Chapter 100:

The idols

The Y-files [GL]

Those meetings had taken up quite some time and it was already time for lunch. This afternoon was our appointment with Thea for our idol costumes. Gazette asked if she could film our appointment with Thea for the documentary on Yuri Blooms she was creating. I told her it was okay if it was okay for Thea.Bookmark here

We were having lunch in a rather peculiar atmosphere, I could see that everyone was still preoccupied with the changes that were about to take place in their lives. Maura and Fien were playing with Pussyni, while Mia and Valerie were watching over them. I noticed Mia had a really tender look in her eyes, that I did not know she could make.Bookmark here

Our four idols were looking forward to their first rehearsals. They were acting really excited. I asked how everyone was going to fill their afternoons.Bookmark here

“Those that are free are going to do some extra rehearsals for the play. We really need it.” Mia answered rather commanding. But the girls that were still free nodded and agreed with her. Mia had really become one of the leaders of our group. Bookmark here

I was surprised that Elodie wasn't coming with Gazette to film this afternoon, and I noticed Gazette's lonely look on her face. It made the importance of their case and the burden of the responsibility that I took upon my shoulders all the more apparent to me. I wanted them to be like before. I could see that Elodie was not happy and that Gazette felt guilty about it. Elodie was all serious. There was not much left of her puppy enthusiasm. I hoped Maura would find a way to do something tomorrow. I think it would be great for the two of them if they had something they could fight and face together, instead of just swallowing what was presented to them.Bookmark here

While I was looking around the room, suddenly a cherry tomato popped up in front of my mouth, and Anna said “Aaaaaah”. I opened my mouth and let her feed it to me. I had done so in a reflex. Valerie started laughing. “You sure got used to that really fast! I bet you put so many of those in there, just for this moment.” I started blushing. That was not true. I put those there because I noticed Anna liked them. I was sure my cheeks had gotten just as red as those tomatoes.Bookmark here

Valerie wanted to say something else, but Mia quickly stole one of Anna's tomatoes and pushed it into Valerie's mouth. “Let them have their moment.” She said with a slightly berating tone while managing to get Valerie to blush for her. “See, now you know how it feels. You don't need the whole room commenting when you know everyone has seen it.”Bookmark here

But Valerie countered Mia by saying “I would not mind getting used to this though.” Making Mia blush.Bookmark here

“Why are they waiting until the play? They should just get it over with!” I heard Tina whisper. Therese, Eve and Elsa started giggling but quickly became silent again when Mia gave them a fierce look.Bookmark here

When lunch was over, Anna said she got a message from Thea, saying she was busy, asking her to come to her store instead of her visiting the school. So off the 7 of us went.Bookmark here

When we arrived at Thea's boutique, she came toward us and gave us our usual dramatic greeting. Her clothing was a little different than usual though. If anything, she was dressed a little skimpier. She had a short skirt on, and her cleavage left not much too fantasy. She also had a rather pretty choker to finish her outfit off.Bookmark here

“Claire! Anna! Thank you so much for introducing me to Narcy. The two of us hooked up. She has been taking care of me ever since last Thursday. She even picked out these clothes for me, from my collection. My stress of the working day just flows away the second I am with her! She is just as amazing as I thought she would be. If not even more so.”Bookmark here

I felt myself blushing. I had seen her get together with Ms. Stick and knew what kind of taking care she was talking about. I glanced at Anna, but she seemed to be taking it in her stride and said “I'm glad you finally found someone. You are really beaming!”Bookmark here

Thea looked really glad at those words.Bookmark here

The other girls looked a bit shocked that Thea was dating Ms. Stick. To us, Ms. Stick was a teacher and by no means eligible as someone to have such thoughts about.Bookmark here

Thea seemed to notice the state of shock they were in and started giggling. "You girls will learn soon enough that teachers are people too." Then she noticed Gazette and said "Ah, my new photographer is here too. Make sure to give me a copy of every picture you take! I heard the two of you signed up for my offer. Isn't Elodie with you?” A dark cloud suddenly hung over the conversation, but Gazette just answered “They are having extra rehearsals for the play. She could not come.” I could feel something weighing on that answer. I had to talk with Gazette. I thought they made up yesterday and were just having a difficult time, but now I got the feeling that something more was going on. Something was clearly wrong with that impression I got last night.Bookmark here

Thea, oblivious of what had happened the day before, just nodded and then said, “Well that is a shame because I had prepared a little gift for the two of you.” Thea went back and returned with two doggy pajamas. Just like the cat one Anna had. “Could you pass hers on? Anna told me the two of you would be happy with these.” Gazette's eyes sparkled, but then she clearly realized her situation with Elodie, and I could see a sadness in her eyes. But Gazette put on the brightest of smiles, knowing what happened, I could see how much effort that took from Gazette, and said “Thank you, these are fantastic!” and she gave Thea a hug.Bookmark here

