Chapter 182:

Chapter 182: Kogen's End

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 182: Kogen’s End

Narrator: Before we finish this fight, let’s take a look at Kogen’s past. We go back over 40 years ago.

*Kogen is a little kid playing in his grandfather’s yard. There are no other houses close to his grandfather’s house. As a kid, Kogen has the same hairstyle that he has as an adult. He still has both of his eyes*

*A man approaches Kogen. That man is Korobu*

Korobu: Hey there, little kid. Is Nairo Drogen home?

Kogen: (Happily) Yeah, he’s my grandfather! He’s so cool!

Korobu: I want to meet with him. Can you take me to him?

Kogen: Sure thing! I want everyone to know how cool my grandfather is!

*Korobu chuckles*

Korobu: Yes, you could say that I want to see his “coolness” in person.

*Kogen takes Korobu inside his grandfather’s house as a bunch of demons start to surround it*

Kogen: Hey, grandpa Nairo! This guy says he wants to meet with you!

*Nairo appears. He has messy gray hair and a bushy gray mustache. His skin is somewhat wrinkly. He wears a white lab coat. He is a scientist*

Nairo: Yes, what is it?

*Nairo’s face turns to shock when he sees that Korobu is the one with Kogen*

Nairo: Kogen! Get away from him!

Kogen: Huh?

*Korobu grabs Kogen and puts his hand near Kogen’s throat*

Korobu: Greetings, Nairo Drogen. I suggest you cooperate with me unless you want this boy to die. Hmhmhm.

*Nairo is angry*

Nairo: Damn you, Korobu… Fine.

Korobu: Okay everyone, it’s time to come in.

*Many of the demons that followed Korobu invade the house and take some things and destroy other things*

Korobu: Nairo Drogen. You are coming with me.

Nairo: …Okay but just leave my grandson alone.

Korobu: Nope. He’s coming too to make sure you cooperate.

*Nairo looks at Kogen who is in tears*

Kogen: What’s going to happen to us, grandfather!?

Nairo: I wish I knew.


Narrator: Later that day.

*Nairo and Kogen are transferred to Hell*

Nairo: If you can still go back and forth between Hell and Earth then why not just launch another invasion and wipe us out already?

Korobu: It’s not that simple. There are many factors.

*Nairo and Kogen are brought to the Dark Goddess. Korobu kneels to the Dark Goddess*

Korobu: My goddess, I have brought Nairo as you requested.

Dakame: That is good. You have done well just as you always do, Korobu.

Korobu: I am honored, my goddess.

*Dakame looks at Nairo*

Dakame: I know of your research, Nairo. I’m keeping you here.

Nairo: Fine, but let my grandson go back!

*Dakame looks at Kogen. Kogen is completely frightened*

Dakame: I have no problem with that.

*Nairo looks relieved*

Dakame: But he will not go back the same way.

*Dakame smiles*

Nairo: What do you mean by that!?

Dakame: He shall become an Enigmus and then will be sent back.

Nairo: Why can’t you just send him back as is!?

Dakame: Because he will be a valuable test subject. You should thank me. Without becoming an Enigmus, the divine energies here in Hell will soon tear him apart. And don’t worry, I will be making some enhancements to you so that you don’t suffer the same fate.

Nairo: Using a child as a test subject… Unbelievable!

*Dakame then smirks*

Dakame: You’ve been studying internal enhancements to advance humanity. You should be pleased that your grandson is participating.

*Kogen is grabbed by two demons and is carried away. He starts screaming*

Kogen: No!! Please don’t!! Harmona, please help us!!

Dakame: Hmhmhm. Fool. The Light Goddess can’t help you here.

*Dakame follows them*

Nairo: You are pure evil!

Dakame: Korobu, take Nairo where we keep our demonified humans.

Korobu: Can do.


Narrator: A little bit later.

*Kogen goes through the Enigmus procedure and is unconscious*

Demon: He probably wouldn’t be able to handle having the demon heart put in his brain.

Dakame: Then take out his eye and attach the heart to his brain.

