Chapter 189:

Chapter 189: First Round. Match One - Keith vs Strong Jaw

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 189: First Round. Match One - Keith vs Strong Jaw

Narrator: Keith faces off against Strong Jaw in the heroes’ first match against team “Underworld Reptiles”!

Zonbi: Begin the fight!

*Keith smirks*

Keith: How about we avoid the beginning of the fight chit chat and go straight to the ass-kicking?

Strong Jaw: Sounds good to me!

*Keith charges at Strong Jaw and tries to punch him but SJ blocks with his arm and then punches Keith, knocking him back*

*SJ then charges at Keith*

*Keith waves his hand as SJ gets close and then a burst of energy happens from a single point in the air in front of Keith. The burst knocks SJ back*

Strong Jaw: What was that?

Keith: Like it? It’s a low damage but moderate to high knockback attack.

Strong Jaw: My weight is too high for that!

*SJ begins rushing towards Keith and Keith smiles*

*Keith does a vertical arm motion and this time the burst knocks SJ up. Keith repeats this three more times rapidly to get SJ decently in the air*

*Keith then jumps up and releases a blast of magic energy at SJ which sends him flying down into the arena, causing a dent in the concrete*

*Keith lands and rushes towards SJ and tries to swipe kick SJ into the pit of zombies but SJ dodges and thrusts his hand at Keith’s neck and grabs it*

Strong Jaw: I got you now! Time for a beating!

*SJ powers up his other fist with magic and punches Keith in the gut causing him to cough up blood. SJ then slams him into the floor*

Strong Jaw: You came in so confident! You never thought you would be the one getting your ass beat!

*SJ then stomps on Keith’s back two times and kicks Keith into the pit of zombies*

Strong Jaw: Have fun being zombie food!

*Keith uses the air magic burst around his entire body to knock the zombies away from him. He then jumps back onto the arena and confidently smiles*

Keith: You spoke a little too soon.

*SJ licks his jaw*

Strong Jaw: Big deal. You may have avoided becoming zombie food but I’m a crocodile demon. Humans can do nothing but get eaten by me.

*Keith continues to confidently smile*

Keith: Who said I’m even human?

Strong Jaw: What?

*Keith takes off his white undershirt and then transforms into his demon appearance which has darkish red color skin. His ears turn pointy. Three short spikes appear on each arm*

Keith: This is my demon form. We were equal in power before but now you will be in a world of hurt.

*SJ opens his snout wide open and releases a magic energy beam from it. Keith does not try to dodge and instead forces his hands against it*

*The beam starts to push Keith back but he overpowers the beam and forces it into a portal and it comes out of a portal at point-blank range of SJ and right into SJ’s mouth and explodes*

*SJ falls to his knees as his entire face is bleeding*

Strong Jaw: *cough* You bastard!

*Keith walks up to SJ*

Keith: I warned you. Of course, you could just surrender now and live.

Strong Jaw: No way!!

*Keith does an uppercut to SJ’s jaw and the attack knocks out some of his teeth*

Keith: Perhaps they should rename you “Weak Jaw”.

*Angrily, SJ bites onto Keith’s left arm, Keith raises an eyebrow*

Keith: Is that supposed to hurt?

*Keith then uses his right arm and punches SJ hard on the top of his head, Keith keeps doing this and tears start to come out of SJ’s eyes as the pain becomes unbearable*

*SJ lets go and then tries to punch Keith, but Keith ducks and then does another uppercut to SJ’s jaw which knocks out more teeth*

*Keith then grabs both parts of SJ’s snout and starts to open them as wide as possible*

Keith: Let’s see how wide this big mouth of yours can open!

*As Keith opens it wider than it is capable, SJ cries from the pain*

Strong Jaw: Oooooooooooo!!! (Nooooooooooo!!!)

*Finally, it snaps and SJ falls over dead*

*The audience full of demons and zombies cheer*

Demon: That was awesome!

Zonbi: Well, there you have it! Strong Jaw is dead!

*Zonbi uses her magic and then turns SJ’s corpse into a zombie. Zombie SJ then goes into the pit of zombies*

*Keith goes back to his human form and puts his undershirt back on and goes back to his teammates*

Zeth: Great job!

Keith: Thanks. I feel like I need a drink after that. Poor bastard could have just given up.

Zonbi: Will the next fighters come out?

Emily: I’m next.

*Emily walks out onto the arena and meets with Underworld Reptiles’s next fighter. A humanoid lizard wearing bulky armor*

Lizard Knight: They call me Lizard Knight. I will crush you.

Narrator: Team “Underworld Reptiles” – Lizard Knight. Magic Rank – Low B-Rank.

*Emily gives a confident smile*

Emily: Armor huh? This isn’t your lucky day.

Narrator: Team “Heaven’s Destiny – Emily. Magic Rank – Mid B-Rank.

*They prepare to fight*

Narrator: Keith overwhelmed his opponent and now it is Emily’s turn.
Chapter 189 END

To be Continued in Chapter 190: First Round. Match Two - Emily vs Lizard Knight