“Well, since we are going to be working a lot together, you should always tell me these things. I always try to keep my staff happy.” Then Thea turned her attention to us and saidBookmark here

“Well girls, follow me. I was contacted by the Lyst agency, and they made me make a couple of small changes to my original plan. Since Elsa has been given the role of the center, obviously some things had to change. But rest assured, I got the idol costumes ready!”Bookmark here

That was a bombshell for the girls. Everyone started congratulating Elsa. I could see she was really enjoying the attention. Well, she finally had the position she always wanted, at the center of attention.Bookmark here

“I got that splendid reaction on video. I will have such a cool video to promote you, girls!” Gazette said. I had the impression she was forcing the enthusiasm a bit too much, I got the feeling she kept busy for the sake of keeping herself busy. I felt we would need to have another talk.Bookmark here

First Thea presented Tina with her costume and sent her to the fitting room. When she came back she was wearing black shorts and a strapless yellow top, which really accentuated her purple hair. She had a little red leather jacket to finish it off. It was clear she was going to be the tough girl in the formation. She entered the room with a little spin, showing off her confidence. It was impressive how a change of outfit could change your impression of someone like that.Bookmark here

Next, was Elsa's turn. Elsa as the center would be dressed in a dark blue shiny, and frilly white dress, to accentuate her cuteness. Everything about her dress said cute. When she had it on, I noticed Tina's jaw drop. She said, “You look like the most beautiful flower in the world.” Elsa blushed at the cheesy compliment. I could feel her tsundere kick in “What are you saying! You idiot!” She was red until behind her ears, but I could see that in reality, she was really happy. Tina got a little push from Anna. I heard Anna whisper “You know, do something unexpected.”Bookmark here

Tina stepped forward, kissed Elsa, and declared “I just had to pick you.”Bookmark here

I think the sugar overload of those cheesy lines would last me for a while, but Elsa seemed really happy with it, looked a bit shy at Tina, and hugged her. Gazette was going through the roof with excitement from all the footage she was getting.Bookmark here

“Okay, when you lovebirds are done,” Thea said, “let's continue with the others.”. Elsa and Tina immediately straightened themselves, like they had been reprimanded by a teacher, and joined us to look at Eve who was coming out of the dressing room.Bookmark here

Eve was wearing a bleached pair of jeans with holes in them and a red basketball shirt that was shortened so it would show her belly. Her green hair was made more apparent with a golden cap. She was going to be the sporty tomboy type. Therese could not keep her eyes away from Eve, who looked a bit shy. “Can we take these clothes home?” Therese asked. Realizing how that must have come over she added “We need to become used to moving in them after all.” I facepalmed. She was just digging the hole deeper. Everyone started laughing. Eve was blushing, but happy that everyone thought she looked great. “You get only 1 of those outfits each, so I recommend only using them on stage. My services aren't cheap.” Thea answered. “But really, that will be up to your manager.”Bookmark here

Everyone looked at Anna, who said “I will need to think about it. As Thea said, those outfits are really expensive.” The girls looked a bit disappointed, but they seemed to understand.Bookmark here

“Okay, my turn now!” said Therese. She disappeared into the fitting room.Bookmark here

When she came back, the pinkness almost blinded me. She was wearing a partly see-through pink dress with harps. She almost looked like a pink butterfly. Her pink hair was just icing on the cake. She scurried toward Eve. Eve looked at her like a child that had seen something extraordinarily beautiful. Therese smiled at that reaction, and turned toward us, making a little pirouette. I never realized Therese could be so beautiful. Thea had really outdone herself with this one.Bookmark here

“Seeing all these outfits, I just can't wait to see you in yours!” Anna said. “Yes, I want to see what the original center was supposed to wear!” Elsa supported her. All the girls started making noise to push me toward the fitting room. While looking at all the girls, I almost forgot that I was going to be wearing an outfit too.Bookmark here

When I was in the fitting room, I found a golden chain mail style dress and 2 long golden armbands, that were like snakes crawling up my arms. Seeing how skimpy it was, I was really happy that this would only be a one-time gig for me. The final part was a golden tiara with a blue gem in the middle. I took a deep breath and stepped out of the fitting room.Bookmark here

Everyone was silent. “Is it that bad?” I asked.Bookmark here

“You look absolutely stunning!” Gazette squealed. “Yes, that gold goes so well with your red hair, I can hardly believe it! You would have completely out staged me” Elsa said. “I think you look cuter, Elsa” Tina mumbled. I looked over at Anna, I was mostly waiting for her reaction, but then I noticed her eyes were just shooting shoujo stars and her pupils turned into heart shapes. Thea noticed too and gave her a little shove with her elbow, to get her out of her trance.Bookmark here

“I've decided. I'll make sure everyone gets to take their costume home.” Anna said, in reaction to the shove. She noticed the smug gazes from all the girls on her.Bookmark here

“Ahum, For safekeeping of course.”Bookmark here

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