Chapter 181:

Chapter 181: Kogen’s Final Phase

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 181: Kogen’s Final Phase

Narrator: The final battle between Sasha and Kogen rages on as Kogen makes his declaration that he will lead humanity to greatness!

Sasha: I’m starting to think that you are delusional.

Kogen: You understand nothing!! I will evolve humanity!! I am a god!!!

*Sasha can sense Kogen’s increased aggressiveness. She starts to plan an attack before someone else enters the battlefield. Everyone looks at the person showing up*

*That person is a badly injured Goro*

Joe: He is still alive!?

Goro: *huff huff* Master Kogen… *huff huff* I’m here to help. *huff huff*

*Kogen raises an eyebrow*

Kogen: No.

Goro: *huff huff* What? But Master Kogen, I have pledged my life to you!

Kogen: You did but you also failed to stop any of these intruders and besides, you look like you are about to fall over dead anyway.

Goro: *huff huff* Please! Let me help you!

*As Goro finishes saying that, Kogen releases a small magic laser beam from his finger and it pierces Goro’s heart*

Goro: Gah!!

*Goro falls over*

Goro: Why….?

*Goro dies*

*Sasha looks at Goro’s dead body and then looks at Kogen*

Sasha: Hmph. Killing your own ally that wants to come to your aid does not make you look cool by the way.

Kogen: I didn’t say it did but he was getting annoying.

Sasha: And now you have no remaining subordinates left. Even if you won this battle, what would you do?

Kogen: I would start over and finally new subordinates! Do you think the ones I had here are the only people in this world that want to evolve humanity!!? Of course not!! Many out there would love to join the one who will become humanity’s new god!!!!

*Kogen starts to charge up more magic*

Kogen: Bringing you and Zeth under my control will show both of the goddesses that I am to be taken seriously!!!

*Kogen starts to exert magic in all directions and they all condense into many red energy balls that float in the air*

Kogen: Seek her out, my Magic Orbs!

*The orbs near Sasha start to launch at her and she starts running*

Sasha: You’re still delusional but at least you’re trying a new tactic!

*Sasha runs behind a wall but a few orbs then hit and blow it up*

Sasha: (Thinking) They explode upon contact so as long as I put some cover between me and them, they won’t hit me!

*Sasha keeps running but when she gets near other orbs, they start chasing her*

Kogen: Run all you like! You can’t avoid all of them!

*Sasha then rolls to the side and some of the orbs hit and destroy each other*

Sasha: This is child’s play!

*Sasha then begins running towards Kogen but then the orbs near him start going after her*

Kogen: You can’t attack me and avoid the orbs at the same time!

*As Sasha runs, she summons two Hellhounds*

Sasha: Go, my Hellhounds! Rip out his throat!

*Kogen’s orbs ignore Sasha’s Hellhounds so the Hellhounds get close to Kogen as Sasha continues trying to avoid the orbs*

Kogen: Your mutts can’t stop me!!

*Kogen punches one of the Hellhounds but the other one successfully jumps and bites down on his throat, knocking him down while the Hellhound continuously chomps on his throat*

Kogen: Damn you, beast!!

*Kogen grabs on to both the top and bottom of the Hellhound’s snout and tries to pry it off. Soon, Kogen uses enough force that he is able to snap both the top and bottom of the Hellhound’s snout and kicks it away. Kogen’s neck is now bloody though*

Kogen: I told you those mutts can’t not stop me!!

*Kogen stands up and immediately opens his eyes wide as Sasha is right in front of him. Sasha quickly jumps over him and then kicks him in the back, knocking him forward towards some magic orbs that are chasing Sasha*

Kogen: No!!

*Kogen hits the magic orbs and they explode, further damaging him*

Sasha: My Hellhounds’ sacrifice was not in vain!!

*Kogen has taken significant damage and he looks very angry*

Kogen: Enough!!!!

*Kogen releases a lot more magic orbs all towards Sasha*

Sasha: A pathetic attempt!!

*Sasha creates a patch of darkness on the floor and a giant demonic snake comes out of it. Sasha hops on top of it*

Sasha: Your attacks are nothing compared to my Hell Serpent!!

*The snake tail whips the orbs and destroys them*

Sasha: Now my Hell Serpent! Go after that man!

*Sasha points at Kogen. The snake hisses and focuses on Kogen*

Kogen: This new beast is quite impressive but even it can’t stop me!!!

*The snake then goes after Kogen*

Sasha: You will be snake food!!

*The snake lunges at Kogen but he jumps in the air to dodge. Sasha also jumps in the air and they start trying to punch each other. Sasha lands more hits than Kogen does*

*Still in the air, Sasha grabs Kogen and turns him around and kicks him into some of the remaining orbs around the area, causing them to explode. Kogen takes even more damage*

*Sasha lands and begins rushing towards Kogen*

Sasha: Your movements are becoming slower! I even used the same tactic on you with success! You won’t last much longer!!

Kogen: Nonsense!!!

*Sasha and Kogen engage in another round of rapid punching with both of them taking multiple hits from the other*

*As Sasha and Kogen continue to punch each other, the Hell Serpent goes around destroying the remaining orbs and then turns its attention back to Kogen*

*Sasha hits Kogen with a gut punch, stunning Kogen with a lot of pain*

Sasha: I said you would be snake food so enjoy its stomach!!

*Sasha kicks Kogen and he is sent flying towards the snake. The snake opens its mouth wide in preparation to swallow Kogen*

Kogen: No!! I won’t!!

*Kogen lands in the mouth of the snake and then the snake swallows him. Kogen falls into its stomach*

Kogen: She thinks I will be defeated by being swallowed by her beast!? She can think again!!

*Kogen starts screaming as he brings out all of his power*

Kogen: I won’t lose!!!!!

*Kogen rips the demonic snake open and jumps out. The snake falls over and dies. Kogen’s aura is as powerful as ever*

Sasha: My snake, your sacrifice will not be in vain.

Kogen: Are you happy now!!? I’m now willing to risk killing you to win this battle!!!

Narrator: Kogen will go all out! The next chapter will be the exciting conclusion to the fight!

Chapter 181 END

To be Continued in Chapter 182: Kogen’s End