*Soon the procedure is finished and there is a beating demon heart behind Kogen’s right eye socket*

Dakame: Excellent, you may take him back to Earth now.

Narrator: This ends the story of Kogen’s past.


*Kogen is at full power and stares at Sasha, he looks into her Dark Divine Eyes*

Kogen: (Thinking) Those eyes, they’re just like her bitch mother’s! Now I really am thinking that I should kill her to get back at the Dark Goddess!

*Kogen rushes towards Sasha at a speed she was not expecting*

Sasha: (Thinking) He got a lot faster!

*Once Kogen gets close, he starts rapidly punching her. He finishes his rapid punches by punching Sasha hard in the gut and she coughs up blood*

Kogen: This is it!! This is where I obliterate you!!

Sasha: Not a chance!

*Sasha retaliates by swiping her arm at Kogen’s chest area. Kogen now has a large cut on his chest that is bleeding and he backs up in pain*

Kogen: How is this…!?

Sasha: My snake’s stomach acid has made your skin very vulnerable to being cut open. You won’t last against me for much longer!

*In anger, Kogen jumps back and forms a large red energy ball that is 6 feet in diameter*

Kogen: Ha! You say you will defeat me!? Die, you worthless trash!!

*He throws the large red energy ball at Sasha but she jumps out of the way*

*She notices that the ball curves and comes after her*

Sasha: Another tracking attack!?

*Sasha starts running towards Kogen*

Kogen: Trying to hit me with my own attack again!? You won’t succeed! I will be victorious!!

*To Kogen’s surprise, Sasha actually starts trying to punch him. She gets a few hits in which cuts him open some more*

*After the few hits they both back away and the ball goes in between them before curving around again to continue chasing Sasha*

Kogen: What exactly were you trying to accomplish!?

Sasha: You’ll see!

*Sasha once again engages Kogen in a fistfight, she lands more hits and cuts him up more*

Kogen: Gahh! No way! The damage is making my reactions slower!

*Sasha grabs Kogen*

Sasha: This is it!! You are finished, Kogen!!!

Kogen: No!!!

*Sasha pushes him into the large energy ball where he gets incinerated by his own attack*

Kogen: Nooooo!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!

*The ball dissipates and Kogen lies on the ground dying. The heroes all walk up to him*

Kogen: *cough* I can’t believe… I was defeated… *cough*

Sasha: In the end, you blew your opportunities to win this fight. I will give you this, you were the first person, even counting demons, that I have killed using my true power that actually put up a fight.

Kogen: You all sound so sure of yourselves that you can beat the Dark Goddess… If you end up being nothing more than talk… *cough* then humanity is doomed…

Zeth: We will defeat the Dark Goddess. You can be assured of that.

Kogen: *cough* I may have lost to the Dark Goddess’s daughter… but I will die knowing that I’m not the devil’s spawn! Hahahaha…

*Sasha has flashbacks to when her step-parents called her the devil’s spawn*

*In her anger, she forms a dark spear and stabs Kogen in the heart with it. He stops laughing and dies*

Sasha: That’s enough out of you!

*Sasha’s Blood Magic ends and she falls down. She is tired and out of breath*

Zeth: Sasha, are you alright!?

Sasha: Yes. That fight just took everything I had.

Zeth: Don’t listen to him. No matter whose blood you have, you are still a good person.

*The other heroes nod their heads and for the first time since her true powers were unlocked, Sasha has a happy smile*

Emily: So your eyes. Are they going to stay like that?

Sasha: Yes. My Dark Divine Eyes are my natural eyes. My eyes only looked human-like before because my dark divine powers were sealed away and my father is human.

Zeth: Well, mission accomplished. Except… Where is RAG?

Kurt: Keith, did you see him?

Keith: No, I didn’t.

Joe: Then we need to look for him.

Narrator: The heroes have finally put an end to Kogen’s Enigmus Project. However, the heroes remain unaware that RAG was captured by the mysterious boy. What is RAG’s fate?

Chapter 182 END

To be Continued in Chapter 183: Enigmus Arc Aftermath