Chapter 184:

Chapter 184: Kogen and Udana in Hell

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 184: Kogen and Udana in Hell

Narrator: In the space between the living world and the afterlife.

*Udana’s soul is being taken by the grim reaper who calls himself “Mark” to the God of Death*

Udana: Listen. I don’t need to hear any more jokes.

Mark: Ah, you got plenty of time to hear them, Udana. After all, your life is… Udone.

*Mark starts laughing and Udana just stares at him with her eyes squinted*

Udana: Maybe this is the real Hell…

Mark: Don’t take my jokes as literal Hell. Har har!

*They soon reach the Palace of the God of Death. They go inside and find the God of Death sitting in a fancy chair. The God of Death is an 8-foot-tall skeleton*

GoD: Ahh, Udana.

Udana: You don’t need to say much. I can already tell where you will send me.

GoD: Is that so? You can make a defense for yourself, you know.

Udana: No need. I did what I thought was right at the time but it actually wasn’t. Besides, my only regret in life is that I never took revenge on those demons but Emily will do it for me.

GoD: Very well. Then I shall proceed with the judgment that is based on what you did as a whole in your life.

*A magic aura appears around the God of Death*

*The God of Death starts to look like a demon*

GoD: Well, there you have it. My appearance changed to that of a demon so it means you are more bad than good. You were 58% bad and 42% good. Perhaps if you tried to argue your case it would have been more good than bad.

Udana: Once again, there is no need. There is someone in Hell that is probably waiting for me right now.

GoD: Ahh, you mean Fisha. Yes, she did mention you. Well, off to Hell you go.

*The God of Death opens a portal to Hell*

Mark: It was nice knowing you. Try not to get too… fired up in there.

*Mark starts laughing*

Udana: Ugh, I won’t miss you a bit.

*Udana goes in the portal*


*Sometime after arriving in Hell, Udana finds Fisha*

Fisha: Udana?

Udana: I’m here, Fisha. You were the one that said we would fight again in Hell.

Fisha: So you finally had come across someone that was strong enough to make you kick the bucket? Nice.

*Udana gets in a fight stance*

Udana: Stop talking and fight.

Fisha: Don’t worry, I will fight. After all, if my life was part of a story, then I feel like I have been waiting for 98 chapters1 for this moment.

*Fisha gets in a fighting stance*

*They both charge at each other and punch each other. They are then stopped by a large demon*

Demon: Listen, you two. There is a time and place to fight but here is not it. We have an arena for that.

*Fisha is disappointed*


Narrator: Meanwhile, at the Palace of the God of Death.

*Kogen is meeting with the God of Death. Kogen’s soul has the right eye that he lost while alive*

GoD: You are 91% bad and 9% good. I’m aware you once were taken by force to go to the Dark Goddess but wow that turned you into a rotten egg.

Kogen: Perhaps. I dedicated my life to being able to make humanity be able to fight the Dark Goddess without having to rely on the Light Goddess. My methods may not have been very moral but I came close to succeeding and I will not apologize for it.

GoD: I see. Well, that does not get you out of going to Hell so to Hell you go.

*The God of Death opens a portal to Hell and Kogen steps in*

Kogen: Maybe I will still get to challenge the Dark Goddess.

*As Kogen exits the portal, he finds himself in the throne room of the Dark Goddess. Kogen is shocked*

Kogen: Wait, what!? Why am I here!?

*The Dark Goddess is sitting on her throne*

Dakame: Because I brought you here.

Kogen: What!?

*Gen is standing next to Dakame’s throne*

Gen: Because you are useful.

Kogen: Gen!? What are you doing here!?

Gen: Foolish Kogen. I was one of the Dark Goddess’s top demons the entire time. I rounded up all of the Enigmuses you created and brought them back here. That was my plan.

Kogen: Impossible! I was fooled!?

Gen: You so badly wanted to take down the Dark Goddess but in the end, all you did was increase her power!

*Kogen falls to his knees*

Kogen: I can’t believe this…

Dakame: But you also increased your own power by a lot and your hatred for me made you quite the immoral person. That combination… makes you very useful to me. Gentorious told me that you fought my daughter to the death. You wanted to capture her? A mortal would have no chance of capturing her after she unlocked the power that I sealed away.

Kogen: Get on with your point!

Dakame: My point is, now that you are dead, I can make you a true demon and you will serve me. It will be a new life for you.

Kogen: Are all of your demons just converted humans!?

Dakame: No. Not even close. On average, only one human every 100 years has been worthy of the conversion. You will be the third since my last invasion of Earth. Who was before you, you might be wondering? Gentorious, bring him in.

*Gen brings in a silver-colored demon that has messy silver-colored hair and has scaled skin. It has a tail and is quite lizard-like but walks on two feet*

*Kogen is shocked*

Kogen: No… Why…?

*The demon was formally Kogen’s grandfather, Nairo Drogen*

Kogen: Grandfather, how could they do this to you!?

Dakame: Don’t bother. When I convert a dead human’s soul to be a true demon, I always seal away their memories.

Kogen: You bitch!!

*Dakame laughs*

Dakame: Do you realize that you are being a hypocrite? You turned tons of humans into Enigmuses against their will. Nairo didn’t qualify either on a power scale or on an immoral scale but he made up for that in other ways.

*Angered, Kogen jumps towards Dakame, intending to punch her but she just flicks him with her finger and it sends him flying into a wall*

Dakame: Don’t be foolish enough to think you can challenge me. Momentarily, I will turn you into a demon, but first…

*Dakame looks at Gen*

Dakame: Gentorious, go send my older daughter to go retrieve my younger daughter.

Gen: I shall do that immediately.

Narrator: Kogen has been marked by the Dark Goddess to be converted to a true demon. And will Sasha be able to avoid being taken by her older sister?

Chapter 184 END

To be Continued in Chapter 185: The Stalkers


Arc Completed: November 13th, 2015

Author’s Comment: And so the Enigmus Arc finally comes to an end. This arc took 4 months to write.