Chapter 188:

Chapter 188: The Chaos Tournament Begins!

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 188: The Chaos Tournament Begins!

Narrator: 5 hours pass and the tournament is beginning.

*The stadium crowd is full of demons and zombies. Many of the teams come to watch the first round, including the heroes*

Zonbi: Teams “Stranglers” and “Hot Plate”, come to the arena.

*The arena is quite large and uses white tiles. On the outside bounds of the arena is a 15 feet in diameter 6-foot-deep pit full of zombies that stretches around the arena*

*Two teams meet on the arena with Zonbi*

Zonbi: Okay, captains. Have you decided who fights first? Or maybe you want all to fight at the same time?

*The captain for “Hot Plate” is a somewhat bulky demon who looks like he is made out of volcanic rock and has magma seeping out of his pores*

Hot Plate Captain: Hehe, yeah.

*He looks at his brown imp demon teammate that is smiling*

*The captain for “Stranglers” is a demon who looks human but has large eyes and wears a brown cowboy uniform along with a cowboy hat*

Stranglers Captain: Ha, “Hot Plate”? What a stupid name. But yeah, we have a guy lined up.

Hot Plate Captain: Yes, underestimate us. It will make our victory all the sweeter. Hehehe.

*Zonbi then jumps off the arena towards a desk with a microphone near the crowd. The heroes watch as the two teams fight. Hot Plate’s imp demon takes on Stranglers’s humanoid bear demon*

*The imp demon is quick*

Bear Demon: Where are you? You little imp!

Imp: Here!

Bear Demon: Huh!?

*The imp moves behind the bear and slashes him in the back with claws*

Bear Demon: Ahh!!

*The bear turns around and then gets punched in the face by the imp*

Imp: You do not have the speed to defeat me!

*The imp then kicks the bear demon off the arena into the pit of zombies. The bear demon tries to get himself up as the zombies start to attack him*

Bear Demon: No! I will not lose like this!!

*He knocks some off of him but they just keep piling on top of him*

Bear Demon: Ahhh! Ah! Ahhhhhh!!!!!

*Soon the bear demon is just a rotten corpse. Zonbi smiles*

Zonbi: That was certainly an entertaining death with a wonderful scream on top of it.

*Zonbi uses her magic and the corpse rises as a zombie*

*The imp points at the rest of the Stranglers team and grins*

Imp: Do you see that!? That’s the fate that awaits the rest of your team! Never insult our team name!

*The rest of team “Stranglers” looks annoyed*

Stranglers Captain: Whatever. He was the weakest of our team anyway.


Narrator: The two teams continue to fight with “Hot Plate” winning all of them.

*In the final battle between the two team captains, the Hot Plate captain finishes off the Stranglers captain by smothering magma all over him. There is nothing left but the skeleton of the Stranglers captain*

*The crowd cheers*

Zonbi: It’s a shame I can’t bring a skeleton back as an undead. Team “Hot Plate” advances to the next round!

*Zeth talks with the others*

Zeth: I see how this works but we didn’t get to see what kinds of chaos there are.

Kurt: She did say it starts with the second round, right? We’re ultimately not going to know until then.


Narrator: Later, it’s time for Zeth’s team to fight.

Zonbi: Team “Heaven’s Destiny” and team “Underworld Reptiles” come forth.

*Both teams meet on the arena. Underworld Reptiles is full of reptile demons*

*Zeth is wearing a gray undershirt with a black leather jacket on top. He is wearing brown pants. On his jacket is the logo of team “Heaven’s Desitiny” which is a gold star with angel wings. Sasha is wearing her gray button-up shirt with red vertical lines on each side and she is wearing black pants. Joe is wearing his red uniform. Kurt is wearing his green uniform. Emily is wearing her purple uniform. All of them also have the gold star with angel wings logo too. Keith is wearing a sleeveless white undershirt and tan colored pants. His undershirt has the gold star with angel wings logo on it*

Zeth: We will do one-versus-one fights.

Underworld Reptiles Captain: Fine with me.

*Underworld Reptile’s captain looks like a humanoid green lizard wearing a red karate-looking uniform*

*Keith steps forward*

Narrator: Team “Heaven’s Destiny” – Keith. Magic Rank – Low B-Rank.

Keith: I’m taking the first fight.

*The Underworld Reptiles captain looks back at his teammates*

Underworld Reptiles Captain: Strong Jaw. You’re up.

*A medium-sized crocodile demon that is hunched over but stands on two feet steps forwards*

Narrator: Team “Underworld Reptiles” – Strong Jaw. Magic Rank – Low B-Rank.

Strong Jaw: I’m going to chomp you up.

*Keith looks unimpressed. Everyone else of both teams leave the arena *

Keith: I will make this quick.

Narrator: Keith is about to take on Strong Jaw!

Chapter 188 END

To be Continued in Chapter 189: First Round. Match One - Keith vs Strong Jaw