist Strikes!

Narrator: Sasha’s dark powers and true personality are now permanently unlocked! Will the sadist destroy Kogen!?

Kogen: Let’s see your power then. Show me your ability to torment me!

Sasha: Don’t worry, you will!

*Sasha’s sadistic smile turns into a death stare*

Sasha: I’m going to inflict the worst suffering on you for every hit you landed on Zeth!

*Sasha dashes towards Kogen in only a second and the dash leaves blur lines behind. Kogen is taken by surprise*

Kogen: She got to me in a blur!

*Sasha punches Kogen hard in the face and he is blown back against a wall. The force of the punch and the impact of hitting the wall makes him cough up a little bit of blood*

*Sasha begins walking towards Kogen and she still has a death stare expression on her face*

Sasha: That’s only the beginning. You still have a lot more in store to make up for all the beatings you gave Zeth.

*Kogen pushes off the wall and then looks into Sasha’s death stare eyes*

Kogen: (Thinking) Those eyes! She is tearing into my soul just by looking at me! She is not really attacking me… It’s more like the power of intimidation! I have never seen anyone with this kind of intimidation! She is even more intimidating than the Dark Goddess! Nevertheless, I must defeat her!

*Once Sasha gets close to him, he tries to punch her but she grabs onto his arm before he hits her. He then immediately tries to kick her but she blocks it with her knee. Sasha then uses her free arm and elbows Kogen hard in the gut, causing him to cough up more blood and he falls to his knees in pain*

*Sasha sadistically smiles*

Sasha: What’s the matter? What happened to all that confidence you had earlier? It’s so satisfying to see you go from confident to on your knees in agony!

*Sasha licks her lips*

Sasha: I think I can make it better for you!

*Sasha thrusts her hand forward with all her fingers bent forward but Kogen manages to jump out of the way in time to avoid getting pierced by her hand*

*Sasha turns to look at him as he stands up*

Sasha: Not bad. I don’t think I have ever brought someone to their knees and they still have the strength to avoid my attack.

Kogen: You really are a monster… Taking you down and turning you into an obedient Enigmus will be the ultimate victory.

*Sasha sadistically smiles more*

Sasha: Is that what you think? You see… I am where the hopes and dreams of garbage like you go to die.

*Sasha starts running towards Kogen*

Kogen: (Thinking) It’s not a blur this time!

*Sasha tries to pierce Kogen with her hand again but Kogen dodges. Kogen then tries to kick Sasha but she blocks the kick with her arm*

*Sasha then lands her own punch which stuns Kogen. She then forms a ball of black energy in her other hand and shoves it against Kogen’s body and it explodes. Sasha jumps back as the explosion happens and she waits for the smoke from the explosion to clear*

Sasha: I know you are not dead yet. You can’t die until I finish torturing you!

*Kogen rushes out from the smoke and he is wounded. Kogen tries to attack her but Sasha punches him hard, sending him into a wall again*

Sasha: Why don’t I try out one of my dark creatures on you? I summon these beasts from the very depths of Hell!

*Sasha summons a Hell Vulture*

Sasha: Go, my Hell Vulture!

The Hell Vulture starts flying towards Kogen but he pushes himself off the wall to dodge the direct attack from the Hell Vulture*

Kogen: I still have plenty of strength to fight and avoid attacks!

*However, Sasha anticipated his dodge and she runs up to Kogen. She punches him and then throws him up for the Hell Vulture to grab*

Sasha: Sorry, but you are actually just my prey!

*The Hell Vulture grabs Kogen*

Sasha: Slam him into the floor!

*The Hell Vulture dives and slams Kogen into the floor*

Kogen: Damn it! Huh!?

Sasha: I’m not stopping!!

*Sasha jumps onto Kogen and stomps her foot hard into his gut, causing him to cough up blood*

Kogen: I’m not helpless!!

*Kogen releases a wave of his magic energy and Sasha jumps off him to avoid being hit. Kogen then stands up*

Kogen: I’m impressed. Your power is living up to the hype.

*Kogen creates a huge red aura around his body*

Kogen: Try to dodge this!

*Large energy spikes start quickly extending out of the aura*

*Sasha starts to try to dodge them*

Sasha: These spikes could most certainly do some major damage. You actually impress me with this!

*Sasha wants to attack but the spikes extend too quickly. She tries to run around Kogen but she finally gets pierced by a spike and it hits the wound caused by Emily’s Shadow Sword*

*Sasha coughs up blood*

Kogen: There it is!! A damaging blow!!

*Kogen ends his magic spike attack*

*Sasha summons a Hell Lion and then gets on top of it. She then forms a Dark Spear*

Sasha: Go, my Hell Lion!

*The lion lunges at Kogen who uses magic to block the lunge but Sasha jumps off and stabs Kogen with her spear, knocking Kogen down*

Sasha: It was a temporary setback but now I will continue destroying you!

*Sasha grabs Kogen. She holds him up and starts rapidly punching him. Then she grabs his arm and slams him into the ground*

Sasha: This will hurt!

*Sasha then lifts Kogen up and punches him to the ceiling. She then immediately releases a large black energy ball up towards him*

Kogen: No!

*Kogen is caught in the energy ball and the ball is so powerful it blasts through the roof of the fortress*

Joe: Holy shit! Sasha is so damn powerful!

Kurt: You can say that again!

Emily: I’m just glad she is on our side!

Keith: If she weren’t, we would all be a pile of corpses by now!

*Zeth weakly looks at Sasha and smiles*

Zeth: You’re doing… wonderful… Sasha…

*The heroes then look up to see Kogen falling to the ground and is badly injured*

*Sasha sadistically smiles*

Sasha: That was the most power I have unleashed on you so far but I knew you wouldn’t die. Like I said before, I won’t let you die until I torture you.

Kogen: Damn it… I hurt… all over!

*Kogen stands up*

Sasha: You may be an Enigmus but you are still a mortal at heart. You will be tortured and die.

Kogen: *huff huff* I accept it now. Your power is stronger than mine at my current level. Do you know where the Dark Goddess implanted my demon heart? Right inside my right eye socket.

*Kogen removes his eye patch and a glowing red demon heart can be seen beating where his eye used to be*

Kogen: It didn’t replace my brain but it did become part of it.

*Sasha does not look impressed*

Sasha: So what?

Kogen: It means now my power will not be held back. I will show you just how terrifying I can be at full power!

Narrator: Sasha has shown her power and has forced Kogen to unleash his full power! What will Kogen be capable of?

Chapter 177 END

To be Continued in Chapter 178: Kogen’s Enigmus Power