Chapter 183:

Chapter 183: Enigmus Arc Aftermath

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 183: Enigmus Arc Aftermath

Narrator: Back with Goma.

*Goma leaves the area and the ruins of the fortress can be seen in the far distance in the background*

Goma: (Talking to himself) The son of the Light Goddess and the daughter of the Dark Goddess together. That could be a problem…


Narrator: Back at the fortress ruins.

*Soon after Kogen’s defeat, angels start surrounding the ruined fortress. Zaydra spots Zeth and his friends and moves up to talk to them*

Zaydra: Zeth! We got here as fast as we could! Are you alright!?

Zeth: Yeah. We were able to defeat Kogen thanks to Sasha.

*Zaydra looks at Sasha and sees her Dark Divine Eyes*

Zaydra: I assume she has unlocked her true power.

Sasha: Yes.


*Suddenly, there is an explosion on the outer walls of a different area of the fortress. Gen and Subject 1 begin running out*

Male Angel: It’s Gentorious! Kill him!

*Many angels go to attack Gen*

Gen: Do you grunt soldiers think you can defeat me? Don’t make me laugh.

*Gen easily blows them away with a powerful wave of energy*

*None of the angels die but Gen and Subject 1 do escape*


Zaydra: What’s going on over there!?

*Zaydra’s personal guard, Kren, shows up*

Kren: My princess, Gentorious was here and he was escaping.

Zaydra: Did he escape!?

Kren: Yes, but there were no casualties on our end.

Zaydra: Well, I suppose I can be happy with that.

Zeth: Zaydra, we lost a friend somewhere in this fortress. He goes by the name RAG. We need to find him.

Zaydra: Understood.

*Zaydra looks at Kren*

Zaydra: I want most of our forces here to begin a search and rescue mission!

Kren: Roger.

*Kren begins commanding the angels to search the fortress*


Narrator: A few hours later.

*The heroes, Zaydra, and Kren meet up. The storm has stopped*

Zeth: Anything?

Zaydra: Nothing.

Kren: Nothing on my end too.

Zeth: Damn it!! Where are you, RAG?

Zaydra: All of you need medical treatment. Go to the Angel Sanctuary.

Zeth: (Reluctantly) Alright.

*The angels start flying the heroes away*

*As they fly off, an angel that is holding a painting approaches Zaydra*

Angel: My princess, take a look at this.

*Zaydra looks at the painting*

*Zaydra’s eyes and mouth open wide in shock. The painting is the one that was hanging in the throne room of the fortress and has the undetailed little boy Zeth with an undetailed giant red demon standing in the background*

*Zaydra’s has a shocked expression on her face*

Zaydra: It is known!


Narrator: A week passes.

*Kurt returns home. He goes inside his house and sees his mother. Jane walks up to Kurt and hugs him*

Jane: Kurt, where is your father? Is he safe?

*Kurt pauses*

Kurt: …No. I was weak. He sacrificed himself to save me…

*Jane looks up at him with tears in her eyes*

Jane: Oh Kurt.

*Jane cries while Kurt falls to his knees and pounds the floor with both of his hand. Kurt begins crying too*

Kurt: I’m sorry!! I couldn’t keep my promise to bring dad back home alive!!

*Jane gets on her knees and hugs Kurt again. They are both still crying. Jane pats Kurt on the back*

Jane: It’s okay! You did your best! Your father may be gone but still having you come back is a blessing! Beck died protecting his son! He will get to rest in peace!


Narrator: The other heroes remained at the Angel Sanctuary.

*Sasha walks up to Zeth and the others*

Sasha: After going through medical treatment, I learned how I used Blood Magic.

Zeth: So how did you?

Sasha: It started when Emily’s Shadow Sword stabbed me. Soon after, some of Kogen’s magic got in my bloodstream and his magic, the darkness of Emily’s sword as well as my blood’s increased activity from my power unlocking mixed and released Blood Magic.

Zeth: Sounds like we got some help from Lady Luck.

*Zeth then sees Zaydra and walks up to her*

Zeth: I can’t wait here anymore. I’m going to Harmone’s government and putting out a national search request for RAG.

Zaydra: Very well.

*Zeth starts leaving and the other heroes join him*


Narrator: Somewhere at an unknown location.

*The mysterious boy roams through a dimly lit hall*

*The boy opens a door and goes into a dimly lit room*

Boy: I’m back, mother. I have done what you have asked of me.

*Only a silhouette of the mother is shown*

???: Excellent. Then it’s time to begin preparations for the Chaos Tournament.

Narrator: RAG is missing and the mysterious boy and his mother will begin a tournament. Will the heroes be involved? And what exactly does the painting mean?
Chapter 183 END

To be Continued in Chapter 184: Kogen and Udana in Hell

Author's Note: Despite the title of this chapter, there is still one more chapter left in the arc.