Chapter 178:

Chapter 178: Kogen’s Enigmus Power

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 178: Kogen’s Enigmus Power

Narrator: With Sasha easily handling Kogen at his base power, he will now unleash his full power to try to regain control of the battle!

*A powerful red aura starts to surround Kogen and his skin starts to turn gray, his teeth sharpen, and his hands become claw-like. He just has a more monstrous look*

Kogen: It’s rare but a possible side effect of being an Enigmus is soon you start to look more demonic when using full power. So let me ask you this, are you ready?

Sasha: Do your worst.

*Kogen points his finger at Sasha and a small red beam comes out and hits Sasha in the shoulder and she opens her eyes wide in surprise*

*The pain causes her to grab her shoulder and she starts running*

Sasha: (Thinking) I didn’t think his attack would actually hurt that bad but it hurts a lot! He may actually be on my level now! It looks like I won’t be able to toy with him!

*Kogen starts running after her and he shoots more beams at her*

Kogen: Now it seems that you are the one on the defensive!

*Sasha starts jumping, ducking, and sliding to avoid the beams but she is eventually hit by two beams and is knocked down*

Sasha: Ah!

*The heroes look concerned*

Emily: Oh no!

Kurt: Be careful!

Zeth: Sasha…

*Kogen rushes towards Sasha and tries to slam his fist into her but she rolls over, jumps up, and punches Kogen in the face*

Sasha: I’m not on the defensive! I will still tear you apart!

*The punch pushes Kogen back but does not do much damage*

Kogen: You will have to do better than that.

Sasha: Damn, my power is still raw. I need to get creative.

*Sasha starts jumping around the room with the intent to confuse Kogen*

Kogen: (Thinking) All this jumping around means she is likely trying to get me to guess where she will stop to attack me and hope that I guess wrong. Alright, I will play your little game of guess.

*Sasha suddenly lands right in front of Kogen but then she immediately jumps away and continues jumping around the room*

Kogen: (Thinking) She tried to bait me. She wants me to prepare for an attack from the front but she is actually going to attack me from behind.

*Kogen then prepares to attack from behind but Sasha takes him by surprise and lands right in front of him with a black energy ball formed*

Kogen: What!?

Sasha: You guessed wrong!

*Sasha slams the black energy ball into his face. It then explodes and damages him*

*Sasha follows up by swipe kicking Kogen, knocking him back. However, Kogen does not take long to recover himself from the knockback*

Kogen: I didn’t think you would actually appear in the front. You outplayed me there.

*Kogen clenches his fists*

Kogen: I want to see how you can handle physical combat when I’m at my strongest.

*Kogen begins rushing towards Sasha. Sasha grits her teeth in her preparation to fight*

Sasha: Bring it on!

*Kogen gets close to Sasha and he tries to punch her but she blocks the punch with her arm. She then counters with a kick but Kogen blocks that with his arm*

Sasha: You wouldn’t have blocked that earlier.

*Kogen smirks*

Kogen: You’re right!

*Kogen begins doing multiple punches as he finishes speaking. Sasha blocks the first, dodges the second, but is hit by the third and knocked back against the wall*

Sasha: Damn, that—

*Sasha opens her eyes wide as she sees Kogen dashing straight for her and she stops talking and ducks to avoid the punch. The punch hits the wall and further damages it*

*Sasha takes advantage and punches Kogen in the gut. Kogen backs up in pain and then Sasha continues her attack with an uppercut to his chin. The hit stuns Kogen for a moment*

Sasha: (Thinking) Now’s my chance!

*Sasha bends her fingers forward and thrusts her hand forward towards Kogen’s chest*

Sasha: Say goodbye to your heart!

*Kogen smirks*

Kogen: Not quite!

*Kogen punches Sasha in the face and then slams his fist down on her head to knock her down onto the floor*

*Sasha tries to knock Kogen off of his feet using a sliding kick but Kogen is ready and jumps over the kick and then he follows that up by kicking Sasha*

*The kick sends Sasha rolling on the floor*

Kogen: This is battle has turned in my favor. It won’t be long before you fall for good.

*Sasha slowly tries to rise to her feet as Kogen walks up to her but Kogen picks her up and punches her, sending her flying into a wall. Sasha looks like she is in a lot of pain*

*Kogen walks up to Sasha again and picks her up again*

Kogen: Your dark divine power is impressive but as you mentioned, your power is too raw to overcome my experienced Enigmus power. Earlier, you were acting all sadistic like you were going to torture until I begged you to kill me. What happened to that? It’s all gone now. In the end, you are just a toothless dog barking while having no ability to bite. Even your intimidation prowess seems to be gone. Too bad.

*Kogen slams Sasha’s head into the wall which destroys part of it*

Sasha: (Thinking) This situation I’m in… I hate it!

*As Sasha’s anger increases, her aura intensifies*

*In a split second, Sasha’s power destroys the wall and Sasha quickly punches Kogen, sending him flying back. Kogen recovers himself before he hits the wall on the other side of the room*

Kogen: What just happened!?

*Kogen looks at her and sees her anger and aura*

Kogen: Her power is increasing!?

Sasha: I’m going to tear you apart!!!

*Sasha rushes towards Kogen*

Kogen: You can’t stop me!!

*Kogen tries to punch her as Sasha gets close but she dodges. Sasha then immediately throws a punch of her own which Kogen blocks but Sasha does another punch that hits him and knocks him back*

*Blood is flowing out of Kogen’s mouth so he spits the rest of it out and then wipes his mouth with his arm. Sasha’s attack did a good amount of damage. Kogen is shocked*

Kogen: How!? How could her power be increasing like this!?

*He takes another look at her. Her veins are starting to glow and her hair starts to look like blood*

Kogen: Blood Magic!? How did that happen?

*Kogen shakes his head and then pats both of his hands on his face to shake off his surprise*

Kogen: It doesn’t matter. I must crush this threat.

Sasha: I don't know how I activated Blood Magic, but with it, I will destroy you!

Narrator: Sasha has activated Blood Magic and her divine power becomes even stronger. This battle is ramping up! How destructive will their clash be!?

Chapter 178 END

To be Continued in Chapter 179: Destructive Clash