Chapter 195:

Chapter 195: Power of the Dead

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 195: Power of the Dead

Narrator: Sasha’s match against Reptilian Saint continues and they are about to take their battle to the next level!

*Sasha rushes towards RS and tries to punch him but he jumps to dodge and then he kicks Sasha back*

*RS follows up by releasing a wave of energy from his Katana at Sasha and rushes towards her. Sasha dodges the wave of energy but her face is shoved into the arena as RS readies to stab her in the head with his Katana*

Reptilian Saint: I thought you would take this battle to the next level? This attack will finish you!

Sasha: I’m just getting started!

*Sasha charges up a lot of magic power and is then able to overpower RS’s grasp and she kicks him off of her*

*RS immediately retaliates by slashing his Katana at Sasha and even hits her arm but the powerful dark magic keeps the blade from leaving anything more than a cut*

Reptilian Saint: Impressive!

*Sasha then punches RS which knocks him back*

Sasha: I think you are soon going to regret asking me to take this battle to the next level.

*Sasha rushes towards RS but RS slides underneath her and kicks her in the back and that knocks her into the pit of zombies*

Reptilian Saint: Is that so? I seem to be the one who has the upper hand in this fight.

*As Sasha lands in the zombie pit, she releases a black mist around her so nobody can see what is happening*

Reptilian Saint: What do you plan to do by doing that?

*No noises of zombie attacks or zombies being attacked are heard*

Zonbi: What’s going on? Nothing is being heard from the pit! Sasha clearly fell in the pit so you would think there would be some noise!

*The dark mist starts to creep onto the tiles of the arena*

*As more of the black mists creeps onto the arena, a loud moan is heard and then a giant undetailed bloody face comes flying out of the top of the mist and the whole crowd is shocked*

*The 10-foot-tall face flies around the stadium while moaning loudly*

Reptilian Saint: What is this!?

*The black mist begins to condense on one spot and that spot is Sasha. She is now surrounded by eight humanoid monsters with rough dark gray skin. They have dark red eyes and razor-sharp teeth as well as claws for hands*

Sasha: It’s the Power of the Dead.

Reptilian Saint: The Power of the Dead?

Sasha: Yes. I have the ability to manipulate energy left by the dead. The strengths and the techniques I can use depend on how many have died in the area and the amount of energy left behind. This stadium has had quite a lot of deaths so there is a lot I can do. For instance, I even turned eight of the zombies into my personal monster pets. They now serve me. They look so much better than the rotting flesh that they were before.

*Sasha licks her lips as she smiles sadistically*

Sasha: I’m so excited to use this. You are a skilled fighter but don’t forget who you are fighting. Dark Divine blood flows through my veins. Now, what death power technique should I use? Oh, I know. Deathly Nightmares.

*RS is starting to shake a little in fear*

Reptilian Saint: (Thinking) I’m starting to feel… fear? I haven’t felt fear in decades. She truly lives up to the power of a dark divine being and she is not even close to her ceiling. Her dark power alone was enough to keep my katana from slashing off her arm.

Sasha: Deathly Nightmares will be literal death from an experience that is far worse than whatever the worst nightmare you have ever had is.

*The whole stadium then becomes filled with darkness and is most concentrated on the arena*

*Sasha waves at RS as she starts to fade into the darkness to the point RS can’t see her anymore*

Sasha: Nighty night.

*The fear starts to get to RS and he pulls out his katana as he is in complete darkness and sees nothing else. The giant bloody face fades into the darkness from behind and then moans loud, highly frightening RS and he turns around to face it*

Reptilian Saint: (Thinking) This face does not look that terrifying to me and yet the fear is starting to take over!

*Fear gets the best of RS as he just rapidly slashes his katana hoping to defeat the face but it fails and the face gobbles him up*

Reptilian Saint: Aaaahhhhh!!!

*RS screams as he falls into a dark room*

Reptilian Saint: A- a- hu- human room?

*He hears knocking at the closet door*

*RS slowly opens the closet door and in it is a lot of small Sasha dolls that look demonic*

Sasha Dolls: Hey there mister, would you like to play with us?

*They all pull out a knife and RS screams and runs out of the room*

Reptilian Saint: (Thinking) Dolls!? How did she…!!?

*He runs to his left but sees the giant bloody face so he turns around and runs the other direction*

Reptilian Saint: (Thinking) This place is on the verge of breaking me!!

*RS then turns a corner and he sees a large black cat that has Sasha’s face*

Sasha Cat: Come on, don’t run!

*RS screams and runs away*

Reptilian Saint: How could she know all of this!!?

*RS eventually falls into a hole and falls all the way down into a pot of boiling water that is in a hellish round cave room. There are ghostly spirits that are all looking at him, smiling*

*There is also a woman at a counter, chopping something. The woman turns around and it is Sasha wearing a bloody apron and her large knife is also bloody*

Sasha: So glad you could join us. We are all so hungry.

Reptilian Saint: No! No!! Please stop this!!! This isn’t a battle attack!! This is mental torture!!!

*Sasha moves out of the way. What was being chopped was a large chameleon head*

Sasha: We can’t stop. We’re having chameleon demon for dinner.

*In a panic, RS tries to get out of the pot of boiling water but he is held down by the ghostly spirits. Sasha walks towards him with the knife in hand. The spirits begin chanting*

Spirits: Chop! Chop! Chop! Chop! Chop!

Reptilian Saint: All of my fears and nightmares!!!

*Sasha now stands in front of him and she has a demonic smile*

Sasha: Nighty night.

*Sasha swings the large knife at RS and RS screams at the top of his lungs*

Reptilian Saint: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*The darkness ends and RS falls over dead. He has no wounds on him other than the ones he got prior to Sasha’s Deathly Nightmares*

*Sasha and the stadium crowd stare at his dead body*

Sasha: Deathly Nightmares has a large chance of exploiting any terrible experience or fear that one has had in the past. The nightmarish experience he just had killed him. He probably didn’t deserve to die in such a way but I would be foolish not to take advantage of the Power of the Dead. Demonic dolls, black cats, and being chopped in a boiling pot of water were his fears and nightmares… Too bad I will never know that story.

Narrator: Sasha used an incredible power to defeat Reptilian Saint. With Sasha not even close to her ceiling in power, what kinds of horrors could even the Dark Goddess put one through? Now all that remains is Underworld Reptiles’s captain.

Chapter 195 END

To be Continued in Chapter 196: First Round. Match Six - Zeth vs Chop Claw