Chapter 176:

Chapter 176: Darkness Awakened

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 176: Darkness Awakened

Narrator: Zeth has activated Raging Star Mode and stands as the last one left to challenge Kogen!

Zeth: As powerful as you are, my Raging Star Mode will be enough to take you down!

*Zeth rushes towards Kogen and punches him. The punch pushes Kogen back but it doesn’t do much damage*

Kogen: With your Raging Star Mode, you are able to hit me and even push me back. It’s more than before but you still won’t be able to defeat me.

Zeth: We will see about that!!

*Zeth jumps above Kogen and plans to release a Raging Star Blast down on him but Kogen looks up smiling*

Kogen: It’s pointless for you to try.

*Kogen raises his hand and releases a powerful ray of red energy at Zeth who releases his Raging Star Blast. Kogen’s powerful ray of energy destroys Zeth’s Raging Star Blast*

Zeth: What!?

*The ray pierces Zeth’s body and he falls back down to the floor. Zeth screams in pain as his abdomen has a serious wound. His Raging Star aura is tearing up the floor a bit*

Kogen: See what I mean?

*Sasha looks very concerned*

Sasha: Zeth!

Kogen: It’s time for you to become my ultimate Enigmus!

*Kogen walks up to Zeth but Zeth gets up and jumps backward*

Zeth: I’m not going down that easily!!

*Zeth charges at Kogen and starts trying to rapidly punch Kogen but he easily blocks all of them*

Kogen: Perhaps I need to start teaching obedience now!

*Kogen grabs Zeth and starts punching him. Kogen then lets go and swipe kicks Zeth into a wall. Zeth’s Raging Star Mode ends*

Joe: Damn it… Why are we so easily outclassed…?

Kurt: What hope do we have?

Sasha: Zeth, get out of there!

*Zeth looks up and sees Kogen right in front of him with a smirk. Zeth has never lost confidence so fast and he now has a frightened expression on his face*

Kogen: I like that face. You will become like an obedient dog.

*He grabs Zeth by his neck and holds him against the wall*

Kogen: (Smiling) Call me master.

Zeth: N- No...

*Kogen is not amused*

Kogen: I’m sorry, I think I missed what you just said.

*Kogen punches Zeth in the face*

Kogen: One last chance to say it or this gets brutal.

Zeth: E- Eat shit and die…

*Kogen starts brutally punching Zeth*

*Sasha has her eyes and mouth wide open in despair*

Sasha: No!!

*Sasha tries to get up but she is still in a lot of pain*

Sasha: I must help!!

Emily: You can’t in your condition!

Sasha: I don’t give a shit!!! Zeth is in trouble so I must help him!!!

*Sasha has a look of bloodlust in her eyes as she continues to watch Zeth get beaten*

*Her heart starts beating hard*

Sasha: Zeth, you have become the most important person in my life! Every single hit you take resonates within me too! Your pain is my pain!

Emily: Sasha?

*Sasha has a powerful heartbeat that makes her twitch and her eyes open wide*

Emily: Sasha!? What’s wrong!?

*Sasha does not respond to Emily and she continues to be solely focused on Zeth getting pounded by Kogen*

Sasha: Carve out…

Emily: What!? You’re not making any sense!

*Sasha’s heartbeats become even more intense*

Sasha: Hate… Kogen… Protect… Zeth…

*As Sasha’s intense heartbeats continue, images of her carving out Kogen’s insides flash in her mind*

Sasha: Hate… Carve out… Hellhounds…

*Suddenly, Sasha’s wide-eyed stare changes to a stare of anger and bloodlust*

Sasha: Damn you, Kogen!! Damn you to Hell!!!!!!

*Inside Sasha’s body is a dark magic barrier around her heart. As she unleashes her rage, the barrier is starting to break down*

Sasha: I’m going to kill you!!!! I’m going to rip you apart!!!!

*All the other heroes are shocked by Sasha’s sudden mood swing. Kogen even stops punching Zeth to look at Sasha*

Sasha: I’m going to carve out your insides and feed them to my Hellhounds!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Finally, the anger in her heart destroys the barrier*

*Sasha stands up and screams*

Sasha: You will regret the moment you ever dared to harm Zeth!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*A huge dark aura surrounds Sasha. The white parts of her eyes turn black with her iris color still being red. Her power is greatly increased and there are sparks of black electricity that surrounds her aura for a few moments. Her true power has now been unlocked permanently*

*Sasha continues to scream*

Sasha: I will send you to an eternity of torment!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will torture you to the extent that you will wish you were dead!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Everyone continues staring at her, including Kogen. They all have their eyes wide open and are completely speechless*

*Sasha ends her screaming and looks down at herself and then at Kogen*

Sasha: I remember everything now!

*Sasha starts thinking about her past*

Sasha: As nothing more than a 4-year-old girl, I killed! I killed for fun! Killing brought me great pleasure! I even killed the demons of Hell constantly! My mother, the Dark Goddess, didn’t like killing without cause or the fact that I killed many of her demons for my own entertainment so she sealed my darkness and I became nothing more than a human-like girl!

*The other heroes look at her with concern*

Sasha: But now I can kill with a cause! I will now kill for Zeth! I will fight side by side with him and will put a stake in the heart of the Dark Goddess for him!

*The other heroes look relieved*

Kogen: This is a surprise. I had no idea that Zeth could be with the daughter of the Dark Goddess. Well, then you will join Zeth in becoming an Enigmus.

Sasha: Quiet, you piece of shit! I’m going to torture you until you beg for me to kill you! I’m going to carve out your insides and feed them to my Hellhounds!! In our quest to destroy the Dark Goddess, you will be the next to die!!

*Sasha looks at Kogen with a very sadistic smile*

Sasha: I can’t wait to hear your screams of agony! Just thinking about it fills me with excitement! Prepare yourself because I will carve the image of my sadistic joy into your nightmares that will follow you to the afterlife!

Narrator: Sasha’s true self has awakened! Will her power be enough to defeat Kogen?

Chapter 176 END

To be Continued in Chapter 177: Dark Awakened Sasha vs Kogen. The Sadist Strikes!

Author's Note: When I posted this chapter to Scribble Hub, I added a drawing of Sasha after her dark awakening to the chapter. I continue to wish that Honeyfeed allowed you to add images within a chapter.