Chapter 2:

Day 2. 15/03/2022. Eric Bong

100 days until Eric's house explodes

2 PM. Sun's out. I was made to do some gardening with my family. Namely, weeding the overgrown hunk of a forest that I called my backyard.Bookmark here

"A backyard is the gem of a house, you know? We've gotta keep these clean!" My mother remarked, as I made out the metaphorical screams of the ryegrass, crackling and crunching under the reverse pressure exerted by my mother's gloved hand.
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However, to me, it really just seemed to be fruitless hard labour. Why lose my precious days sweating my ass off when I could be GAMING? At any rate, it was some nice family bonding time, so I guess it didn't matter. My family and I didn't have long anyway - as they say, YOLO, you know?Bookmark here

11 PM.Bookmark here

"FUCK! His armour's cracked! He's one shot!"Bookmark here

The routine screams of my Warzone teammates ring through the remnants of my G432 Logitech headphones. As usual, we clean up the game, ending the night with multiple wins in our pockets. This was all we boys needed to keep happy, I'd say.Bookmark here

One by one, we leave the voice chat, and return to our separate lives. It was about time to turn in.Bookmark here

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16/03/22Bookmark here

3:?? AM.Bookmark here

I wake up to a foreign noise.Bookmark here

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