Chapter 196:

Chapter 196: First Round. Match Six - Zeth vs Chop Claw

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 196: First Round. Match Six - Zeth vs Chop Claw

Narrator: After making Reptilian Saint die of his own fears, Sasha is victorious and now Zeth must take on the captain of team “Underworld Reptiles”!

Zonbi: It’s too bad that we didn’t get to see all the horrible things that he experienced that made him die of fear!

*Sasha snaps her fingers and the monsters she used Zonbi’s zombies to create sink into black magic under them. Zonbi uses her magic to turn RS’s corpse into a zombie and he walks into the pit*

*The whole crowd is still in shock at what they saw*

Demon 1: Remind me not to piss her off!

Demon 2: Yeah, I hate to die like that!

*Other demons around them nod*

*Sasha walks back to her team*

Zeth: I don’t know what horrors he went through but it made even me shiver a bit.

*Sasha smiles and giggles*

Sasha: Don’t worry. There are perks to being on the same side as me and avoiding death by nightmare is one of them.

*Zeth laughs*

Zeth: True. Well, I guess I’m up.

*Zeth walks onto the arena to meet the angry captain of Undead Reptiles*

Narrator: Captain of Team “Underworld Reptiles” – Chop Claw. Magic Rank – Mid B-Rank.

Chop Claw: I clearly overestimated the strength of my team.

Narrator: Captain of Team “Heaven’s Destiny” – Zeth. Magic Rank – Mid B-Rank.

Zeth: Or you actually underestimated the strength of my team.

Chop Claw: Then how about I destroy you and show you why I am right! I, Chop Claw, will defeat your entire team! If I am wrong then I will surrender but either way I will still kill you first!

Zeth: Don’t think it will be easy!

*They both prepare to fight and then start running towards each other. CC tries a chop but Zeth blocks with his arm. Zeth tries to punch but CC blocks with his hand*

*CC follows with a chop to Zeth’s shoulder, causing Zeth pain. CC then does a series of quick punches to Zeth and then kicks him back*

Chop Claw: I’m sure you are in a lot of pain from that.

*Zeth gets up*

Zeth: Not quite. I’m just getting started.

*Zeth charges magic power into his hand and runs towards CC*

*Zeth releases a Star Shine Blast at CC who just barely has time to jump and then Zeth jumps too*

*Zeth head-butts CC and then immediately punches him too. CC responds by kicking Zeth and then wraps his tail around Zeth’s neck and finally throw him as he lands*

Chop Claw: At this point, I no longer care about the tournament! My pride is on the line! I will not go out as a loser even if the rest of my team fell on their faces!

*CC thrusts his hand forward and a yellow magic power in the shape of his hand flies towards Zeth*

*The hand pierces Zeth in the gut and knocks him down*

Zeth: Damn…!

*CC rolls jumps above Zeth and thrusts his feet down into Zeth’s gut which does more damage. CC then gets off of Zeth and releases two more magic energy hands that then just float by his side*

Chop Claw: You are getting dominated! It looks like I was right!

*Zeth stands up*

Zeth: Again, not quite.

Chop Claw: You shouldn’t even be able to stand after that!

Zeth: Your attacks don’t hurt as much as you would like to believe. Face it, you’re a chump. Killing your own teammate who chose to live to fight another day doesn’t help your cause.

Chop Claw: Shut up!

Zeth: I don’t plan to allow you to leave this arena alive.

*Angrily, CC and his two magic hands rush towards Zeth. He and the two magic hands try to chop Zeth but Zeth blocks and dodges them all*

*Zeth punches CC in the face and then launches a Star Shine Blast point blank at his face too. The attack blows CC back*

*CC’s face is damaged but Zeth keeps the aggressiveness up as he rapidly punches CC*

*CC tries to wrap his tail around Zeth but Zeth just grabs the tail and throws CC to the other side of the arena*

*After hitting the arena, CC slowly gets up*

Chop Claw: Damn you!

Zeth: As I said, you’re a joke.

*A glowing purple magic energy now surrounds Zeth’s body*

Zeth: Since we’re in the mood to be showing new techniques on my team right now. Let me show you one of mine.

*Purple stars begin forming in the air in a 20-foot-diameter around Zeth*

Zeth: This will hurt.

Narrator: Zeth’s team is on the verge of getting through the first round of the Chaos Tournament. What is Zeth’s new technique?

Chapter 196 END

To be Continued in Chapter 197: Team Crimson Heart