Chapter 180:

Chapter 180: Fierce Battle in the Storm

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 180: Fierce Battle in the Storm

Narrator: With their destructive attacks, most of the fortress has been destroyed! Now the final battle between Sasha and Kogen is taking place outside in the ruins of the fortress as a storm is ongoing in the area.

Kogen: You have not gained an advantage in this battle and yet you would dare to say I can’t capture you alive!?

Sasha: That’s exactly what I’m saying.

*Sasha gives him a death stare*

Sasha: Do not disrespect my abilities by thinking you can take me down alive.

*Lightning strikes near them, making them look brighter for a moment. After, the flash ends, Kogen makes his next move*

*Kogen uses his magic to blast pieces of the fallen wall at Sasha but she jumps to dodge*

Kogen: This whole battle it has been you that is disrespecting me!

*Kogen jumps up after her and they both punch each other which knocks each other back*

Sasha: You are a mere mortal with some enhancements. Despite that, you act like you are on the same level as the goddesses!

*Sasha rushes towards Kogen*

Kogen: Calling me a mere mortal shows that you completely lack an understanding of my entire existence!!

*Kogen releases a blast of magic energy in the shape of a boomerang towards her but she jumps over it and keeps on moving*

Sasha: You just don’t get it!

*Sasha starts rapidly punching and kicking Kogen. Kogen is able to block a few hits but then starts getting pummeled. Little does Sasha know that Kogen’s energy boomerang turns around and is now heading for her back*

Zeth: Sasha, behind you!!

Sasha: Huh!?

*She looks behind her but it’s too late as the blast hits her and explodes, heavily damaging her*

*Kogen immediately kicks Sasha to knock her back a bit and then speeds towards her and punches her into the ground*

Kogen: I am humanity’s greatest weapon!! I will—!!

*Before Kogen can do anything else, Sasha pushes off the ground and kicks Kogen in the chin. Then she does some backflips to distance herself*

Sasha: You are nothing!

*Sasha charges her magic and then rushes towards Kogen. She tries to punch Kogen but he blocks the first punch. However, she is too fast and punches him in the face right after*

*The punch pushes Kogen back some. Sasha gets behind him and releases a black energy wave at his back. The wave hits his back and this starts pushing him up in the air*

*Sasha uses a still-standing wall to jump above Kogen and she holds out her fingers and blood is starting to build up at the tips*

Sasha: Blood Pierce!

*Energy made of blood is released from Sasha’s fingertips and it pierces Kogen in five different spots*

Kogen: Gahh!

*Sasha ends the blood pierce and then intends to punch Kogen as they fall*

*As Sasha reaches Kogen, he uses a charged magic punch and hits Sasha in the chin, knocking her back at an arched angle*

Kogen: Everything I have said is the truth! With me, we all stand a better chance at defeating the Dark Goddess!

*Kogen lands on the ground and holds on to his wounds*

*Sasha, after being knocked back at an arched angle, lands in a pile of rubble and she is holding on to her chin in pain*

Sasha: Grrr…

*The storm starts to get more intense with the winds picking up*

*Kogen starts to stand up, still holding onto his wounds*

Kogen: Damn you… You really have dealt me damage and pain like no one else ever has.

*He walks over to Sasha*

Kogen: Tell me… Is death really better than working for me?

*Sasha finally lets go of her chin*

Sasha: It’s not working for you, it’s becoming a slave.

Kogen: The alternative is death by the Dark Goddess.

Sasha: Tch. You’re getting all you can handle from undeveloped raw power even when you’re at 100% strength. The Dark Goddess would tear you apart in a second.

Kogen: At the moment, yes. But I can get stronger and can tap into the power of the Enigmus army I create. Adding you and Zeth would be the biggest asset to my army.

*In a split second, Sasha gets off the pile of rubble and punches Kogen hard in the chest which sends him flying back into a large pile of rubble*

*Kogen quickly pulls himself out of the rubble and he is angry*

Kogen: You little…!

*Sasha holds out her fist*

Sasha: Listen! We don’t need to become some enhanced slaves to take on the Dark Goddess!

Kogen: Humanity was almost wiped out in the Great Chaos! I have nothing against the Light Goddess but we can’t put all of our faith in her to protect us!!

Sasha: We will do it! Just watch!

Kogen: Don’t say anything more!! You will never understand what this battle means to me!!

*Sasha and the other heroes are silent as they listen to him*

Kogen: I will realize my grandfather’s goals!! I am the grandson of the great thinker, Nairo Drogen!!!!! I am Kogen Drogen!!!!!!!!!

*All the heroes are in shock*

Emily: Nairo Drogen is the radical that wanted to change the world in insane and unrealistic ways!

Kogen: Not in insane and unrealistic ways!! He was going to change the future for the better!! He was going to pave the way forward for humanity!!! The next step!!! The next evolution!!! My grandfather was going to take us there!!!! I will finish what he started!!!! I will lead humanity to greatness!!!!!

Kurt: He’s gone off the deep end!

Joe: Yeah! He’s absolutely insane!

Sasha: I don’t know much about Nairo Drogen but what you have described is the not right path for humanity!

Kogen: I will show you all that he was right!! And with his books in my possession, I will do just that!!

Narrator: The fight continues to get more intense as a new revelation about Kogen is revealed.

Chapter 180 END

To be Continued in Chapter 181: Kogen’s Final Phase